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Cholinesterase (ko-li-nes-ter-ace) is one of many important enzymes needed for the proper functioning of the nervous systems of humans, other vertebrates, and insects. Certain chemical classes of pesticides, such as organophosphates (OPs) and carbamates (CMs) work against undesirable bugs by interfering with, or 'inhibiting' cholinesterase. While the effects of cholinesterase inhibiting products are intended for insect pests, these chemicals can also be poisonous, or toxic, to humans in some situations.

Human exposure to cholinesterase inhibiting chemicals can result from inhalation, ingestion, or eye or skin contact during the manufacture, mixing, or applications of these pesticides.

May 2010     Alot has happened since my last post. Going backwards with my health. I am going on 2 months now not being able to walk my joints are stiff and swollen. The county sprayed about 10 weeks ago the entire Wailuku river bed with roundup or something to kill the weeds. First my liver and kidneys hurt so bad for 2 weeks then the joints flared.

They did it again today. I live right on the river. Poor fishies.

Sunday--Mother's Day-- that guy Don Gerbig wrote to the Maui News about how wonderful GMO products are and he's so happy Japan is going to take GMO papaya.-- Although they have more red tape before it happens.
From news reports around Hawaii our USDA and the U. of Hawaii is doing their best to teach us how good GMOs are. Check out this class for "science teachers" given by the GMO advocates. The story is full of untruths about the Papaya here in Hawaii. GMOs have ruined the tree and it spreads to other trees through the air with pollen.

Tuesday May 3rd 2010-- Supreme court heard a case to stop GMO alfalfa--Easy to read.
Monsanto final argument quote--"their harm really boils down to the question of their psychological objection to genetically engineered alfalfa." -- telling someone that they are imagining things is just wrong, unscientific and not a useful arguments premise.

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God Bless you,  Laura.  Many people love you and care.
Monsanto and GMO
1. Genetically modified organisms are part of a living organism created by shooting DNA against a "wall', breaking it into pieces.
2. The DNA pieces are inserted in normal cells and grown through trial and error to find specific traits that are patented and exploited by Monsanto, a chemical company that is using bioengineering to conquer agro business and enhance the sales of their chemicals, without scientific study by independent sources.
3. The known danger is ignored, misunderstood, denied and hidden and, eventually will collapse natural agriculture practices; if not create a storm of fungus, molds, insects, super weeds, more modifying to combat those problems and endless cycles of trying to fix it, which will create even more problems.

There was another idiot editorial today, not much to say but environmentalist are ruining everything, all for a few egg shells and not having DDT has killed millions.

On this same link is a letter from the Sierra Club, Lance Holter, and a letter that has severe implications towards our counties noncompliance concerning water, sewage, reefs and injection wells and they do not even talk about poisoning the river bed 3 times in the past year. A good page to understand what's going on.
Here's a link to rebuttals to that letter on June 21st...
Hers a rebuttal to those two letters above from today June 30th...
All of this is depressing, but keep faith my friends... we will rise above.

July 12, 2010
Wrote a letter to the editor at the Maui News...let's see if they publish it.:
I would like to thank all those who have written in letters last month their opinions of DDT. Being very concerned with the health effects I have stumbled upon graphs in an article that proves Polio was not the result of "better hygeine that made us lose immunity to the disease" but from the effects of DDT. Which by the way creates the same symptoms as Polio would; nerve damage and paralysis.
   The times and dates all correlate. The emergence of a weapons of mass destruction/chemical warfare, with Department of Defense top security clearance, expert being appointed to head the CDC and along with a scientist from Germany after WWII are just 2 of the clues to understanding why Polio was blamed for what DDT was banned for. It is still in some products we use today. I wonder if that's one of Monsanto's Round-up secret ingredients.
   People better wake-up and find out that we are in danger of having our little island over run by Dow and Monsanto (think Agent Orange and birth defects still happening to the people of Vietnam), enforced by the US Navy's presence. U of Hawaii is also a willing participant (in it for the money just like the industry). All because some people don't want to lose their jobs.Is our health being compromised worth it...all the grief we will have from our children's and their children's illnesses?

Don Gerbig is the official State of Hawaii Rep. for the Pesticide Industry and sits on our County of Maui Water Supply Board Commission. Time for him to go. He obviously has not got the facts or just only cares to help the chemical industry. Here are some facts if you can get to a computer.
Agent Orange -Good one 22 minutes
Kim Usher ---------------------------------
July 26th still unpublished, but no more DDT letters either!
Srill not published August 21, 2010
And still am in so much pain...just thinking about it, hurts more...and now I want to cry.
Today I can't even walk. And I am going to half to check out walkers.

August 31, 2010
“You just need to be a flea against injustice. Enough committed fleas biting strategically can make even the biggest dog uncomfortable and transform even the biggest nation.”--Marian Wright Edelman

The health effects on humans from orthophosphates has been know by the scientific community, since the 1930s. And by the Gov. too...Why do you think they ended prohibition?

Piecing together a puzzle
In the 1930s, an estimated 50,000 people in the U.S. became lame or otherwise neurologically affected by neurotoxic organophosphates when they drank a contaminated batch of “ginger jake,” an alcohol-containing potion that was legal during Prohibition.
Ginger jake suppliers substituted a lubricating oil for the oil usually used, castor bean oil, when castor bean prices went up. A 2003 article in the New Yorker detailed the sad results, which led bands like the Mississippi Sheiks to write songs about the “ginger jake blues.”

