Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monsanto shows their Hand: Food Safety "Modernization" passes

All who supported this bill: be you in Congress, or any other group have shown themselves to be a Front for Monsanto in order to further the Goals of the Nazi Satanic cult, depopulation theory, and  the NWO army, against the wishes of the People of the United States.

"Everything Hitler did was Legal." Martin Luther King

All your names will be recorded here on this Blog Antiphospholipid and Pesticide Effects also known as http://fightforyourhealth.blogspot.com/.

You will be relentlessly pursued for impeachment and will be exposed for the Monsanto Monsters you are... ants go marching...   Hooray

The siezures will start 190 days from the passing.
    Innocent people: gather your nutritous and healthful  food and store. This is going to be a long battle...We will overcome and start on a healing and peaceful journey into the future by disposing the murderers. These Killing machines who are trying to poison us to Death  Corporate law will be reigned in and FDA will be overhauled, This bill by passing can do this with our own "reason to believe" included into our law with the passing of this bill.
We will use your own words to destroy your agenda Monster Monsanto Machine!
   The Constitution protects us from the ways of  injustice by the rich and powerful, and however this is righted they have only themselves to blame. As minions of Monsanto do not pity these people as they have made their choices with full knowledge.

We have spoken our words and our words went unheeded!

By showing their hand all these individuals and groups are identified, and are now to be held to account!
Enjoy Hell. I forgive you , but will never forget!!!! Never to forget to protect our Children from your Way.

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