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On June 16th 2010   Millions Against Monsanto on Facebook was told they will be shut down due to lack of validation , whatever that means. 31,000 people's support this cause and will disappear along with some fantastic comments and links. I saved these posts and went through the 1200 links and took out what I thought I would need..


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Rastafari Brethren Luxembourg 1. Distribute literature/fliers (shops, cars, festivals, farmers markets, retirement communities, universities, plant nurseries)
2. Get rights to screen anti-GMO films
3. MAKE anti-GMO films to distribute
4. Arrange for a local "GMO Awareness Day" where we could screen films, spread literature and host public speakers (including scientists who have spoken out against GMOs). This would be especially good on or near University Campuses.
5. Ads in local papers and mags (donated or privately paid).
6. T-shirts & bumper stickers
7. Have a booth at a festival, farmers market, outside the supermarket, etc.
8. Approaching farming communities door to door and in churches
9. Press releases with local activists
10. Strap on a TV and screen an anti-GMO film on your walking billboard at any agricultural convention, government building, farmers market, or just on the street
11. Approach hospitals, schools, and nursing homes educating them on GMOs and encouraging them to switch to a more organic menu
12. Encourage media networks (especially public ones) to interview scientists who speak out against GMOs by mass letters, telephone drives, or even demonstrations.
13. Seed Parties (a take from the Boston Tea Party). It would have a good chance of catching some local media attention.
14. street theater - heavy on the comedy... be ready with hand-outs for the crowd with ways for them to get involved.
15. Some kind of sign that you could put in your window signifying your house, business as GMO free
March 1 at 1:42pm · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Street theater (with literature to hand out).
March 1 at 1:47pm · Report

Carly Janelle Tuma Could you expand on the idea of seed parties? I'm just curious how those would work.
March 2 at 3:19am · Report

Sara Schiffman Broder I love the idea of a seed party- ALSO seminars on how to do your own farming. Indoors, apartments, big plots of land or big pots....I think that teaching people how to rely on themselves more would help too.
March 2 at 12:03pm · Report

Rastafari Brethren Luxembourg Hi Carlito, It was someone's brainstorming idea that during a demonstration or agricultural event that Monsanto seed could be dumped in a river or burned. It would be symbolic, like a Boston tea party. In smaller communities it could actually make it into the media, like book burnings, cd burnings, etc.

Sara, would you be motivated to start a local chapter?
March 3 at 10:22am · Report

Carly Janelle Tuma Dumping the seeds in a river seems a little counter-productive. XD They could grow downriver and destroy biodiversity there, too.
March 3 at 10:25am · Report

Jody Graham Try to arrange lectures at bookstores and co-ordinate with authors who can speak, promote their books and do book signings.

Arrange lectures at organic cafes , coffee shops

Have a booth on Earth Day to play the movies on a tv, hand out info and talk to people, sell t-shirts, bumper stickers

Make dvd or cd's and hand out for free to people so they can watch what you have to say and give it to friends or just listen in the car

Make bookmarks and drop them off in libraries where the scrap paper is kept usually by the computers or near their bulletin boards. I've done this for my businesses - I don't ask permission I just place them there. Seems they don't mind as long as it is a bookmark

I still like the idea of all of us pitching in to fund this project: Here is another idea that may get people directed to a website - a Canadian organization Dogwood Initiative places clear stickers on our loonies ($1.00) coins that say the image that appears is an oil stained duck.Famous painter Robert Bates is part of this action.
I know when I got a loonie with this on it I had to check out the website for myself which was to keep BC coast tanker free. They sell these stickers for to people so they can put them on mnoney and keep the ball rolling. 42 stickers for $10bucks and the money raised can go to help the cause. The money isn't defaced since the decal doesn't actually damage the loonie when it's removed, so the founder says it doesn't believe they're breaking the law. If someone could set up a website with all the info and find a place to do these stickers up cheap you could sell them and it would create awareness. Let's face it money changes a lot of hands and travels far and wide so what better way to get exposure to a website than this. Money raised could go towards future campaign ideas or the farmers fund. Here are 2 sites about this loonie to check out so you understand what I am talking about:

Get a central website and list all local chapters (facebook sites or websites) where people can join and take action

Write companies you purchase goods from including seed suppliers and ask if they use gmo ingredients and there source. Let them know if they do they have lost a long-time customer and you will be telling friends and family. Compile the list of products and manufacturers that do and post on local chapters and central website

Contact farmers and interview if possible ask if you can publish the stories

Contact experts and officals who have been fired or discredited interview and publish with permission.

I like the idea of signs outside your house GMO FREE HOME this will get neighbours asking questions

Organize gardening events for kids and parents too after school or on weekends where you can talk about gmo food and the importance of growing your own heirloom seeds

Make anti-gmo brochures or business cards with plantable paper with some heirloom seeds in them so people can plant them and grow something at home - kids love this
March 3 at 11:29pm · Report

Jody Graham Sorry thought of a couple more things people could do:

start a cafepress or zazzle store for local chapters design t-shirts, hats, posters, keychains, shoes.... for people to buy. You don't carry the stock all you do is design it, upload it and set the prices. These companies are reputable and will pay you when you reach $25.00 in commision. You could use this to raise funds for local chapters.

