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Labeling GMOS Not Even Good for the Birds

Hold harmless agreement is what labeling is..."It is OK to to poison us and the world...We can co-exist?   NO NO NO!
"We are a large group of concerned world citizens gathering more and more people everyday. You have been asked no less than 23 times in public and in private message to please answer these questions. We respectfully ask you to do so now, in public, so everyone may have the ability to make up their own mind about the real ideals of food freedom and food protection.

1) I'm confused as to why the labeling campaign wishes to label toxic products who are already labeled by their brand name; Kraft, Kebbler, coke McDonald's, subway etc......whats the point of labeling toxins when the whole thing is one giant chemical.

2) I can't understand why the labeling campaign refuses to mention what is happening inside the NSOB. How the NSOB now seats mostly conventional agriculture producers who get to change the definitions, laws and bylaws for the term of organic. Or how they are allowing chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides inside of organic farming, while adding more and more behind closed doors in secret. Knowing this, why do you flat out refuse to tell Moms Across America about this vital information?

3) I also notice the label campaign refuses to mention how almost all major store brands of organic are now owned by conventional producers. Knowing this, why do you flat out refuse to tell Moms Across America about this vital information?

4) I don't understand why the labeling campaign never ever mentions these things....never. Will you answer why this is so.

5) Zen, why do consistently block more and more Mom activists who ask you these simple questions concerning food freedom?

Every person does have the right to know what goes into their body, but if the terms are being reworded and definitions are being changed for these toxic allowances in organic, how are these foods different from conventional phudes?

It took me a very long time to understand myself, and I also pushed for wasn't until I found out who is on the boards of the NSOB and OCA did it finally hit me, labeling is being promoted to sidetrack and hide the real issue.

Labeling allows for:
*GMO coexistence
*Makes people believe eating GMO free is the same as eating organic
*More corporate ruled Government
terms to be redefined and changed by chemical makers over Organic definitions.

They need to be banned Completely from organic so people have a real choice.. The label campaign was created by the chemical makers in order to side track this issue, if it wasn't created for this, then it has been co-opted by them at some juncture.

We are not protected from pesticides under the label, nor are we protected from GMOs. They just allow us to know.

Most people believe GMO free means organic, because the label campaign has created this illusion of safety. Voting or demanding labeling does absolutely nothing for the protection of food whatsoever.

There is absolutely no choice when organic standards are compromised."
Rudy Twomoon

USDA certified organic foods may be corrupted by genetically modified organisms. This presentation reveals the federal statutes that actually allow for this to happen, by way of "careless" verbiage. It is shorter and better informed version of a presentation released last year, by the same name.

In addition to what is mentioned in the video, I'd like paraphrase from S205.204 (a)(1), that organically "produced" seeds from non-organic seed stock are stated to be solely used for edible sprouts... but back to S205.204 (a)(1): if someone files a variance, then technically if they grow a crop from non organic seeds under that specific clause, there is no verbiage preventing them from using those seeds for livestock or people in S205.201 or in 205.204 (a)(3), unlike in S205.204 (a)(1), where the Except clause is part of the complete statement. The Except clause should be a crucial separate clause in itself, applicable to all of them. Incomplete/loophole verbiage here that a corporation could weasel out of.

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GMO labeling or banning

Weather to label or go straight for the ban is a discussion we at TLB are hearing more about by the day, and this has the potential to split a strong movement gaining strength across this nation. This is what I see as the weakness of putting all our eggs in the labeling basket …
Labeling is a Trojan horse … Once successful it will dissuade many from continuing in the struggle to ban these poisons all together, and victory will be declared.
Except it will not outlaw the use of bio-toxins, it will not stop cross contamination or horizontal gene transfer, or any other evil associated with GM or GE products. The biosphere, the poorer factions of humanity and those without a voice will continue to be poisoned. How does this factor into your drive for labeling?
We at TLB do understand and appreciate the argument for labeling, but do not necessarily agree, because success on labeling will do nothing but hamper forward motion for outright banning with Biotech and the government stating, You asked for labeling and we gave it to you, and that is all you get (obviously not these words but you get the gist)!
So in retrospect most will wake up to the fact that they have accomplished next to nothing. Any struggle from that point on will be exponentially more difficult, if possible at all.
Do we at TLB appreciate all those who work diligently for labeling? YES! Do we believe their hearts (most, not all) are pure and in the right place? YES … but …
I used to support labeling strongly myself, but via all the research and digging TLB has done over the years I have come to realize … Labeling is a trap or a Trojan horse to placate the angry masses and put control of the endgame in Biotech’s hands!
The following (recorded) discussion delves into this topic much deeper. Please take the time to listed …

TLB Special (archived) with Lynnette Marie,

The Organic Guru

TLB radio
Click on image to hear show.
Please visit Lynnette at Fuel For The Body

From The Liberty Beacon @

Ukraine Monsanto Radiation IMF

Assault and Battery in Europe...The last thing these old countries need is radioactive fallout dug up and sprayed with pesticides, RNAi remember!...To dust the Earth all around them. Rachel Carson warned about mixing those 2 together.
Since 1986 Chernobyl nuclear  disaster, which is in Ukraine, this area has been in dire straits...Right now the cement encasing that somewhat kept the radiation down is falling down, and no one knows what to do.
So, what to do? How about take over the country, bring in Monsanto, and try to cover up all the dangers with the lies of their new rulers--Monsanto Agents. My take.
 Below you will see 2 videos...1 is about Chernobyl and the other about the "Secret Chernobyl" in the USA. You will learn some extremely important information about your everyday life being radiated unknown to you. 
For example: When you go to Mt. Rushmore you are breathing radioactive dust. It is in the water in the motels and park areas too.
And it is blowing all over the country.
Learn more...

