Friday, December 17, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Understanding the 11:11 situation...
     The 11 stands for genes, which carries our DNA code; everything we are. The colon stands for a "Looking Glass" or mirror. The other 11 stands for the reverse image. Can you tell which is the true image and which is the false image?
     Reason, test and words of elders to learn the rub of true : false in the ways of the world. I follow my own heart for truth and peace ...Cures for anything are a choice. Can't tell by the color of the pill good : bad.
     Advise from Jesus was Yes : No and never warm...We now know what Jesus would do. What are we going to do with the Global Elite destroying us and the planet? Fight back, or turn our backs and take it?
     Remember, we all have choices. By the point of this blog I made mine. No. NO way! Go to hell Monsanto, and minions of the destroyer of Earth, children and essentually all life. Stick it where the sun does not shine, and the sooner the better.
     Good riddance...and take your unneeded pesticides, GMOs, chemicals, pharma, and scientific deception and lies with your sorry excuses for living, that causes us to die a sickly or painful death.

Kimberly Usher chooses Life. What do you choose?

     Dr. Richard Murray D.C., presented an abundance of incontestable evidence that there is a tremendous difference between natural and synthetic vitamins..."Synthetic vitamins are reverses conformationally or mirror images of natural vitamins. However, synthetic vitamins are not vitamins at all but synthesized fractions of a vitamin complex...a mirror image duplicate of just a portion of the real, biologically active and physiologically-precise, nutritional complex. There is no way that a fraction of a vitamin can be called a vitamin." He continues, "Textbooks record that vitamin B1 was first isolated in the year 1926.
     About 10 years later, scientists were able to synthesize the mirror image of Thiamine from coal-tar. About the beginning of WWII (Sept.-39) enrichment of refined, devitalized flour became compulsory. Bleached wheat flour has more than 30 known nutrients removed with 4 synthetics added back in.
     Today, the majority of people in the civilized world are becoming victims of degenerative disease resulting from chronic poisoning and malnutrition. Even though well fed, they are starving to death for the most essential micronutrients. Since World War II, the American people and people of other countries as well, have had a daily ration of a genetic poison in most of the bread, flour products, cereals and other food items that are forced, by law, to be enriched with synthetic vitamins.
NAZI science vs. science TRUTH...  1926 and since WWII is the tip off.
Great expose' at this link:
Mirroring the page from the quote above in right column... Thank-you good people who stand for truth and share. As an elder who has the best interest of our greastest wealth at heart; our children's health and happiness I hope you will reason and test this information.

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