Place ads on free classifieds directing them to the main website if we get one

Read the Peta site they have a ton in their activist guide:
March 3 at 11:52pm · Report

Carly Janelle Tuma Jody, thank you for all of your suggestions. Those are all great! It's nice to have a jumping off point, especially since I've never done anything like this before.
March 4 at 5:13am · Report

Melody Ramos Ball How do you start a local chapter?
March 4 at 9:58am · Report

Jody Graham Melody here is a bit of info. from Peta and if you look at the navigation on the right hand side you'll find plenty more info.
March 4 at 10:57am · Report

Trish Wright ? I really like the idea of setting up an information table at the farmer's market. We have 3 in my area, City of Roanoke, City of Salem, and I think Town of Vinton. I could rotate and visit one each week. Plus there's a country store/orchard that has a farmers market too. Just need to get brochures and information. Would love to have a few copies of the film to sell to anyone interested in buying.
May 17 at 6:34am · Report

Frazell Thomas Bba Facebook can be a real annoyance sometimes. I can't seem to start a discussion thread and had to find one as close to what I intend to ask to post in. I bet I have to "like" this group before I can start a thread, but I'm not at that point yet.

I was invited to this group and have skimmed the page regarding it and this forum. I'm trying to figure out what it is that your group is seeking? I can agree with the labelling of GMOs in food, more labels on products is never bad (can never be too informed). But outside of that what is there to ask for?

I saw Food, Inc. and I agree that the patents that were awarded to a compnay like Monsanto were crazy, but that isn't a failure at Monsanto; it is a failure in policy. It sounds to me that you don't need a campaign against Monstanto as much as you need a campaign for clearer laws in the US.

The other arguments are reaching at best. For instance, the argument against Monsanto's marketshare in Soybeans. If their beans did not offer a value to the farmer why would the farmer buy them? The argument that Monsanto is bankrupting the US Agriculture industry is reaching for the same reason. I can't see why a farmer would buy Monsanto seed if its value (to him) was less than its cost. A farmer is a business person, just like Monsanto, and will make the choices that are in his/her best interest...

Sorry this couldn't be posted in a standalone thread, but I won't "like" the group until I can side with the views expoused.
May 18 at 7:12am · Report

Trish Wright ? @Frazell - "you need a campaign for clearer laws in the US." I agree 100% that our government is probably where the REAL failure has been, and that is where most of my anger is toward. But we have also learned a lot about this company and their practices and disagree with them. They have introduced several chemicals and such into the world over decades that have proven to be highly dangerious. This is not someone most people want providing our food. If you do a little research about them you may find what we are upset about. But I do agree that "you can't blame a guy (Monsanto) for trying", unfortunately our government has turned a blind eye to what the american people want.
May 18 at 7:21am · Report

Kimberly Usher Hey Trish! Good job.
May 18 at 8:55am · Delete Post

Kimberly Usher This from the PETA site suggested by Jody. It says you can start alone very good advice.

Planning a Campaign
A campaign requires a great deal of commitment, planning, and organization. While it's possible to do this alone, the support of others is very desirable. In either case, it's important to establish an identity as a group. Once you get going, others will join you. You, however, must expect to lead the way.

Your first step is to thoroughly research your opponents. Make a list of their strengths and weaknesses. Where are they most vulnerable? What arguments will they use to defend their position? A research project may already be jeopardized as a result of inadequate funding or its inability to produce results. Exposing these problems could be enough to tip the scales.

Think about the information that you gather. What do you hope to achieve? Decide exactly what you want your target to do. Know the alternatives to the current situation and be prepared to offer solutions. What is the minimum that you'll accept? Are your goals realistic? If your case is too weak, it's better to face that fact as soon as possible.

If you've got a good target, start developing your strategy. Begin by designing a timetable for your campaign. Then establish short-range goals. For example, if your long-range goal is to close down a pet shop, first set a goal to get a letter to the editor on the subject printed in a local newspaper. Your next goal might be to get another community group, such as a local humane society, to support your cause. Short-range goals keep momentum going and bring you closer to your target.

Prepare for countercharges. What claims will your opponents make to defend their actions? How will you refute them?

Decide whose support you really need to win. Be specific—don't just say "the public." Which part of the public? Which groups or individuals in particular? Consider the best ways to reach them. Whose support can you count on from the beginning? How will you work with those people? Analyze how you will win over or neutralize supporters of the opposition.
May 18 at 9:02am · Delete Post

Trish Wright ? I actually like that "death" scarecrow image - could dress someone up like that easily!! I've been reading thru a lot of the discussion topics and I am trying to focus my thinking (I think I'm a lot like you Kimberly, think too much & am very creative). I unfortunately do not know much about our political structure and all of the freakin' agencies etc. to figure out where to begin. Wish I'd paid more attention to politics in my life. I need help to know who to write and how to compile lengthy jargon bills and scientific findings into simple terms that anyone can understand. I honestly don't want to wade thru all of the information. I feel that I know enough and that plain common sense should tell people that it's not a good idea for one corporation to have control over the majority of our food production. Who can help me simplify the information?
May 18 at 9:23am · Report