 Rachel Carson~ 
"This pollution is for the most part irrecoverable; the chain of evil it initiates not only in the world that must support life but in living tissues is for the most part irreversible. In this now universal contamination of the environment, chemicals are the sinister and little-recognized partners of radiation in changing the very nature of the worldtine very nature of its life. Strontium 90, released through nuclear explosions into the air, comes to earth in rain or drifts down as fallout, lodges in soil, enters into the grass or corn or wheat grown there, and in time takes up its abode in the bones of a human being, there to remain until his death. Similarly, chemicals sprayed on croplands or forests or gardens lie long in soil, entering into living organisms, passing from one to another in a chain of poisoning and death. Or they pass mysteriously by underground streams until they emerge and, through the alchemy of air and sunlight, combine into new forms that kill vegetation, sicken cattle, and work unknown harm on those who drink from once pure wells. As Albert Schweitzer has said, "Man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation."
... Radiation is no longer merely the background radiation of rocks, the bombardment of cosmic rays, the ultraviolet of the sun that have existed before there was any life on earth; radiation is now the unnatural creation of man's tampering with the atom. The chemicals to which life is asked to make its adjustment are no longer merely the calcium and silica and copper and all the rest of the minerals washed out of the rocks and carried in rivers to the sea; they are the synthetic creations of man's inventive mind, brewed in his laboratories, and having no counterparts in nature...
To adjust to these chemicals would require time on the scale that is nature's; it would require not merely the years of a man's life but the life of generations. And even this, were it by some miracle possible, would be futile, for the new chemicals come from our laboratories in an endless stream; almost five hundred annually find their way into actual use in the United States alone. The figure is staggering and its implications are not easily grasped500 new chemicals to which the bodies of men and animals are required somehow to adapt each year, chemicals totally outside the limits of biologic experience."

Ukraine Agrees To Monsanto Land Grab For $17 Billion IMF Loan

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) is helping biotech run the latest war in Ukraine. Make no mistake that what is happening in the Ukraine now is deeply tied to the interests of Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and other big players in the poison food game.
Monsanto has an office in Ukraine. While this does not shout ‘culpability’ from every corner, it is no different than the US military’s habit to place bases in places that they want to gain political control. The opening of this office coincided with land grabs with loans from the IMF and World Bank to one of the world’s most hated corporations – all in support of their biotech takeover.
Previously, there was a ban on private sector land ownership in the country – but it was lifted ‘just in time’ for Monsanto to have its way with the Ukraine.
In fact, a bit of political maneuvering by the IMF gave the Ukraine a $17 billion loan – but only if they would open up to biotech farming and the selling of Monsanto’s poison crops and chemicals – destroying a farmland that is one of the most pristine in all of Europe. Farm equipment dealer, Deere, along with seed producers Dupont and Monsanto, will have a heyday.
In the guise of ‘aid,’ a claim has been made on Ukraine’s vast agricultural riches. It is the world’s third largest exporter of corn and fifth largest exporter of wheat. Ukraine has deep, rich, black soil that can grow almost anything, and its ability to produce high volumes of GM grain is what made biotech come rushing to take it over.
As reported by The Ecologist, according to the Oakland Institute:
“Whereas Ukraine does not allow the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, Article 404 of the EU agreement, which relates to agriculture, includes a clause that has generally gone unnoticed: it indicates, among other things, that both parties will cooperate to extend the use of biotechnologies.
There is no doubt that this provision meets the expectations of the agribusiness industry. As observed by Michael Cox, research director at the investment bank Piper Jaffray, ‘Ukraine and, to a wider extent, Eastern Europe, are among the most promising growth markets for farm-equipment giant Deere, as well as seed producers Monsanto and DuPont’.”
The nation WAS Europe’s breadbasket – and now in an act of bio-warfare, it will become the wasteland that many US farmlands have become due to copious amounts of herbicide spraying, the depletion of soil, and the overall disruption of a perfect ecosystem.
The aim of US government entities is to support the takeover of Ukraine for biotech interests (among other strategies involving the prop-up of a failing cabalistic banking system that Russia has also refused with its new alignment with BRICS and its own payment system called SWIFT). This is similar to biotech’s desired takeover of Hawaiian islands and land in Africa.
The Ukraine war has many angles that haven’t been exposed to the general public – and you can bet that biotech has their hands in the proverbial corn pie.

The sarcophagus is actually held up by the damaged remains of Reactor 4, and it is structurally unsound. It is estimated that up to 95% of the original radioactive inventory of Reactor 4 still remains inside the ruins of the building. Seeing that the original sarcophagus was not intended to be a permanent solution, the Ukraine government held an international competition in 1992 to find a proposal for a permanent replacement structure to contain the reactor site.
After a period of 15 years, and out of 394 entries, the French consortium Novarka with 50/50 partners Vinci Construction Grands Projets and Bouygues Travaux Publics, were contracted on Sept. 17, 2007 to build the New Safe Confinement (NSC). The winners were actually the top three entries, with a UK submission for a sliding arch approach being the best idea for protecting workers.
The $432 Euros contract was to be used for design and construction, as well as as many as 900 workers. At the time, it was expected that the project would be completed by 2015. While the date for the New Safe Confinement structure, whatever the source, was to have been completed by 2005, it has obviously encountered a number of setbacks and delays. As of 2013, it was well understood that the EBRD was in control of not only managing the containment plans, but also was overseeing the construction.

Read more:

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NOW IS OUR TIME ...We must! To save our world and planet!

If you ever watch a video...This is the one to watch...PROMISE!
@1:09:00 HEAR! and KNOW with your own eyes...
skip back to 59 minutes...Hear and see the promise of our Kapuna to the children!

Real people with the real answers...
Brought tears to my eyes...
Without the water...

Without the Land...
We have nothing...
Listen to the promise of the Grandma!!! 
Real Hawaiians!

