Saturday, December 18, 2010

Senate floor Watch

"Dont't Ask; Don't Tell" policy defeated with 65 votes. Will be sent to the president for signing. Before signing though, it must be OKed by the Pentagon and the President as unemcumbering to our armed forces.
These 2 parties can override the voice of the people? Looks like the Supreme Court may need to weigh in if there is dissatisfaction with the alowing of people who may (?) be different in the military.
     As I have repeatedly said; chemicals in the environment have caused gender change in our children. Through absolutely no fault of their own, these young men, women and non-sexed people have been poisoned. A poison that changes their hormones and DNA, causing an epidemic of consequence. Where is the conscious of those who continue to pretend and deny we are being terrorized by the military/industrial/complex?
     The START Treaty has recieved a flogging for days now. Knowing that there are undercurrents; let me explain my opinion of a important step for humankind, as well as, for the Earth..
     Nuclear capablities is not the only thing to be concerned with when you hear defense and offense of weaponary exploitation. HARRP concerns Russia. The Russians have stated the USA is using HARRP to create havoc in the world. HARRP can heat the atmosphere like a microwave, and  creates earthquakes, hurricanes and many other effects. I doubt if the military even knows all the effects, and if there are those who do know; they are not telling.
     The Russians may not have changed in the secrecy department, but they have changed their opinions on who is really trying to help, or hurt the Earth. The Russian people have learned through long years of suffering and treachery the results of believing anything. The people of the USA are in the dark, and our trust is running thin within our blood.
    Who to believe? And what to do? Whose really in charge is a better question. The American people are being poisoned to death by our own governments consent and participation. I have serious questions. Any direct communication is GoOD. My personal experience with Russians here on Maui at the Russian Camp has concured with this opinion. The US has secret stuff going on that hurts us all. And this must be exposed and dealt with..
The Starty Treaty does not allow direct communicatio. It is manipulated by a NWO Commission, who have absolute power over the Treaty to change and ammend without the input of the People through Congress, after it is ratified. I say the Start Treaty.

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