Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The New Rulers of the World from John Pilger on Vimeo.
     Tiger Woods makes more $$$, then all the workers of Indonesia who manufacture the product put together; promoting the product.

"Hygienic, Hygiene, Harmonizing, Harmony and Modernization" are Nazi words, and also the words used by depopulation proponants, They say we have too many people on the planet. My conclusion after much study is this is a cover-up for the very, very rich to bamboozel, even their minions. I contend these people knew from the beginning, when they first discovered how to make these chemical compounds that our genders would change, chronic illness would be the norm, and our planet Earth would become unusable.

Corporations have no consciousness or shame, because they are just a piece of pala (paper). Add an O' and, paper becomes O'pala (rubbish) in Hawai'ian.

Be warned when you see those 5 words...Like the Food Safety Modernization Bill..S.510 or "Polio was caused by better hygiene, and caused us to loose our immunity"...or as in the Senate today, in debate of the START Treaty. The word "Modernization, Modernize and Modernizing" has been used more then 50 (more then 300 times 24 hours later now) times in relation to Nuclear up-grades.

The products of above information.

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