You will hear the answers to all of our problems!


  From 59 minutes on...Dustin...Grandma makes a promise to the children...And a very heartfelt Maui man tells it like it is... Includes GMO, and DU in Pahakaloa...Why are we not growing our own food!!   Banana's...Who is making the money, and where is our water...? Our free running streams...? Where?

A too?

Vegetables??? Fruit trees? WHERE ARE THEY?

Good talk... 
Show less
Hidden in plain eye sight under the government of the United States of America and the Fake State of Hawaii, Associated Affiliated Acquainted or Related to Various Syndicated Organized Groups...Aloha Ke Akua Jeanette Lani Koa Kaipo fb Mahina Lani Koa Kaipo Keawekane White aka fb Mahina White youtube koaliilii

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5 days ago
As we watched this with tears in our eyes ~ these tears which make us stronger & feel so very blessed to be Hawaiian & to have been born here ~ also to all who love our Beautiful islands you don't have to be born here to love Hawaii ~ Mahalo Nui Loa to our bradah Pono Kealoha for all you do & to each & everyone who love Hawaii ~ Its Just A Matter Of Time A Wrong Will Be Made Right ~ 
time has come to reclaim our birthright. some serious fighting for truth and justice this year. PLEASE VOTE! sept 12,2015
Our and your "Royal Hawaiian Kingdom Islands" #Royal  Hawaiian Kingdom Islands #DNA...

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Health? Get rid of Monsanto and We will Have Our Health Back

Monsanto’s Denies Responsibility for Dark History in Vietnam
Monsanto’s ‘Bribe’ Is Latest Insult To Vietnam

While the $150,000 in Vietnam is certainly welcome, it’s a paltry sum compared to the unconscionable amount of damage the company caused in the region, damage it still refuses to acknowledge to this day.

During the Vietnam War, an estimated 3 million Vietnamese citizens suffered from their own, or their parents’, exposure to Agent Orange, a chemical cocktail comprised of all 15 herbicides used in the war. In total about 4.8 million people were exposed.

A total of more than 1/8 of South Vietnamese land was sprayed from the air or ground killing about 1/5 of the jungle foliage and 1/3 of the mangrove forests in the area.

Monsanto also put profit ahead of any semblance of humanity during the war, ramping up production of its chemicals in order to secure larger profits from the U.S. government.

Included as a byproduct of their chemicals was dioxin, one of the most deadly chemicals known to man, capable of killing animals at as little as 3-10 parts pertrillion.

Monsanto learned of dioxin in their products by 1965 at the latest yet chose not to notify officials, and instead raised the temperatures on their batches of chemicals which only increased dioxin levels as they scrambled to pump out more and more chemicals to be dumped in Vietnam.

Lawsuits Mostly Unsuccessful

A class-action lawsuit was filed by several veterans against Dow Chemical and Monsanto for illnesses they thought were caused by exposure to Agent Orange, and was settled for $180 million in 1984.

But sadly, no veterans received more than about $5,600 from the settlement and most got far less; their medical expenses skyrocketed and they were left fronting the bill. The fund was quickly depleted within 10 years and a judge ruled that Dow and Monsanto would not have to face further liability for future claims.

Congress has since forced Veterans Affairs to study Agent Orange related illnesses and an association between 15 diseases has been found; the VA now compensates 350,000-400,000 Vietnam veterans for those diseases with total expenses numbering in the billions of dollars each year.

But Monsanto has remained mostly blameless and has contributed virtually nothing to help those who have suffered at their hands.

A major 1994 class-action lawsuit by Vietnamese citizens against Monsanto, Dow and other companies for help with Agent Orange-related diseases, along with two others from Vietnam veterans, were all thrown out after the Supreme Court refused to hear the cases.

Monsanto has still never taken responsibility for its litany of crimes during and after the war, and now they’re even on the verge of introducing their highly controversial and highly damaging genetically engineered seeds and chemical farming system on Vietnam.

No amount of aid to the Vietnamese and U.S. veterans can ever come close to making up for the destruction Monsanto has caused.

But taken in context of this information it’s hard to consider their latest offer anything less than insulting, don’t you think?

First section reprinted via

My own father was one of the civil TECH-REPS who helped to do destroy Vietnam...I lived in Thailand from 1966 -1969...My father worked for Philco-Ford...My father's name is Stephen G. Kniatt...a 33rd degree mason!

People Come to my Blog Searching for Health Answers...Here it is Answer

If you haven't caught on...I am doing a detox...with all the mental, physical and spiritual strength I can muster...
But...not eating any mustard, onion, garlic or asparagus family foods...There is a good reason too...Until you know why...Do not even try a detox.

Amazing how my life and what's happening around me is patterning out to to match...
The Dragon, battling evil, evil people on every level...Even me!...Anger...Facing my demons inside and outside the realms...

All meta-physical events...Kinda amazing...And the focus can get hard to do too...Very emotional upheavals ..The darkness needs to be exposed and examined to remove and seal the breaks in energy flow....Seeking and destroying parasites, removing metals and chemicals, rebalancing, and healing....Think very hard before attempting this...Possible to do...I am at 6 weeks right now...
It takes fearlessness to fast and burn out parasites from the belly...
Nothing most have ever known, or can deal with....

There is hope though...The more you learn...The more one can find a Way of Life that will be suitable for their very own type of detox...

I've spent 35 years learning this...Check it out...Maybe some clues and hints for others here.

Not to be done without a serious intention...

Who wants to be healthy? Did you know high fructose corn syrup has mercury in it?
Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead and aluminum, accumulate in the body over time and are suspected of triggering dangerous conditions like heart disease, thyroid problems, dementia, neurological conditions, autism, infertility and birth defects.
A halogen atom bearing a negative charge. The halide anions are fluoride (F−), chloride (Cl−), bromide (Br−), iodide (I−) and astatide (At−). )

Once you start you have to finish the cleanse...It will find new places in your body if you free it...So free it, bind it (in your stomach and intestines with roughage or proteins) and eliminate it...
Results are not even going to be noticed until you have
taken these supplements for 3 to 6 months...