More recently, there have been incidents in Fiji, India and Africa when accidental consumption of oils containing neurotoxic organophosphates (instead of cooking oil) caused death or nerve damage for tens of thousands of people. Although scientists don’t yet know the exact manner in which toxic organophosphate exposure leads to progressive and permanent nerve damage, they have learned that this process involves disturbance of an enzyme, NTE, contained within nerves."
Beyond Pesticides has made a data base of pesticide and illness related scientific studies...There are hundreds.

Scientists Reveal Glyphosate Poisons Crops and Soil

GM Meltdown Continues

In fact, the system is “altering the whole soil biology.” Kremer told The Organic & Non-GM Report [7]. “We are seeing differences in bacteria in plant roots and changes in nutrient availability. Many studies show that glyphosate can have toxic effects on [some] microorganisms and can stimulate [others] to germinate spores and colonize roots systems. Other researchers are showing that glyphosate can immobilize manganese, an essential plant micronutrient.”
Glyphosate is toxic to beneficial bacteria like rhiozbia, which fixes nitrogen, but increases the incidence of pathogens like Fusarium. “Some Roundup Ready varieties even without using glyphosate, tend to be more susceptible to Fusarium,” possibly an unintended effect of genetic modification.
If the soil is full of phosphate (as when livestock manure is used as a fertilizer), glyphosate could leach into ground water (and poison other wild-life and human beings).
“We saw the increase of these fungi in the Roundup Ready system, both soybeans and corn.” Kremer said.

June 18, 20
Ran across this supposedly scientists saying they have no idea...!
But there is a study about to start that adresses this and they will have answers in 21 years..
Babies birth cords studied for pesticides. (Dec. 14, 2010  It has started! And they may need to do one for preganant woman as the same thing is being found in breast milk) All they need to do is come to my blog.
-- the researchers detected the carbamate insecticides bendiocarb and propoxur in 73 and 55 percent of cord blood samples, while they found trans and cis isomers of permethrin in 52 and 41 percent of samples.
"We can see that they've been exposed, but we don't know if there are health consequences," says first author Gila Neta, an epidemiologist who is now at the National Cancer Institute. The results, says Donald Wigle, an epidemiologist at McLaughlin Centre for Population Health Risk Assessment at the University of Ottawa, point to questions that could be resolved by the mammoth National Children's Study. The study, among many other goals, plans to look at pesticide exposure patterns and their possible effects on pregnancy and child health. This study has not started and will take 21 Yrs to complete. ............More BS.

Hair Growing in the Mouth
     "Some of these pouches contained single hairs; others, thick bundles of colorless or pigmented hairs reaching as high as the chewing surface of the teeth. Sometimes, the tooth row was surrounded with a regular brush of hair bundles on both sides. The hairs grew vertically and had sharp ends, often covered with lumps of a mucous."
“(a) The external appearance of the oral cavity. Gingival pouches (GP) with thick bundles of hair growing from their mucous lining are clearly seen. (b) Perforated bone tissue of the teeth of an adult Ph. campbelli. Numerous hollows are seen. A, hair.”
From A. S. Baranov, O. F. Chernova, N. Yu. Feoktistova, and A. V. Surov, “A New Example of Ectopia: Oral Hair in Some Rodent Species,” Doklady Biological Sciences, 2010, Vol. 431, pp. 117–120, Original Russian Text © A.S. Baranov, O.F. Chernova, N.Yu. Feoktistova, A.V. Surov, 2010, published in Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2010, Vol. 431, No. 4, pp. 559–562.
     At the conclusion of the study, the authors surmise that such an astounding defect may be due to the diet of hamsters raised in the laboratory. They write, "This pathology may be exacerbated by elements of the food that are absent in natural food, such as genetically modified (GM) ingredients (GM soybean or maize meal) or contaminants (pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, etc.)." Indeed, the number of hairy mouthed hamsters was much higher among the third generation of GM soy fed animals than anywhere Surov had seen before.

Today is June 28, 2010

Working hard to get more links..

One I haven't put up yet is about BP. The Gulf of Mexico is destroyed and getting worse everyday.
What most people don't know is that BP is now heavily invested in Farmed Fish. 2 weeks ago Du Ponte applied and was granted a patent for a plant that is ground up and mixed with other stuff to feed the fish. The plant that was patented has the traits to increase the fats or lipids in fish that eat it.
My illness has the word lipid in it. Antiphospholipid.  So I have all the links to show you but at this time I just want you to know that we only know what Monsanto tells us are the traits of these GMOs. We only know that.  Link to my page...FRANKENFISHY in side column with the strange story....

July 4th 2010...Aloha!
Health wise my feet are swelling and turning purple again, the hip joint swelling is very painful ( if I lay down and don't walk for a few days it gets bearable), and some weird stuff I had before. I get these big lumps on my head, like I have been hit w/a hammer they discharge a something that smell like rancid oil and it's happening now...Again. It is coming out through my eye socket and nose.

Skip down to the bottom of the page and see what I have gathered about the abuse being perpetrated by the AMA and APA to babies, children and pregnant women.

I am thinking (at least to create more awareness) to file a suit with whoever banned the Nazi pharma and chemical companies. Ask for the ones operating  now to also be dismantled. Because they are the same ones from the WWII companies--They just changed their names, still the same type of abuse to humans!

What do you think? More study? Or more action?
Well forget about what I just said above...Because I just got a link with the sorid story. The Company during WW2 that was found guilty of war crimes is still operating and controls the chemical industry. Because the share holders were pitied? They have never paid a cent towards reparations. It's on the link Nazi War Criminals.

No bees anymore or butterflys or birds either?