Kimberly Usher Exactly. Scarecrow, I like that too.
This morning I spent an hour reading this appeal court decision.
In case you want to parouse I added it.
My point is that me, who is not a legal person, have had to learn by doing it. I find these briefs and scientific journals become less alien to my mind when I spend time trying to read them. They seem to make more and more sense. The Appellate court judge who wrote it seemed very bias; he wrote that the trial judge who had originally heard the case had a "sagely opinion". It made me think of Elena Kagan (supreme court nominee) who wrote a breif for Monsanto in a case that is being decided at this moment in the Supreme Court. Read that one. At the very end the Monsanto lawyer said that our objection to GMO was "psychological". Do you see in between all so called legal jargon are prople like us who still say things that are normal human words to express their feelings?
My opinion is to take any bill from the internet that is already an act and copy and past but put your stuff in place of theirs. By combining a bunch of bills you could come up with an outstanding attempt. The next part would be to sell the bill and get support. You would do that by contacting all your representitives-state and fed. house and senate members. When they see a brief description along with a well thought out approach they with their knowdge can fix any mistakes or inapproprite wording. This could easily be done in Word.
You do not need to know all the medical terms. It's OK to just say what you believe is the truth. Hold up these scientific papers to support your argument. In these scientific papers there are observations and conclusions that are fairly easy to read and the few medical terms in it are just a different language all you need to do is translate. Like coagulate means clot.
I do google alerts --where you monitor other peoples searches that have your key word in it. You would not believe the different results you get. That's how I got the source I linked.
Your right all you need is your common sense.
May 18 at 10:48am · Delete Post

Trish Wright ? hey Kimberly, I actually understand the medical terminology, it's the true jargon in the studies and the five thousand extra words the FDA writes into any conclusions etc. I read an FDA thing last night and I swear what they wrote in 6 pages could be summed up in one paragraph. I think they do this to keep "common people" from muddling thru it all. How do you argue the very basic point, I think a lot of us have, that WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW AND CHOOSE. Isn't that at the core of our complaint?
May 18 at 11:05am · Report

Kimberly Usher I'll have to think a little or rather clear my mind and come back with a good answer.
Deception is always hard to deal with. We can't choose for others. I say just blanket no to GMO. And that's all that needs to be said or written. That's really strong . I gotta go to the Dr. and get my pesticide poisoning health check up ( blood thinner levels) . Also no to pesticides.
May 18 at 11:13am · Delete Post

Kimberly Usher A mascot. Yeah...that's the ticket. An ear of corn with a person inside.

Happy, Healthy and Organic; What more could the world want?

They could just walk around and say all the good things.

Just be a natural.

There has really been very few and far between ads in the media.

I think that there are alot of people who are missed because they have no internet access.

So what needs to be done is to make the suits for Corny.

The name is Corny and it's not funny.

The guy that started the Pacific Whale Foundation here on Maui went all around the mainland with a giant inflatable Whale. Back then nobody had any idea and now look at the whales...the numbers are increasing and hunting is not like it was before. And if there is any hunting the Sea Shepherd gets very proactive in the pursuit of happiness for whales.
May 19 at 11:33pm · Delete Post

Kimberly Usher We need America to know...The attack on Facebook....

This is about stopping people from even thinking of coming on, or getting them off, if already on so, we can't exchange our views.
My brainstorm idea is to get all these really great organizations and people together, buying air time or a public access short (cheaper and can run it alot) that tells people we support FB and even if it is "evil" we all can change that just like we can change all the GMO and Monsanto evils.
Although, public access is being subverted in some areas with a new kind of system, where you have to go to a subtopic to find them instead on surfing along thru the channels (another problem!). It would be worth the effort. There are a lot of people, and here on Maui, who take a class to be a producer for $100 and then they get to use the equipment for free.
The people who join in this effort could highlight their organization's goals and wishes put forth so each group can be individually recognized. That would be the give for the take.
""Find a Voice thru Facebook" is supported by all these groups and they want you to know."
May 19 at 11:41pm · Delete Post

Kimberly Usher I think my idea about Corny the corn cob mascot is a good idea.
Another idea I had last nite was filling the needs that are outside the box.
Going around with paper petitions is way too complicated in so many ways. Like those guys recently in Cali. that presented petitions as legalize marijuana, but after you signed it you were signed up to the Republican Party, and who wants to criminalize marijuana more then them (ronnie reagan admin demonized hippies and pot).
So, to make our elected officers aware of the public's determination in taking on the pesticide and GMO industries, esp. Monsanto, getting out and, engaging in any manner with the public with the opportunity to go online through the internet petition process would show phenomenal numbers. Corny carrying an iPad I can see it.
Even if I don't have a corn outfit on, thinking that I do, would change my attitude, and outlook enough to get people engaged, interested and importantly listening.
Is it very easy to say in three sentences what the point is with Monsanto?
We need to find those sentences and use them all the time. To everyone we come in contact with.
There is another point of this thread and that's to think. While writing the above I thought of another idea! Exciting! I'm all over this one! Drum roll please....
A new thread asking for input...write 3 sentences that explain to someone the evil of Monsanto.
And now I need your input on this thread for the label for the new thread on the 3 sentences. Man I think way too much.
May 19 at 11:58pm · Delete Post

Kimberly Usher Trish,
Found this great resource.