For heavy metal ::
pectin and chlorella ~ Health food store (?)

cilantro ~“pulsing” large doses of 7 days on and 7 off after 3 months of pectin, and chlorella ...

sulfur ~ (found in garlic, garlic oil, eggs, and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and collard greens.) ...

selenium ~ (in Brazil nuts) 1 or 2 a day

iodine ~ Seaweeds are for halide ion

After your body will take over...with...
Glutathione - Another Important Detoxifier
Glutathione is a short string of amino acids called a peptide. It is composed of three amino acids: glycine, glutamine and cysteine.

Glutathione is a major player in detoxifying the body of many toxic pollutants, including toxic metals and chemicals. Glutathione deficiency impairs the body's ability to get rid of toxins whether they are environmental or the by-products of cellular metabolism. If we have low glutathione levels we slowly become toxic, storing away poisons in our tissues, organs, muscles and brain. We simply cannot detoxify effectively if our glutathione levels are too low, no matter what form of detoxification we undertake.

I had a banana for breakfast

TRYING to get people to understand is not easy...After getting someone's attention they also expect to be entertained....Below it says Lymes but this is not about LYMEs...It is about negligence in medical and scientific fields to sell us THEIR medicine...CREEPY JERKS!
PARASITES Elimination and DETOX, along with bringing your body to the state nature intended us...
Seeds, nuts, NO GRAINS...NO MEAT -It is just a dead corpse with absolutely NO Nutrition (fooled again by the Great White Hunters).... YOU know the rules...Just stop being a stupid Zombie who drools over every word a doctor says....Know thy enemy...
"But, I love my doctor!'...Go and worship Satan...It's the same thing!
If you are not worshiping yourself...Then there is really something very wrong with you...
Does the roof of your mouth tickle a lot all over when you rub the tip of your tongue around...

That is the  1st symptom of being dead inside...Zombie...
Do you love and believe in Monsanto? Goblin

This is important and where I got the info to take small amounts hourly of vitamin C...

The reason dogs & cats rarely get #Lyme, is because their bodies make
2 gms of vitamin C hourly.
Meaning the way to treat & prevent Lyme is to take 2 grams of vitamin C hourly.
You can take 3 grams an hour if you want.
Try it. The worst you can get is loose stools.

I go into great depth here on foods and how to prepare sprouts and other info...
Radiation is the focus here, but toxins are toxins...They destroy and KILL!

Facts People of Earth Need to Know about Biotech Chemical Corporations and the FDA

IF GMO’S ARE SO SAFE AND WONDERFUL WHY DOES BIOTECH OPPOSE LABELING? . . . . I don’t buy the cost argument, no one is asking them to change anything in production. Companies change labels all of the time without additional costs to consumers. Every company in the world promotes their products to consumers except predators like Monsanto who obviously has much to hide. We have the right to know what is in the food we buy and eat and I don’t care what biotech thinks about labeling, this is not their choice, it’s ours as consumers. Another lesser known reason they are against labeling is because of traceability, accountability or liability. If they are not listed on the contents panel on foods they cannot be held responsible for any adverse repercussions. Even clothing has a label with the ingredients and country of origin.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF GMO’S TO CONSUMERS? . . . . How will consuming GMO tainted foods make my life better. Do they taste better, will I be healthier, will I live longer, is it a better way to get your children to eat more processed, junk or fast foods? They claim we are too stupid to understand labeling. GMO foods may cost less but that savings is offset with higher medical bills and the need of prescription drugs. Organic food promotes better taste and health, GMO’s cannot make that claim. Peer reviews swing both ways depending on who's writing them so don't accept their demands for proof, it’s their responsibility to provide proof which is slanted in their favor. As for claims to feeding the world, hunger is caused by poverty, not food shortages.

WHO BENEFITS THE MOST FROM GMO’S? , , , , That should be obvious. . . Chemical companies and factory farms stand to benefit the most with increased profits, regardless of the effects their unproven science and toxic chemicals has on people, animals, beneficial bacteria, pollinating insects and the environment. Since the introduction of GMO’s twenty years ago Autism, Food Allergies, Cancer, Obesity, Diabetes and a host of Bowel Problems have skyrocketed, We weigh more and have more co-morbid conditions than ever before. We spend a fortune on health in the US, more than any other industrialized nation, yet we have “fallen behind peer countries in terms of improvements in population health.” We eat more GMOs than any other country" and yet they will claim there is no correlation, you just have to connect the dots. Processed foods are creating a nation of sick people and a lost generation of children raised on these unhealthy foods. Ignoring the precautionary principle the FDA is guilty of dereliction of duty for not protecting consumers from these predatory companies…

DOES IT MAKE SENSE? . . . that toxic chemical manufacturers Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Syngenta, Bayer, BASF, ADM, Con-Agra, Cargill and the biotech industry should be in charge of our food? We have lost touch with where our food comes from. One of the specialties of chemical companies is making life killing compounds like PCB’s, Polystyrene, DDT, Dioxin, Agent Orange, Petroleum Based Fertilizers, Dicamba, Glyphosate, Terminator Genes, Aspartame, bT Toxin, Posilac a Bovine Growth Hormone. The biotech industry keeps touting GMO ‘benefits and safety’ like a narcissistic madman on steroids despite a complete lack of valid peer reviews while they corrupt politicians to pass legislation detrimental to consumers. Please share this post and spread the word…

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NERRS is nearer...S.510 reminder too

Inate Mana Aina... Do you understand your Ahupua`a ? Moku Hou Hou?
Be Malama Pono!

