1899: Skretting is founded in Norway as an agricultural merchant.
1928: Hendrix Voeders is founded as an agricultural products wholesaler, which enters the animal feed business in the 1930s.
1931: Adolph Trouw founds a company producing vitamin and mineral mixes for animal feeds, and later begins its own production of animal feeds.
1963: Skretting begins producing extruded fish feeds, which becomes its sole focus. \par
1968: Moore-Clark is founded in Canada.
1975: British Petroleum establishes BP Nutrition and acquires Trouw. \par
1979: BP Nutrition acquires Hendrix.
1980: Trouw acquires Skretting.
1981: Trouw Chile is founded.
1986: BP Nutrition acquires Purina Mills and Moore-Clark.
1994: Nutreco is formed from the management-led buyout of BP Nutrition.
1997: Nutreco lists on the Amsterdam stock exchange.
2000: Nutreco acquires most of Hydro Seafood from Norsk Hydro.
2003: All fish feed operations are regrouped under the Skretting name.
 BP's chemical interests also expanded during this period, especially after 1978, when it acquired major European assets from Union Carbide and Monsanto.

A patent that starts the fatty production in a farmed fish. I wonder if that is a clue that GMO foods can do that to us...change our lipids (fats) remember I have Antiphospholipid syndrom.
Here is the patent for the Aguafeed.

In May 2009 EPA cited the BP for excessive benzene releases going back six years. According to EPA BP released 16 times the allowable limit of benzene in 2008.
Benzene is a known human carcinogen, shown to cause leukemia,\ldblquote  the agency wrote. Ecological effects include death in exposed animal, bird and fish populations and death or reduced growth rate in plant life.\par