A new law passed requiring plain language
more sources on page.
May 20 at 12:10am · Delete Post

Trish Wright ? It sure would be nice to be able to read these things. I'll send a letter supporting it.
May 20 at 8:02am · Report

Kimberly Usher In some cities and counties they have given legal rights to the earth. And it is working to stop the abuse of the earth in that area. I will find out who and how that will be my next project. After all if Kagan is placed we may be able to go around the supreme court with this. Like corporations have done.
Do not give up hope, my friend.
May 21 at 7:34pm · Delete Post

Anthony Jessica I've looked over all of these ideas and am going to seek taking part in all of them and would love to get in touch with more activists in our area (NYC). So if you are and wish to put our heads together then get in touch!
But I had an idea last night I wish to share, what about a Million Against Monsanto March? There have been Million Man/Woman Marches for various causes -- could something like this be organized? A demonstration, peaceful of course, on Washington showing what we truly want: i.e. all the stuff cited on this thread alone, (aside from the OCA site) changes in law, politicians not taking kickbacks, the S510 bill stopped, etc etc.

May 24 at 12:27am · Report

Kimberly Usher What to tell someone who says, when you say "NO to GMO", "What is GMO?".

Monsanto and GMO

1. Genetically modified organisms are part of a living organanism created by shooting DNA against a "wall', breaking it into pieces.
2. The DNA pieces are inserted in normal cells and grown through trial and error to find specific traits that are patented and exploited by Monsanto, a chemical company that is using bioengineering to conquer agro business and enhance the sales of their chemicals, without scientific study by independent sources.

3. The known danger is ignored, misunderstood, denied and hidden and, eventually will collapse natural agriculture practices; if not create a storm of fungus, molds, insects, super weeds, more modifying to combat those problems and endless cycles of trying to fix it which will create even more problems.
May 24 at 2:14pm · Delete Post

Kimberly Usher Kimberly Usher These are direct contacts to you Legislatures office.

This link is to the House of Representative. See More
The Safe Feast Act
H.R. 1332

This is for the Senate
A bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to the safety of the food supply.

Contact any time you can make a difference on the wording of amendments, change of wording in bill, or striking something in the bill; better yet just say no or table.

C-span can be watched on an Iphone or another device. Watch the politicians and call if you see or hear something you don't like all the time.

And if there is someone standing next to you set em up too.
May 24 at 2:25pm · Delete Post

Ailen Rivera Stickering food at grocery stores as well as ads and billboards like feminists did with "This insults women" stickers.
May 27 at 3:23am · Report

 "We Do Not War Against Flesh and Blood..."

Organics, Cancer, Vaccines, Body Care, Raw Milk

#224, May 14, 2010
Health, Justice and Sustainability News
from the Organic Consumers Association
Edited by Alexis Baden-Mayer and Ronnie Cummins

In this issue:
In November 2009, over the objection of thousands of organic consumers, the NOSB voted to recommend to the USDA that the National Organic Program allow all genetically modified vaccines to be used in organic without any review. Currently, genetically modified vaccines are the one exception to the exclusion of GMOs from organic, but each GMO vaccine must be petitioned for use individually and be reviewed by the NOSB, which may grant or deny the petition. At the Spring 2009 NOSB meeting, National Organic Program staff admitted that GMO vaccines were being widely used on organic animals, although none had been specifically allowed as required by law, and encouraged the NOSB to change the rule to reflect the status quo. The NOSB did so, but the National Organic Program is hesitant to implement the recommendation. NOP director Miles McEvoy said that he would seek a legal review of the proposal before proceeding.

There is still a chance to keep GMO out of organic! Take action now!
May 17 at 9:55amKimberly Usher Tell President Obama you want labels on products with GMO.
Jeffery Smith "Seeds of Deception" org. site petition
May 19 at 3:45pm · Delete PostKimberly Usher Tell Ohio’s Governor Strickland to abandon his rbGH (rbST) labeling restrictions.
May 19 at 3:47pm · Delete PostKimberly Usher Send a note of support to Dennis Kucinich for all he has done in support of our cause.
Will take you to today's speech on the floor of our House of Representives on May, 10, 2010 and his website.

Kucinich: Our Survival Depends upon Reconciliation with, Not Exploitation of, the Natural World

May 19 at 10:48pm · Delete PostMay 19 at 10:48pm · Delete Post

Kimberly Usher Who could ever not sign a petition from Earth Justice? Especially since,
Stop the Big Polluter Bailout!

"And our opponents are anything but creative. Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski and her allies are expected to stage yet another attack on the Clean Air Act as soon as this week. For those of you keeping score at home, this is the third time Senator Murkowski has made such a proposal, and she is likely thinking that the third time is the charm.

Your letters and calls to Congress have succeeded in keeping Senator Murkowski at bay in the past, but she is clearly not going away"

May 19 at 11:26pm · Delete PostKimberly Usher In Your Face Again!...the revolving door.

"I am writing to oppose the nomination of Islam Siddiqui as Chief Agriculture Negotiator. Siddiqui is CropLife’s current vice president of science and regulatory affairs. As a textbook case of the “revolving door” between industry and the agencies meant to keep watch."
May 20 at 10:20am · Delete PostKimberly Usher
Get Genetically Engineered Vaccines Out of Organic!
Take Action Now!               