As we sit together and decide our future(s) together...Know where we come from, and our family's place with our world and land...
People in Harmony with our Nature, our future, and Caretaker's through 'Stewardship of the Earth / Malama Pono '...
malama: To take care of, care for, preserve; to keep or observe, as a taboo; to conduct, as a service; to serve, honor, as God; care, preservation,

PONO PONO~“righteous”, however according to the big Hawaiian dictionary, the word “pono” also means goodness, uprightness, morality, excellence, well-being, prosperity, welfare, benefit, behalf, proper, righteous, upright, just, virtuous, fair, successful, in perfect order, accurate, correct, necessary, and on and on and on… The complete definition is huge. And then there is the phrase “pono pono” (repeating the word intensifies it), whose definition is basically neat, tidy, in order, attended to. Thus “ho’o pono pono” becomes to put to rights, to put in order, correct, administer, adjust, amend…and on and on and on. You get the idea.

I'm only 10 minutes in and already know...
So, the people with no HA come, and are here to save Hawai'i...again...bang.

Notice! No...Hawai'ians come...?

People with no ha are ones who have no breath of life, and are dead to nature and have no knowledge of nature either....
Their science are words to confuse, and steal land...again...

I see to train and "educate" our kids and grandchildren to accept them as the rulers...
I'll listen to the rest...but...The set-up is a set-up...Duhhh...set-up...? We are BEING Setup.
Because these people and who they represent; are so kind and caring about the Aina?

Past and present experience, along with what is now happening, and being created by these rulers show the opposite of every single nice word said...

I believe Ho'o Mali Mali means to flatter someone in order to get something from their victim...
Glad I stuck with the video...There are Hawai'ians there...And like he says...!!!!

in the video....26:33

At 1 hour and 9 minutes... "Because the judge does not even know the rules..."

at 1:15 is truth! A map showing what has happened already...And says if we do nothing (to understand this nature( it will only get worse...Get involved! On the move now!

About Monsanto RoundUp after 1:15

S.510 includes...
(a) In General- Section 304(h)(1)(A) (21 U.S.C. 334(h)(1)(A)) is amended by--
(1) striking `credible evidence or information indicating' and inserting `reason to believe'; and
(2) striking `presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals' and
inserting `is adulterated or misbranded under section 403(w)

How is it possible to ever win in court if whatever the Gov. Believes is the law?. Only Kings do that!

A reminder...

I checked last week (again) to show how this was passed...

Not like is shown...Because I was there on C-Span I know...
I know that everyone had left for Christmas break in the Senate...Harry Reed walked in (after the cameras were shut off for C-Span) and announced the bill...
Asked to pass the bill....
No one objected...No one objected because no one else was there to object.
The bill passed!

No transcript available either.

Is this how we make laws in the USA?

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Intentional Harm Dioxin from Cane Buring, Experimental RNAi Pesticide, and Splenda in Us

Toxic Load! They made that up to justify their murderous actions!!!!
There is never any justification, or sense in the fact humans can have dead brain, or body cells as something that is normal procedure in our lives, or in any other Kingdom of LIFE!... That's why it is called LIFE!

Wonder who does the dirty work...and are never seen again?

Saw someone post this comment...
"Many KAUAI Community Residents and workers are sick, dying, and dead. Chemical Corporations bring migrant workers from Mexico and South America on 6 to 8 month rotations. It used to be longer but the workers get sick within a year or so. Now after 6 months, they're sent back home to get sick. INTENTIONAL MURDER !!!!!!"

Meanwhile on Maui...

Questioning spraying of 3 chemicals at once RoundUp. Atrazine and another I don't know...
Being used to dry sugar cane before burning for harvest...
Doesn't this create dioxin during the burn ?
And when the sugar is processed won't there be dioxin coming out of the smoke stack?
What do you think...about this ?
At 16 minutes this man Chris You see someone has redacted what he said @16:58...What he said was he had the stuff chemically analysed, and what he found were these 3 chemicals...from what I can remember...Because I'm next at 19 minutes...Just so happens I'm the wrong person to redact in front of...He named 3 one was Atrazine, one was glyphosphate I believe...I do not remember the other one Chris named...Still looking for my notes from that day.
Sorry I failed to post this before...@16 minutes the man in Kuau I am talking about who had parts of his testimony blacked out, and I am next...I make the guy after me a big liar too...

Here is a note I wrote that day on FB with this video...Not 3, but 5 pesticides were found in the analysis by the laboratory that made this man so sick!

 Dioxins as harmful the first day it was created...for 500 years bound to the soil... Dioxin is created in the manufacture of pesticides by high heat. We are all being poisoned.and it takes a bum like me to figure this effect out, and we are being constant poisoned!??!

Dioxin Health Side Effects Dioxin is commonly a byproduct of internal combustion and in high concentrations, poses serious human health risks. Complications due to overexposure to dioxin are numerous. The most serious health complication associated with this highly toxic chemical is cancer. Some other complications include: Newborn defects Diabetes Lung disorders Immune system problems Often dioxin is introduced into the human body through diet. Many meat, fish and dairy products are contaminated with dangerous levels of dioxin due to the fact that dioxin often ends up in the soil and sediments where these animals feed. Chemical Exposure Lawsuit Attorneys If you or a loved one were exposed to dioxins and suffering from serious side effects you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Contact an attorney today to learn more about your legal rights...

People are Hawaii...Don't believe that magazine article saying we are the healthiest in the USA!

We have the highest rates of breast cancer on Maui in USA, and on Kauai they have 10xs the national rate of a heart deformity...Among many other sicknesses we are suffering from ...Like on Maui we also have the highest rate of Hepitiis C for the USA...10xs what is considered normal...BECAUSE they are growing it in the GMO CORN????

