Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Poland is dismissed, and hands over our Sovreignty in Start Treaty...
     What is the BCC? A Bi-laterial Consultant Commission that meets in Geneva, and given the ability to change and amend the Start Treaty; in closed door, with no record. or input from either parties peoples representation. That NAZI stuff again! And how come we can't monitor our own treaty in the life of the START Treaty.
     What I know about Russia & US relations is when a billionaire group of Russians, from Moscow and Leichtenstein came to Maui. The Owner of where they stayed, Eric Gotling, decided to have a entire yard of 2 acres poisoned, saying would plant new grass, right at the beginning of the season and a day before the Russians came.
     I didn't notice until it affected me.
The Russians came to wind surf and eat healthy food.

     I was immediatly hit with the illness of pesticide poison. May 5, 2001. I spent the year in death pain, and could barely move. The Russians must have been stronger. The grass all died while they laid on it sun bathing and playing.
     I thought to keep quiet being a Patriotic American, knowing. I am Sorry and no longer stay silent. Our government is being run by the Nazi NWO Army...   Hooray
     Secrets and poisoning. Poisoning each other by this Treaty, which I withdraw support. Should have read and studied it. Too busy with S.510.
    They say on the Senate floor the Russians cheat. What do we do and say? Our own government cheats and lies to us.

No power of any entity over the people of the  USA!!!

Another place to find names of  the Anti-America agenda, destroyers of the Earth, are those who support this treaty.

Can't handle? Try this to wake-up and grow to the truth, where you mind can see and hear clearly:
The true armegaddon is in the spirit, Remember...Love can conqueor All.

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