Genetic engineering is excluded from organic. There is one exception: genetically modified vaccines. Under current law, genetically modified vaccines must be petitioned for use and reviewed by the National Organic Standards Board to be included on the National List of allowed substances. The problem is, the USDA National Organic Program hasn't been enforcing the law. Instead of asking the USDA to enforce the law, the National Organic Standards Board is recommending that the USDA change the law to remove the requirement that GMO vaccines be reviewed. "
May 20 at 11:31am · Delete PostKimberly Usher I oppose allowing ArborGen to plant over a quarter of a million GE eucalyptus in 29 field trials over 330 acres for the following reasons:

Approval of these field trials represents precedent setting approval for the large-scale outdoor release of GE Eucalyptus trees that allow flowering and seed formation in young trees. If GE tree flowering and seed production is allowed on the U.S. mainland on this large a scale, it will facilitate the approval of commercial large-scale release of GE eucalyptus or other trees. It will also facilitate the approval of other GE tree flowering field trials of native species like pine and poplar that could contaminate native forests.
May 20 at 3:26pm · Delete PostKimberly Usher Green Peace USA
This petition is for completely NO to GMO

May 20 at 4:57pm · Delete PostUsher .................................ELENA KAGAN

Call Your Senator!!!!!

Phone numbers of Senators,

or write a email from their Senate Page

Do it personally cause this is way too much very Important to just watch and see!

Don't believe me, there's more...

Supreme Court Brief Written By Elena Kagan
Monsanto Co. v. Geertson Seed Farms,
No. 09-475, April 20, 2010,
Reply Brief

for Federal Respondents Supporting Petitioners. [PDF]<->checkit out Fed support

"In stepped Elena Kagan, whose role as solicitor general is to look out for the welfare of American citizens in all matters that come before the high court.
Unfortunately, Kagan opted to ditch her duty and instead side with Monsanto. In March 2010, a month before the Supreme Court heard arguments in the case, the solicitor general's office released a legal brief despite the fact that the US government was not a defendant in the case."

The petition below is only 3 lines long but does not support the Monsanto complaint or have a write in area. give a call, fax or email

We the Undersigned are Opposed to the Nomination of Elena Kagan to the United States Supreme Court based on the following:1. She supports unlimited detention without trial 2. She has no experience 3. She is a militant homosexual that would place our families at risk. 4. She has published nothing of note 5. She worked for Goldman Sachs 6. She opposes the 1st Amendment (Free Speech) and would be a threat to political dissidents in the US 7. She is unqualified 8. She protected the Saudis from 911 litigation
May 21 at 1:37am · Delete PostKimberly Usher .....and then there are Strawberries..............

No methyl iodide on our food

California is on the verge of approving a potent carcinogenic gas for use on strawberry fields and other food crops. The chemical -- methyl iodide -- is so toxic that scientists in labs use only small amounts with special protective equipment, yet agricultural applications mean it could be released directly into the air and water.

You know that it's the Corporate farms that want this.

Protect the poor and unknowning farm worker!Kimberly Usher Weston A. Price still needs your help to combat the State of Illinois to stop feeding prisoners only soy -- you know it's GMO ---for their only protein. The case is still going; I am sure cause there has been no news. Letters to Authorities involved, steps to take, form letters and, an open letter to the President.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charity founded in 1999 to disseminate the research of nutrition pioneer Dr. Weston Price, whose studies of isolated nonindustrialized peoples established the parameters of human health and determined the optimum characteristics of human diets. Dr. Price's research demonstrated that humans achieve perfect physical form and perfect health generation after generation only when they consume nutrient-dense whole foods and the vital fat-soluble activators found exclusively in animal fats.

Note: I don't know about the animal fats being that important, but do know:
NO to GMO!
May 21 at 10:41am · Delete PostUsher ............. S510..........Petition

This is the Fax site, looks good, easy to use and it's a one stop shop.

STOP! HR2749 & S510 "Food Safety" Bills"
"STOP! HR2749 & S510 "Food Safety" Bills"

Here is a face book page to links on face book pages to petitions.

Here is the letter from Democracy in Action

Phone numbers of Senators,

Go to your local news paper website and tell your community!
May 21 at 10:58am · Delete PostKimberly Usher CODEX...SMODEX...Another lie to make more laws for the Earth's polluters to use chemicals

The Citzens Petition
Well done with good info fax and email option.
May 21 at 11:55am · Delete PostKimberly Usher Organic Consumers Association: Take Action in Solidarity with Haitian Farmers Who Vow to Burn Monsanto's Seeds
May 21 at 12:55pm · Delete PostKimberly Usher --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Show Your Support For The School Environment Protection Act (SEPA)

Contact your U.S. Senators and U.S Representative to request that he/she support SEPA. (See sample letter.) (See and for their contact information. Email Beyond Pesticides and we'll also send follow-up information.)

Sign your organization up as a supporter of SEPA by emailing Beyond Pesticides your Name and Organization contact information. (See a list of current SEPA supporters.)

Pass this information to your mayor, city council, local PTA and civic associations to see if they will endorse SEPA. (Email Beyond Pesticides, and we'll also send follow-up information. Please be sure to include all the necessary contact information.)

May 21 at 11:25pm · Delete PostKimberly Usher
Amend the Wall Street "Reform" Act
to Protect Dietary Supplements and Natural Remedies
Senate Voted Cloture on 05/21/10 -
Now the Issue is in the Hands of the Senate/House Conference Committee
[Scott Brown was the 60th vote...]
This "reform" could hand-over the natural products industry to Big Pharma, which, over the past few years, has bought up most of the larger vitamin companies. The new rules could become a "barrier against entry" driving many smaller companies out of business.
May 22 at 2:07am · Delete PostSharon Rosen Petition to have Corn included in FDA labeling requirements (affects food allergy community as well as GMO community):
May 22 at 1:37pm · ReportKimberly Usher This sight that to linked to above ; is NOT a substitue for signing petitions for people like Earth Justice, Green Peace, ect...It is only on line at that page. I can't find any info on the site that explains where it all goes.
Go To The other Petitions too. This site just seems too easy. What if it's a way to thwart signatures from the real warrior's. Warriors who march to courts!!!!!!
May 22 at 3:58pm · Delete PostKimberly Usher FEDERAL LEGISLATION ON CONSUMER HEALTH

I am impressed by this organization's advocating abilities and presentation.
You will be taken to their page that relates to health.
One stop la la paloosa of facts, understanding and personal advocating; through letting your reps. know what concerns you. They wouldn't know unless you tell them.
May 23 at 2:50am · Delete PostKimberly Usher ......On S.510...These are direct contacts to you Legislatures office.