Did you know the Air Forces operation to spray Vietnam was "Operation Ranch Hand" very similar...The county councils, state Ag, State officials in every dept, U of Hawaii, and the U of Hawaii Board , professors, and admins personal corporation HawaiiBIOTECH‬... They use Hegelian Dialect...

These monsters, who are the U of H school of medicene, U of H admins, board, and professors started this corporation ...and why Judge Kurren has stepped aside in our case...His wife is the one who was the "BRAINS" behind it!!!....They  have 300 clinical trials going on in Hawaii with associations with all the major chemical corporations pharma spin-offs using GMO in vaccines...They say it's easier to trick people to become a part of their studies here in Hawaii..!!!! I guess we are really stupid here!!!

vaccine technology

West Nile Virus
Hawaii Biotech believes that its experience and ability in producing protein antigens allows the Company to develop vaccines targeting numerous infectious diseases. These prophylactic vaccines are well suited to meet demanding requirements for safety, production yield, rapid response, and efficacy. The Company’s vaccine technology is based on the production of high quality recombinant proteins using stable insect cell lines. The high quality of the proteins produced results in immune responses equivalent to, or better than, traditional live or inactivated virus approaches. Furthermore, the purified recombinant proteins provide for an improved safety profile. This platform technology is applicable to a wide variety of diseases including West Nile, dengue, tick borne encephalitis, influenza, hepatitis C, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, Ebola, Eastern equine encephalitis, and others. We have focused our attention on the development of vaccines against West Nile, dengue, and tick borne encephalitis viruses. Analysis by X-ray crystallography of one of HBI’s dengue proteins was featured on the cover of the journal “Nature” (January 22nd, 2004).
Several reasons make Hawaii a viable place for Hawaii Biotech:
• Large University of Hawaii Research Effort
• Clinical Trial Center
Large University of Hawaii Research Effort
Hawaii Biotech is a potential beneficiary of a much larger biotech research effort occurring at the University of Hawaii (UH). UH has established a new $150 million biomedical research facility, which will house 30-40 new biotech researchers. When combined with more than $50 million in biotech related research currently in place at UH, this expanded effort is expected to provide a catalyst for the development of the biotech industry in Hawaii.
As the oldest biotech company in Hawaii, Hawaii Biotech is uniquely positioned to benefit from this research. We have excellent long term relationships with UH and their technology transfer office, as several of the Company’s founders were faculty members at UH.
Clinical Trial Center
Hawaii is emerging as a preferred location for human clinical trials conducted by major pharmaceutical, biotech, contract research organizations (CROs), and site management organizations (SMOs) looking to bridge Caucasian, Japanese, and other Oriental populations. Hawaii’s dense population and ease of patient recruitment gives it a competitive advantage compared to other areas in the country with a large Japanese ethnic population. In addition, Hawaii has developed clinical development capabilities that have attracted non-ethnic studies as well.
Close to 300 clinical trials are currently underway in Hawaii. Sponsors and managers include each of the ten largest global pharmaceutical companies, 42 of the 50 largest pharmaceutical/biotech companies, major CROs and SMOs, and government agencies, including Merck, Pfizer, Amgen, Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Biogen-Idec, Quintiles, Covance, Radiant Research, and the National Cancer Institute. This clinical trial capability provides Hawaii Biotech with convenient access to a critical mass of infrastructure important to its value creation strategy.

The entire operation in Vietnam was call "Operation Hades"...Perfect for Mon Satan...Who along with DOW made a pesticide laced with DIOXIN‬, which lasts 500 years attached to the soil...
Doing this on islands in the middle of the sea, and suing us to continue to do so...

