Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rainbow Warriors' Island of Kaua'i Capture Pirates Raping and Pillaging

Aloha, and common sense ruled the early morning of October 16th 2013 at 3:35:00 AM.  A long battle through the night with no blood drawn; and last words spoken by the Kaua'i County Council Chair Jay Furfaro in regards to Bill 2491. Passed with surprise in the crowds of people inside and outside, as it happened quickly, after a toe-to-toe over deferment (again).

Stripping the bill: buffers to 100' from the original 500'
and a change to any kind GMO- no need tell what kind..but they need to tell if the field is GMO.
It is possible that the word pesticide in the bill defined as any, even an organic pesticide over a certain limit of usage might be applied to BT, or Agent Orange resistant plant types, and reported.

The Mayor has 9 months to implement. Mayor Carvalho wasn't liking any of it...But pleasantly agreed to his duty of office, and plans on running for re-election...

The bill originally had an Environmental and Public Health Information Survey (EPHIS) attached with a Moratorium to shut the poisoners down until done and acted upon. This was not the case as this was switched to EPHIS with no Moratorium.

The biggest, and best part will be the disclosures of types of pesticides. They are using experimental poisons...and well known ones that we know cause birth defects like Agent Orange...

Babies were statistically proven last night before all;
that Kaua'i has 10xs the birth defect rate for heart deformities on their small island...
The disclosures will help pinpoint the facts for the EPHIS. Because the reports have something about the year before, we may be able to clarify this to get the information from last year, and this will speed the URGENT study...

The worst part is the OCEAN BARRIERS (buffer) to keep the pirates off our shoreline were not included....
The ocean is being severely affected...The EPHIS will answer to this tragedy that continues, as does the daily poisoning of all who call Kaua'i home, or visit...

So, with a ball and chain around their thick necks, the captured Pirates  are expected to start talking...and soon... we will have our treasure back...Our health, and the A'ina...Spirit of the Land.

Maui Aloha nui Kaua'i
Malama Pono | Stewards of the Land
Ali'inuenue | Rainbow Warriors
Aloha o'ka A'ina | Love of the Spirit of the Land

Hula - Maui, Hawaii - Miri
Miri shares her passion for Hula with a beautiful dance on the West side of Maui. KA NOHONA PILI KAI by Kealii Reichel Pä hanu mai ka pua ehu o ke kai E holu...

Beautiful Maui... song and dancer... ♫♪
a beautiful dance on the West side of Maui.

by Kealii Reichel
last verse
Puana `ia no ke ehu o ke kai
Ia hanu `a`ala o ke aumoe
Moe a`e ke ala e `alo ai
E ho`olale mau nei
 The spray of the sea recounts the story
That perfumed murmur of the deep of night
The pathway lies before us that we tread
Beckoning us ever forward

Gary Hooser, one of the council members who introduced the bill, called it “a piece of precedent-setting county legislation, certainly in our state.” He said he did not think the companies would sue, though they might try to override the county through state legislation.

“For some of the largest chemical companies in the world to sue a tropical paradise for the right to spray pesticides next to schools will not play well in the court of public opinion,” he said.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

MONSANTO Pesticide is Killing Us

Now we will know exactly...How Monsanto is destroying EVERYTHING and US...

The last video is about in animals...and food...
He says our food is not safe for human consumption...
Like we are slowly poisoning our entire population. Watch theses videos...Learn the truth!
Zen Honeycutt 2 months ago::
"FYI the video is cut off on the end because the battery died. We have 4-5 hours more of tape that is being edited and will be out soon in small clips. This was just a start. Sorry I did not edit the end to end less abruptly."

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Plants Genetically Change Themselves in Stress...Hate to be a "Fear Monger" but...

Under normal growing conditions susceptible plants do not contain dangerous levels of cynaide compounds.?

Cyanide[edit source]

Hydrogen cyanide (Prussic acid) is a poisonous chemical compound with chemical formula HCN, is a cyanide-containing compound. It is produced by certain plants under conditions of plant stress such as drought or frost. Cattle ingest the plant, and during digestion the cyanide compound is released. Risks are highest when grazing frosted sorghums and Sudangrasses that are still green.
Hay from these grasses stored for two months or more losses all its cyanide content.

Other plants that can produce Prussic acid under certain conditions are the Sorghum family, including both forage sorghum and grain sorghum (highest levels) , Sudangrass, Johnsongrass and Bermudagrass. Included as well are The Prunus family; wild black cherry, choke cherry, and pin cherry. Green flax can also produce this compound. Some non-hybridized strains can produce cyanide compounds .
Factors which increase cyanide concentration:
  • Young, rapidly growing plants
  • Mature plants that are stressed due to such conditions as drought, frost, wilting and trampling, herbicide damage, heavy nitrogen fertilization, and disease conditions.
Under normal growing conditions susceptible plants do not contain dangerous levels of cynaide compounds. Nitrate toxicity is another similar problem which can occur under certain conditions and can affect any plant.
Canola oil contains large amounts of "isothiocyanates" - cyanide-containing compounds. Cyanide inhibits mitochondrial production of adenosine triphosphate(ATP), which is the energy molecule that fuels the mitochondria. ATP energy powers the body and keeps us healthy and young !

Why in the world would we allow any kind of genetic modification?
Is Life and this Earth to be gambled:
 by teaching plants to grow pesticides in their beings..? 
Kinda like we are too?