Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Permanent Solution Willie Smits

Everything we need to know and do is in this short video...And it all began with a baby Tang that Willie saw in the market that was sick, and he went back that night and found it in the trash can,
He developed a way to establish permaculture reserve areas that gives a money making livelihood to the local people, and a safe place for the Tangs...While making the rain come back, and re-establishing the bounty of Nature...It is not that hard!
Tangs can teach us so much!

The Tree of Life!
Willie Smits works at the complicated intersection of humankind, the animal world and our green planet. In his early work as a forester in Indonesia, he came to a deep understanding of that triple relationship, as he watched the growing population of Sulawesi move into (or burn for fuel) forests that are home to the orangutan. These intelligent animals were being killed for food, traded as pets or simply failing to thrive as their forest home degraded. Smits believes that to rebuild orangutan populations, we must first rebuild their forest habitat - which means helping local people find options other than the short-term fix of harvesting forests to survive...
Money, Jobs, and Family, and a Home ; A forever Home! Forever!
This is the potential that can fuel the world....


You O'same Me Poisoned Unknowingly Chlordane

My situation of living with Arsenic, Dioxin and Lead in the soil...Everybody, and living thing on this planet is in the same situation...In areas you might think are isolated, but is even being found in Seals in the Arctic Ocean!...
Do not dig around foundations of houses built before 1988?...Do not let children play in dirt of those areas? ...It's BIG!‪ Chlordane‬ is a persistent organic pollutant... called POPs.
Chlordane is a man made chemical and popular pesticide that was offered in the United States from 1948-1988. Due to concerns about environmental damage and human health risks, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency banned the use of chlordane in 1983, except for controlling termites. It was banned for that use, and all uses, in 1988 but still its effect is felt across the world and in the United States.

How am I Exposed to Chlordane?

Chlordane has been banned for over 20 years so the risk of exposure is gone too, right? Wrong. Chlordane is considered a persistent organic pollutant and the key word is “persistent.” Like plastic, it doesn’t occur naturally nor does it decompose quickly; like an unwanted house guest, it just lingers.
This website has a long list of sampled animals, plants,soil and water...PCBs are Dioxin...Lasts 500 years in the soil...Our fat is what it is attracted to. Hard or impossible to get it out...Subtle...

"Be cautious when digging near the foundation of homes that may have been treated for termites prior to 1988. Additionally, be wary about letting children play in potentially affected soil."

"Chlordane still pollutes the environment in the United States. The University of Iowa examined soil samples and discovered that Cedar Rapids Iowa had chlordane soil contamination almost as severe as urban areas of China. [3] Perhaps more depressing, a U.S. Geological Survey found chlordane contamination in soil samples from Yosemite National Park. [4]

In the Pacific Northwest, salmon migrate through rivers to spawn. This is a natural cycle that has been going on for longer than any of us have been around. Unfortunately, this migration process can transport chemicals. The University of Saskatchewan reports that when fish are contaminated with persistent organic pollutants and die, which they all do, their decomposing bodies release the stored chemicals and further contaminate the environment. [5]"

" In equally depressing news, researchers at the University of Hawaii have discovered concentrations of POP’s, including chlordane, in the blubber of the endangered Hawaiian seal monk. [6]

It’s very sad that America’s heartland, national parks, and wildlife have been reduced to receptacles for toxic waste.

Health Dangers of Chlordane Exposure
Chlordane can affect the digestive and nervous system, it’s also toxic to the liver. High exposure can cause convulsions and death. Low exposure may cause headaches, confusion, vomiting, stomach cramps, vision problems, and general malaise. Based on information from the 1999-2004 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, the Department of Family Medicine at the Medical University of South Carolina reported that exposure to chlordane has been linked to an increase in the development of diabetes. [7] Additionally, exposure to herbicides and insecticides is especially harmful to the thyroid; chlordane is one of the most toxic chemicals in this regard. [8]

Reducing Chlordane Exposure
Because of its persistent pollutant status, we’re still paying the price for the bygone era when chlordane was celebrated and literally dumped all over the country. Many Americans have low levels of chlordane in their body fat, which could remain for a long time. Tests can determine if you have chlordane in your body (or in the soil around your home) but cannot tell when the exposure occurred and what health effects may result. Regardless, there are steps you can take to minimize your exposure.

The UC Davis Department of Public Health Sciences recommends dietary strategies to reduce exposure to toxic compounds such as chlordane. Specifically, consuming organically produced dairy, fruits, and vegetables and avoiding animal products and processed carbohydrates. [9] Washing or heating your food may not be enough. For example, Japan’s Fukushima Analytical Center discovered up to 10% of chlordane compounds can remain after roasting pesticide-exposed coffee beans. [10]"

Norway Seed Vault is Hoax..

Monsanto etal run it!
Maybe God will Smite them! Unusual earthquake in the area...
The seed vault, for just in case GMO goes wrong, hidden deep in a mountain by the N.Pole? Just had unusual earthquake in the area...
Are you sure that's a good back up plan? Or would not destroying our food supply, water, and soil be a better idea?
According to William Engdahl, author of Seeds of Destruction, unofficially the Seed Vault project is one of the largest steps taken yet by the handful of GMO agribusiness giants which include Monsanto, Syngenta, the Rockefeller Foundation and the Gates Family Foundation. He asserts that the key organisations involved in the arctic seed vault have a long, often dirty history of fraud, intimidation and dubious methods to force the spread of patented genetically modified plant seeds into the world agriculture food chain. In 1999 Monsanto described the ideal future as "a world in which all commercial seeds were GM and patented".

Magnitude mb 5.1
Date time 2016-03-29 10:32:07.9 UTC
Location 77.85 N ; 20.84 E
Depth 10 km
Distances 1978 km N of Helsinki, Finland / pop: 558,457 / local time: 13:32:07.9 2016-03-29 908 km N of Vadsø, Norway / pop: 5,139 / local time: 12:32:07.9 2016-03-29
Earthquake at red dot...
Seed Vault red dot

Cannabis Hawai'i Pesticide Being Sprayed by Helicopter!

DS: We got to the point where we developed a spray system. Now we have a spot-sprayer: I can spray a three-foot circle with no overspray. Now we can just spray it, kill it and move on.

MT: Sounds like marijuana eradication has been lucrative, too.

DS: It’s been a good source of revenue for my company. At one point, this was about 70 percent of my revenue. But the funding has dropped. We don’t find the numbers anymore that we used to. We don’t see huge patches anymore. Now it’s more of a compliance check. In Wipeout, we wiped out all the big-time growers. Then we went to backyard growers. But it was a nerve-wracking business.

MT: How so?

DS: Back then there were no cell phones. We had to take security precautions like guarding the aircraft 24 hours a day.

MT: Did anyone ever take some sort of action against you?

DS: No. We heard threats but nothing ever materialized.


Spraying in the Native Forests too...More reason for Ohi'a's demise... So proud of themselves too...

THE REAL TERRORISTS ARE THE GOV...not you, and me...This proves it.