The new study, however, may be the most concerning yet to surface in the peer-reviewed literature. Titled, “Sucralose, a synthetic organochlorine sweetener: overview of biological issues,” it reveals an extensive array of hitherto underreported safety concerns, not the least of which is the formation of highly toxic chlorinated compounds, including dioxins, when Splenda is used in baking, an application which its manufacturer, McNeil Nutritionals (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson), actively encourages it to be used for. [see: Cooking and Baking: SPLENDA®]
A Dizzying Array of Splenda (Sucralose) Safety Concerns That Have Never Been Adequately Tested
The study argues that, despite its widespread approval and use, further scientific safety research is warranted due the following significant findings:
  • “Sucralose alters metabolic parameters and its chronic effects on body weight are unknown”: both animal and human research indicates sucralose may raise blood sugar and insulin levels, indicating it may have diabetogenic properties.
  • “Sucralose alters P-gp and CYP expression”: While classified as a food additive, sucralose’s organochlorine structure indicates it interferes with a wide range of organochlorine class drugs, and activates detoxification pathways and enzymes, in a manner similar to these xenobiotic chemicals.
  • “The metabolic fate and health profile of sucralose metabolites are currently unknown”: Contrary to statements in the research literature that sucralose passes through the body in the feces ‘unchanged,’ metabolites have been detected in the urine and feces of both animals and humans, the nature and health consequence of which have never been studied
  • “Sucralose alters indigenous bacterial balancein the GIT”: Sucralose (delivered as Splenda) has been found to reduce the number of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointesintal tract (e.g., lactobacilli, bifidobacteria), while  increasing the more detrimental bacteria (e.g., enterobacteria). One study found the adverse effects on flora did not return to normal (baseline) after a 3-month recovery period. Sucralose also altered the pH of the gastrointestinal tract.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly:
  • “Numerous toxicological issues regarding long-term exposure to sucralose are unresolved”: 1) DNA damage (genotoxicity), and possible adverse epigenetic alterations. 2) The generation of toxic compounds during baking, including chloropropanols, 1,6-DCF and dioxins. 3) The bioaccumulation of sucralose and/or its metabolites 4) The interaction between sucralose and/or its metabolites with drugs have not yet been studied or evaluated
Cancer-Causing Dioxins and Dioxin-Like Compounds Formed When Splenda (Sucralose) Is Cooked
As the reader can plainly see, the picture is a complex one, and there are more unresolved questions than answers. But perhaps the most concerning issue addressed in the report is the ‘Safety of Sucralose That Has Been Heated.’ According to the paper, historically, sucralose was reported to be heat stable at temperatures used in cooking. But they cite a number of reports from independent laboratories showing that sucralose undergoes thermal degradation when heated. One study showed that the stability of sucralose decreased as the temperature and pH increased, with the breakdown process commencing at 119 degrees Celsius and temperatures of 180 degrees Celsius causing its complete degradation at all pH levels with the release of chloride ions.  Additionally, they refer to research showing that sucralose can break down into the following concerning compounds when heated:
  • Chloropopanols are generated when sucralose was heated in the presence of glycerol. Chloropopanols are a group of contaminants that include known genotoxic, carcinogenic and tumorigenic compounds.
  • Other chlorinated compounds formed when sucralose is heated in the presence of food include dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans, dioxin-like polychlorinated bisphenyls and polychlorinated naphthalenes.
Chlorinated compounds like dioxins and DDT are notorious for being both highly toxic and resistant to breaking down once released into the environment, which is why they are classified as ‘persistent organic pollutants.’ Splenda was launched in 2000 with tagline “Made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar,” until it retired this slogan in 2007 after settling with its rival, Merisant Co., the maker of Equal, who accused the makers of Splenda of intentionally confusing consumers into thinking its product was more natural and healthier than other artificial sweeteners. Long gone are the days that this artificial sweetener can be marketed as natural, safe and a healthy alternative to sugar. To the contrary, today’s research clearly indicates that sucralose is a toxic chemical that we should go to great lengths to avoid exposure to rather than something we should intentionally add to our food. You will also find a growing body of research that indicates that sucralose not only does not break down in the environment, but survives water treatment plant purification techniques, with the inevitable consequence that it is accumulating in concentrations in our drinking water and the environment that may adversely impact humans and wildlife alike.
The discovery that thermal breakdown through cooking can lead to the formation of highly toxic and equally persistent chlorinated compounds, including dioxins, should raise a series of red flags for consumers, manufacturers and regulators as the information becomes more widespread. A cursory perusal of the World Health Organization’s description of ‘Dioxins and their effects on human health,’ which lists it as belonging to the “dirty dozen” of the world’s most dangerous pollutants, will see what is at stake here. For more information on the formation of toxic chlorinated byproducts following the heating of sucralose read a 2013 study published in Scientific Reports titled, “Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans formed from sucralose at high temperatures,” which goes into the topic in greater depth.
The Acceptable Daily Intake of Splenda (Sucralose) May Have Been Set 100’s of Times Too High To Ensure Safety
Lastly, an equally concerning issue addressed by the paper is the problem of the acceptable daily intake (ADI). The FDA approved an ADI for humans of 5 mg/kg/day in 1998 based on toxicity studies in rats by determining a no-observed-effect level (NOEL) of 500 mg/kg/day, and then applying a 100-fold safety factor. Since then, research has emerged showing that the NOEL in the microbiome (‘gut bacteria’) of rats for Splenda is actually as low as 1.1 mg/kg/day – 454 times lower than first determined – and 3.3 mg/kg/day for changes in intestinal P-gp and CYP – 151 times lower than first determined. Therefore, if the biological effects of sucralose in rats and humans are the same, or similar, then significant effects would be expected in humans far below the ADI.

Major breakthrough could help detoxify pollutants
October 19, 2014
Manchester University

A major breakthrough could lead to more effective methods for detoxifying dangerous pollutants like PCBs and dioxins, scientists say. The result is a culmination of 15 years of research. It details how certain organisms manage to lower the toxicity of pollutants.

The team at the MIB were finally able to obtain key proteins through genetic modification of other, faster growing organisms. They then used X-ray crystallography to study in 3D how halogen removal is achieved.

The main drive behind this research has been to look at ways of combatting the dozens of very harmful molecules that have been released into the environment. Many have been directly expelled by pollutants or from burning household waste. As the concentration of these molecules has increased over time their presence poses more of a threat to the environment and humanity. Some measures have already been taken to limit the production of pollutants, for example PCBs were banned in the United States in the 1970s and worldwide in 2001.

Professor Leys says: "As well as combatting the toxicity and longevity of pollutants we're also confident that our findings can help to develop a better method for screening environmental or food samples."

OK...What does it mean that they are making mammalian modification to neutralize poisons in us and in our environment...

"Scientists" work 15 develop their BS and lies so we find it acceptable...
IT'S NOT!...Our bodies already do this naturally, and no matter what excuse is made it's not safe, and/or intelligent to do so...
This is another Mitochondria, RNAi...DNA transcription that will affect all humans and animals when it is let loose upon the Earth, and our world...
Who do these people think they are???
They studied 15 years? 
I Googled for 15 seconds!

Added with Clorox in our water and homes we create a chemical reaction in our bodies that are the catalyst for CANCERS!
Rhodanese is a mitochondrial enzyme that detoxifies cyanide (CN-) by converting it to thiocyanate (SCN-).[1]
This reaction takes place in two steps. The diagram on the right shows thecrystallographically-determined structure of rhodanese. In the first step,thiosulfate reacts with the thiol group on Cysteine-247 1, to form a disulfide 2. In the second step, the disulfide reacts with cyanide to produce thiocyanate, itself being converted back into the "normal" thiol 1.
This reaction is important for the treatment of exposure to cyanide, since the thiocyanate formed is less toxic.[medical citation needed] The use of thiosulfate solution as an antidote for cyanide poisoning is based on the activation of this enzymatic cycle.
Rhodanese shares evolutionary relationship with a large family of proteins, including
Cdc25 phosphatase catalytic domain.
non-catalytic domains of eukaryotic dual-specificity MAPK-phosphatases
non-catalytic domains of yeast PTP-type MAPK-phosphatases
non-catalytic domains of yeast Ubp4, Ubp5, Ubp7
non-catalytic domains of mammalian Ubp-Y
Drosophila heat shock protein HSP-67BB
several bacterial cold-shock and phage shock proteins
plant senescence associated proteins
catalytic and non-catalytic domains of rhodanese (see ).
Rhodanese has an internal duplication. This domain is found as a single copy in other proteins, including phosphatases and ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolases.[2]
Human proteins containing this domain[edit]
and sweating to get it out is a clue too...

