The soil is so dead where they have grown pineapple and sogar cane.

My idea is to make these huge wheeled containers that will slowly roll along, down hill, while dropping worm casings and worm water. We all seperate our trash as best we can and use our garbage to feed the worms. By the second pass the soil should be ready to support life.


the complete recycling of our garbage

life put back in the soil

restoration of the land from the plantations destruction

a new direction with the community directedly involved in the success

We can use the old and unused containers from the plantation when they go out of business or we can let them run the worm restoration project...Growing GMOs as biofuel would continue the destruction. If the workers and company of HC&S want to continue working this is the WAY. And if there is any biofuel grown it must be native of Maui. For me I want to see pi'li grass grown, which is just about gone and extinct in Hawaii in the wild state. This is the grass that is used to make a Hale pi'li. The Hawai'ian will celebrate on that day. A return of one of the basic resources to life, material to make a home.

Worms can eat everthing except metal, glass and plastic. They sterlize the garbage.   worm watch
As with mycelium (fungus like mushrooms) ecology repair; worms need to come from the same area where they are used to repair the soil. Native Hawaiian worms No ka oi.