Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Autism and Responsibility: You Are To Blame; Shame!

Measure our wealth by the health and happiness of our children.
Children need us to wake up NOW...Here is our chance right now with S.510. Draw the line in the sand ..
Ants we are not, but Stewards of Earth we are. I just love Ants, my nephews call me Ant Kim and I am a Protest-ant...Do you know what that means?...My family came here to the Plymouth Rock, and my genes have come to love this Rock.
Leave my genes alone Monsanto and  all other wayward Companies or Corporations. You are warned...Do not pass this tax package or S.510 or S.787 Congress. Do you want to be counted as one of those who are destroying our children's health; our greatest wealth?


      Three years ago no one in the community discussed this subject and the lack of awareness scared the crap out of a few of us as "autism drug" profits began raking in billions and creating an even greater industry incentive to perpetuate the epidemic. At least the issue is out there now.
     The sad thing is that some families are virtually forced at gun point to medicate their kids because of intractable self injury-- same issue with seizures. They can't let their kids die or gouge out their own eyes, so they're trapped. Many of these parents are angry at the irony that they've been made dependent on the very industry that injured their kids to begin with. I never lay the blame on this set of parents, just on the real culprits.
      Dangers of sudden withdrawal and that withdrawal should be done slowly and under professional supervision. Some people get so fired up when they first hear about the risks that they rip their kids off this stuff and it can be lethal. Probably the best withdrawal guide, one that explains all the weird withdrawal side effects that prescribing doctors never do, is Peter Breggin's "Your Drug May Be Your Problem". Breggin is not exactly a friend of the autism community (old Freudian), but he means well and is the only reason there are black box warnings on antidepressants. He singlehandedly put an end to forced lobotomy in institutions, so humanity owes him a debt and don't bash him.

Potential fallout when autism parents go on meds:

     The interested industry parties weren't smart enough to deliberately set off the Autism epidemic with drug profits in mind (otherwise they would have had a drug in place that didn't get them sued every six months), but once the autism disaster happened, the drug industry-- accostomed to raking up after their own incompetence-- naturally took advantage of it. I'm quite sure a few industry lawyers and evil regulatory types are aware of the whole thing, but the vast majority of people involved in mainstream medicine and industry just rationalize. It's mass insanity. 
     Right now, newly developed, a drug with horrible side effects that parents, under threat of losing their most precious treasure and love; their children, will be forced to use. Also, now being approved to give Autistic Kids Electro shock therapy, even without their parents consent, in the institutional setting. Torture!!!!  Method developed by NAZI Germany...Once again them, who also have somehow taken over science in the world with their depopulation and hygene modernization theories. All fake. And now they want the lock on our Government...NO Way...not while I am still breathing.

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