These guys seem to know what they are talking about...They are saying our body makes an antidote, and what the body does not need in it's resource pool it emits...thru urine the left over...The thoery of drinking Orin..." EXCRETION
After metabolism in the animal body, most of the HCN moiety is eliminated as thiocyanate in the urine "
"CN ion released is detoxified or converted by an enzyme normally occurring in the organism and known as rhodanese or thiosulfate transulfurase. The product of such conversion is thiocyanate, a compound found in the tissues of all vertebrates, many invertebrates and a number of plants. ..." 

...some of which may be eliminated from the body in the urine and feces with the remainder persisting as part of the normal "cyanide metabolic pool"."...
Nitrilosides are produced by, and HCN enters into the metabolism of, members of the plant kingdom extending from bacteria, moulds and fungi to the common fruits - apricots, peaches, cherries, berries, and the like - comprising the Rosaceae and extending through the Leguminosae - lima beans, vetch, pulses, clovers - to the Graminae with over eighty grasses of the latter family carrying one or more specific nitrilosides.
No area of the earth that supports vegetation lacks nitriloside-containing plants. Over 30 per cent of all tropical plants, edible or inedible by man or animals, contain a nitriloside. From the nitriloside-rich salmon-berry, cloud-berry or buffalo-berry (Rubus spectabilis) growing on the Arctic tundra and the arrow-grass growing in arctic marshes and supplying the major fodder for the caribou, to the cassava or manioc - the bread of the tropics - plants extraordinarily rich in nitriloside, and serving as food for man and animals, are found in abundance. All life on earth participates directly or indirectly in the chain of nitriloside metabolism. In terms of living forms, the nitrilosides appear as ubiquitous in time as they do in space. There is some evidence that life on earth commenced in conjunction with hydrogen cyanide.
A glance at the vegetation about us almost anywhere will disclose nitriloside-containing plants. The common weed and fodder, Johnson-grass, often carries 15,000 mg/kg or more of nitriloside. A similar concentration is found in Sudan-grass, Velvet grass, white clover, the Yetches, buckwheat, the millets, alfalfa or lucerne, lima beans, even some strains of green or garden peas, the quinces, all species of the passion-flower. The seeds as well as the leaves and roots of the peaches and various cherries are but a few of the natural sources of this essentially non-toxic water-soluble factor.
Though the nitrilosides are plant-produced, we are interested here only in their metabolic role in the animal kingdom. We know that they account largely if not exclusively for all the thiocyanate found in the tissue and body fluids of animals. Thiocyanate is found in the serum, urine, sweat, saliva and tears of man and other mammals. Thiocyanate, as well as its natural precursor, the HCN derived from dietary nitrilosides, supply the cyanide ion for the nitrilization of the precursor of vitamin B12 (hydro[xy]cobalamin) to vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin).
Upon hydrolysis in the intestinal tract of man or animals, the nitriloside exerts a variable antibiotic effect through the action of the freed hydrogen cyanide and, in the case of some nitrilosides such as amygdalin or dhurrin, through the antiseptic action of benzaldehyde or p-hydroxybenzaldehyde aglycone. The latter from Johnson-grass, before and after oxidation to a benzoic acid, is about 30 times more antiseptic (in terms of the phenol coefficient) than ordinary benzaldehyde or benzoic acid. It is now experimentally established that only those nitrile compounds that are hydrolyzed to free hydrogen cyanide lend themselves to the formation, through rhodanese in the presence of utilizable sulfur, of thiocyanate.
After metabolism in the animal body, most of the HCN moiety is eliminated as thiocyanate in the urine with possibly some being eliminated in the feces. In man, a small percentage of the nitriloside-derived HCN may be excreted through the lungs and even in the urine. In rabbits, the administration of one nitriloside (amygdalin) has been reported as resulting in the elimination of traces of the unchanged nitriloside in the urine. Sorghum and other plants involved in cyanogenesis associated with the synthesis of nitriloside are known to emit a small percentage of free HCN.
In the case of nitrilosides with an acetone aglycone or an ethylmethyl-ketone aglycone, the ketone aglycones as well as the sugar moiety are probably fully metabolized to carbon dioxide and water with the HCN residue contributing to the production of thiocyanate, some of which may be eliminated from the body in the urine and feces with the remainder persisting as part of the normal "cyanide metabolic pool"."

According to the epa ferrocyanide is a weapon of mass distruction. i learned this while trying ot find out how to safely dispose of the remainder of a bottle of chlorox my girlfriend has been rubbing on her psoriasis. she has beaten cancer twice. the ferrocyanide is not lised on the lable or at the chlorox web site because it is less tha !% and it is not required.However two gallons of chlorox spilled is an EPA reportable spill. She says the ferro cyanide becomes like an oil in our water heaters, and pipes if our city uses this type of bleach...esp...the other bleach isn't that great either...She tells how to flush the system...

She advises living in untreated water.
And not using it to clean house either...Suggests a paper sheet...and plastic in bed as a way to sweat it out...and washing the insides...

These "scientists" need to be de-funded!