This link is to the House of Representative.
The Safe Feast Act
H.R. 1332

This is for the Senate
A bill to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to the safety of the food supply.

Contact any time you can make a difference on the wording of amendments, change of wording in bill, or striking something in the bill; better yet just say no or table.

C-span can be watched on an Iphone or another device. Watch the politicians and call if you see or hear something you don't like all the time.

And if there is someone standing next to you set em up too.

May 23 at 7:34pm · Delete PostKimberly Usher Monsanto and GMO

1. Genetically modified organisms are part of a living organism created by shooting DNA against a "wall', breaking it into pieces.

2. The DNA pieces are inserted in normal cells and grown through trial and error to find specific traits that are patented and exploited by Monsanto, a chemical company that is using bioengineering to conquer agro business and enhance the sales of their chemicals, without scientific study by independent sources.

3. The known danger is ignored, misunderstood, denied and hidden and, eventually will collapse natural agriculture practices; if not create a storm of fungus, molds, insects, super weeds, more modifying to combat those problems and endless cycles of trying to fix it, which will create even more problems.

If anybody asks.
May 24 at 1:38am · Delete PostKimberly Usher Just one more to consider and sign, and this one was well worth all your work signing, copying and paste work with contact info. I found this a good place with one of the main goals of Millions Against Monsanto as the subject...NO to GMO. If this can be done with one then it can be done to them all.

Dear [Decision Maker],

As you may know, Senator Leahy and Representative DeFazio are circulating a Congressional sign-on letter in the House and Senate asking USDA to maintain the ban on Genetically Engineered Alfalfa.

Monsanto wants to sell its genetically engineered (GE) alfalfa and wants the USDA to approve its permit application, but consumers, farmers, dairies, and food companies don't want GE alfalfa plants and seeds released into the environment.USDA's Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) admits that if GE alfalfa is approved:

* GE Contamination of non-GE and organic alfalfa crops will occur
* GE contamination will economically impact small and family farmers
* Foreign export markets will be at risk due to rejection of GE contaminated products
* Farmers will be forced to use more toxic herbicides to remove old stands of alfalfa

Yet, USDA has decided that these impacts are insignificant and have dismissed the concerns of farmers and consumers in our state.

May 25 at 2:38am · Delete Post

Kimberly Usher The Pacific Epilepsy Society in affiliation with the Epileptic Foundation of Maui has completed a seven year study on Epilepsy and Seizures, finding that epilepsy is at an all time high in Hawaii and the western states and Pacific Ocean Territories. There has been a 100% increase over the two previous yearswell over 50...
See More

Epilepsy Study Incriminates Aspartame in Medications --
The Pacific Epilepsy Society in affiliation with the Epileptic Foundation of Maui has completed a seven year study on Epilepsy and Seizures, finding that epilepsy is at an all time high in Hawaii and the western states and Pacific Ocean Territories. T...
May 25 at 6:20am  · Comment · Like · Share

Kimberly Usher Fingers point to Monsanto. Well rounded expose' that exposes it all, all of the games that are life and death to us.
May 25 at 6:22am ·

Kimberly Usher The guy who started the Epilepsy Foundation on Maui was in my grant writing class. 10 yrs ago. I haven't written one and look what he did. Ablack guy from the ghetto who had it and cared. He was very nice to me and told me he was to make this foundation..
May 25 at 6:28am ·
Kimberly Usher ...Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care...
Medicine's secret archives...How patients are harmed by the concealment of knowledge. No one knows how many mothers' and babies' lives have been saved by the obstetrical forceps. This device has been part of the standard equipment of every maternity room for abou...
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Kimberly Usher via One person can make a difference: has nothing to say about this.
Genes and pesticide exposure interact to increase men's risk for Parkinson's disease
Genetic mutations and workplace exposure to some insecticides together appear to be associated with an increased risk for Parkinson's disease among men, according to a report in the June issue of Archives of Neurology, one of the JAMA/Archives journals.
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Kimberly commented on Brian Walsh's link.

Kimberly Usher Please watch this...deforestation turned around. There are people out there doing something about the exploitation.

