Friday, December 10, 2010

News from the battle front... ants go marching... Hooray

Senator Bernie Sanders stood for 8.5 hours in the Senate floor begging the American people to stand, and be heard. He asked us to draw the "line in the sand" on the tax extension lapsing, and to make sure it does not pass by calling our Congressional Reps.,. and Senators. He said; that is the only way we can save our country. President Obama's so called deal with Republicans, and president Clinton trying to help him has become a joke; some Democrats are not happy at all.
     We cannot afford this, if we plan on climbing out of this hole put upon this country by banking cartels, and big industry, who are all inter-related, and webbed together really being one large group. George Bush senior called this abomination the NWO; his friends and compatriots. People with no alliance to the USA, only to money and power, their God, which is represented by Corporations.
   As for S.510 it has been hidden in a bill from the House HR 3082 FY 2011, which is the Year 2011 Money release for all the Gov., and the Senate will vote on it's Cloture (approval) next week...If the tax break for the rich bill does not pass all the repubs. will vote NO on the HR 3082 Cloture...Hope for our future here! Still have heard nothing of S.787, strangely silent, and all ready to strike.
    WE HAVE TIME. We must FAX our Senators NOW on this issue. Faxing puts our NO etched in Stone. For a Bloodless Revolution this is important.  If this bill passes we will have a leg to stand on when we go take our government back. It is Constitutionally mandated that if our Republic is falling the way of Pirates;
We are to take it back.Thank-you to those with foresight in the 80s who made this law saying all faxes are to be put in the Congressional record.
       That is why Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams had such a feud...because Thomas made sure that we would not hang in revolt against injustices, like Monsanto trying to become our ruler... Both presidents died 50 years to the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. John Adams' last word's were, "He lives"...Meaning Thomas Jefferson lives; who died later in the night..He gave to US today. Know full well that the Common People have won, not the rich and powerful, by Thomas Jefferson, and his foresight to head off the evils of the rich and powerful....

S.510, and abuse to real farmers.
     "Morningland is charged with three violations by the Missouri Attorney General’s office on behalf of the Missouri Milk Board. They are charged with, “Unlawful Sale of Dairy Products”, “Failure to Comply with a Destruction Order”, and “Unlawful Interference with Milk Board Duties”.
     The Missouri Milk Board claims that there is no procedure in place to appeal the decision of the Milk Board, and that belief is actually responsible for all three charges levied against Morningland Dairy, since they haven’t made or sold any of their cheese since the Milk Board first placed an embargo on their product on August 26th.
     Last week the State of Missouri brought in their first expert for a deposition. This was John Frank, who reportedly was to demonstrate that Morningland Dairy’s cheese should all be condemned because it is a single line production facility. It’s my understanding that his deposition didn’t actually prove that to be the conclusion a reasonable person would arrive at when considering the evidence in the case."

FDA has no power?  I cannot emphizie enough to you that Monsanto runs the FDA and USDA also many more top depts in our Gov. including the Supreme Court... Obama himself has Michael Taylor, who works for Monsanto, as the Food Czar, Taylor even wrote the bill S.510. He's the guy who hid facts and distorted science to bring GMOs into our lives...

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