Willie Smits restores a rainforest | Video on
TED Talks By piecing together a complex ecological puzzle, biologist Willie Smits has found a way to re-grow clearcut rainforest in Borneo, saving local orangutans -- and creating a thrilling blueprint for restoring fragile ecosystems.
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Kimberly Usher Is this why NWO thinks they can destroy the world? The idea that it can be built again.
Yesterday at 6:19pm ·

Sari Eklund There are a lot of people who lie and get away with it, and that's just a

fact.~Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld In Bed With Aspartame « Genetically Modified Foods, The Silent Killer
Previously! Censored Information, Healthy Sources of Genetically Modified Free Foods and Drinks, and Those to Avoid
Yesterday at 6:07am · Comment · Like · Share · Flag

Sari Eklund i.e. Aspartame is legal (poison). And our goverments want - of course - the best for all of us. I belive the question we all should ask: WHY? Depopulation? Side effects:
blindness in one or both eyes
decreased vision and/or other eye problems such as: blurring, bright flashes, squiggly lines, tunnel vision, decreased night vision
pain in one or both eyes...
See More
Yesterday at 8:54pm · Flag

Ronald Kerr And now they have their high fructose corn syrup that is laced with Roundup and Agent Orange that is killing us.
16 hours ago · Flag

Stacey Newman Andrews ✫ Be certain you are not inadvertently supporting Monsanto by feeding an inferior pet food loaded with their toxic antioxidant preservative ethoxyquin. Read more here:

Misinformation about Ethoxyquin from Pet Food
There is some misleading information being told to pet owners (by pet food) about ethoxyquin preserved fish meals. The following is more information on ethoxyquin.
Saturday at 1:39pm · Comment · Like · Share · Flag
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Kelly Enck My favorite quotes from this book "SEEDS of Deception" came from George Wald, Nobel Laureate in Medicine. He said for genetic engineeering - "The results will be essentially new organisms, self-perpetuating and hence permanent. Once created, they cannot be recalled" and "Up to now, living organisms have evolved very sl...
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Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the Genetically Engine
This explosive exposé reveals what the biotech industry doesn’t want you to know—how industry manipulation and political collusion, not sound science, allow dangerous genetically engineered food into your daily diet. Company research is rigged, alarming evidence of health dangers is c...
June 10 at 5:16pm · Comment · Like · Share · Flag
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Jenny Allen Easley Thanks for this. I shared it on my facebook
June 10 at 7:08pm · Flag

Kelly Enck Hope!! we are helping!
June 10 at 7:33pm · Flag

Tammy Toney I shared as well.
June 11 at 7:51am · Flag

Mark Conley
Weed killer kills human cells. Study intensifies debate over 'inert' ingredients. — Environmental He
Used in yards, farms and parks throughout the world, Roundup has long been a top-selling weed killer. But now researchers have found that one of Roundup’s inert ingredients can kill human cells, particularly embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells. The new findings intensify a debate about so-...
June 8 at 8:23pm · Comment · Like · Share · Flag
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Juan Camilo Rojas Romero I found an advertising from the Monsantos' business
and I also found a thing that all of us should know about it:

Umbrella Corporation Advertisement
Umbrella Corporation Regenerate Cream
June 8 at 6:01pm · Comment · Like · Share · Flag

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign I knew I recognized "The Umbrella Corporation" name. Cool video! Scary how close we are. "The Corporation" is another great video of great information. Thanks for posting this.~tw
June 8 at 6:24pm · Flag

Patrick Faloney I have been calling Monsanto the real life "Umbrella Corporation" for quite a while.
June 9 at 7:46am · Flag

Deany Goode Has everyone heard of DHMO? A friend just sent me this web page.

Facts About Dihydrogen Monoxide
Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division provides an international clearinghouse for information on Dihydrogen Monoxide including current research results, governmental regulations, and exposure and contamination alerts. Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) can be dangerous to humans. Dihydrogen Monoxide causes ...
June 8 at 3:35pm · Comment · Like · Share · Flag

Patrick Faloney LOL. Seen this many times before. How long will it be before Monsanto creates a GM version of it :p
June 8 at 4:11pm · Flag

Sinister Egg ah yes, the narfarious DHMO page. True, too much DHMO aka Water is bad for you. I was sent this by a friend who thinks GMO's are fine and that folks in groups like this one are hysterical for no reason. It was his snarky way of feeling smug about his viewpoint.
June 9 at 8:45am · Flag

oxi Nevin

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals
In a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences, analyzing the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, researchers found that agricultural giant Monsanto's GM corn is linked to organ damage in rats.
June 8 at 1:05pm · Comment · Like · Share · Flag

Against Monsanto Campaign discussion board.

Gabrielle 'Ganesha' Price  Having former Monsanto lobbyists on the FDA is another 'cozy relationship'...are you adding them up?
WE THE PEOPLE - United for a Solution to the SCOTUS Ruling
Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

FDA Faulted For Gaps In Food Safety
The FDA doesn't have a good plan for assessing risks to the food supply, says an analysis from the independent Institute of Medicine. The agency also doesn't make research and surveillance proper priorities, the report says.
June 8 at 8:13am · View Post

Ketch M'Canuwhile The Agriculture Department will approve for broad use tomorrow a genetically modified soybean engineered to contain healthier oils.

US AG Department Paves the Way for Wide-Spread Use of GMO’s
As U.S. Approves GM Soybean, DuPont and Monsanto Gird for Cooking-Oil War
June 8 at 7:52am · Comment · Like · Share · Flag

Julia Sauer "Even more shocking was the fact that nearly all of the third generation
GM soy eating hamsters were sterile and also experienced hair growing
inside their mouths."

Research Links Genetically Modified Food To Long Term Sterility - PSFK
A new study highlights the effects of Genetically Modified food on animals and humans.

Jenny Allen Easley For those of you trying to avoid GMO's but do not have access to or cannot afford 100% organics, I found some great info. Some may already know this but:
If your produce has a sticker on it that has a four digit number (or five if the first number is zero) then the produce is conventionally grown but may have pesticides.
If your produce has a five digit number and the first number is 9, the produce is organic.
If your produce has a five digit number and the first number is 8, the produce is genetically modified.
June 8 at 5:50am · Comment · Like · Flag
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Tami Urbanek Interesting!!
June 8 at 6:21am · Flag

Tami Urbanek I'm going to share this!
June 8 at 6:21am · Flag

Alexandra Mitchell

Monsanto’s new form of birth control? « lorigami
Yesterday I stumbled across the sort of headline you just don’t see very often. There’s been a lot of speculation, and a few scattered studies, but for the most part most “scientific” studies about GMOs have unfortunately been limited to the people creating the GMOs. ...
June 8 at 4:51am · Comment · Like · Share · Flag
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Tania Cummings Read Monsanto's submission to the Australian Government Food Labelling Review - here:
Food Labelling - Submission
Submissions were forwarded to the Department in a range of formats including Word, RTF, PDF and handwritten or typed hardcopy. Handwritten submissions have been scanned into PDF documents. The text of email submissions has been reproduced in Word format. ...
June 8 at 4:50am · Comment · Like · Share · Flag

Vivian Varni Patton If Monsanto can have a patent on pigs because they are fed the genetically designed feed, then does that mean they can patent us because we are eating their genetically designed crops? This is their Patent application WO2009097403 for livestock. Something to think about!
June 7 at 5:29pm · Comment · Like · Flag
3 people like this. If Monsanto can have a patent on pigs because they are fed the genetically designed feed, then does that mean they can patent us because we are eating their genetically designed crops? This is their Patent application WO2009097403 for livestock. Something to think about!

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign "This is the second time in two years that Monsanto has backed away from a fundamental building block of its GM business. In 2008, it sold Prosilac, the trade name for the artificial bovine growth hormone rBST, to Eli Lilly and Co. after consumer pressure caused many leading retailers to stop carrying dairy products from cows treated with the GM hormone, which increases milk output."

News Round-Up: Monsanto, Water, Fish Farms - Food - The Atlantic
The Atlantic covers breaking news, analysis, opinion around politics, business, culture, international, science, technology, national and food on the official site of the Atlantic Magazine.
June 6 at 7:11pm · Comment · Like · Share
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Jason Johnson Lynne is right!
June 7 at 7:14am · Flag

Heather Akerberg The patent is up for Round-Up soon--or so I heard--which means that there will be generics and the price is bound to drop because of that (their profits would follow). I suspect this is why the "sudden" change.
June 7 at 2:25pm · Flag

uth Kresha I am writing a research paper on GMO's for my English class. I can't find any credible studies of the effects of GMO's on the human body in the US. I found a couple of studies done in Europe, but I would like to find some done in the US. Preferably at a University and/or a credible lab. If you have any links please pos...
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June 6 at 1:09pm · Comment · Like · Flag

Lee Einer Here's the deal. Under US law, you need to get the permission of Monsanto or who ever holds the patent on the GMO before you can study it, and you cannot release your work without the patentholder reviewing it first and nixing it if they choose. So you WON'T find an independent US study on the effects of GMOs on humans.
June 6 at 2:38pm · Flag

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Wondering why it needs to be US Studies? Here's some informatoin that will allow a wonderful research paper:
June 6 at 2:55pm · Flag

Deany Goode Monsanto funds many universities. Many college students are discouraged from doing such studies. Universities who have done the studies have been threatened to have the funding pulled. See Food Inc.
June 6 at 3:30pm · Flag

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign ~tw
June 6 at 3:30pm · Flag

Ruth Kresha I have watched Food, Inc 6 times, King Corn, The World According to Monsanto, and Panacea or Poison?. I already have a broad knowledge of the subject. My teacher wants scientific evidence in my paper. Dunno why she want's a study from the US.
June 6 at 4:04pm · Flag

Ruth Kresha Thanks for the links!!
June 6 at 4:04pm · Flag

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign You're welcome. You should share your paper with us when you're done! ~tw
June 6 at 4:23pm · Flag

Roxanne Wilde Hilde Sterling-Falkenstein

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign This is from August of '09, but I hadn't heard about it and thought others might like to see it too. ~tw

Monsanto named in 50 cancer lawsuits | West Virginia Record
West Virginia Record | West Virginia Court News | Litigation-- Class Action, Asbestos, Medical Malpractice News
June 6 at 10:28am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Deirdre O'Connor Donadio Monsanto is killing this planet and must be stopped... we need a hero
June 6 at 10:30am · Flag

Joshua D Brent these guys are prob worse than the oil and coal people.
June 6 at 10:32am · Flag

Joshua D Brent if they succeed with single generation genetically engineered crops, they could control the world food supply
June 6 at 10:32am · Flag

Andrea Buchanan Ruddy Agreed, we really do need a hero!!
June 6 at 10:32am · Flag

Cynthia J. Hoyt @Joshua; that's their goal!!!
June 6 at 10:35am · Flag

Dorothy Mejia Any update on Haiti?
June 6 at 10:39am · Flag

Maui Porter "We need a hero?" Why are you looking outside of yourself? WE must be our OWN heroes!
June 6 at 10:44am · Flag

Grazia Francioli Bittner lets not let this go- they are a sponsor of PBS! your local public broadcasting system! hello!
June 6 at 10:44am · Flag

Jaan Carter What would the criteria be to become a hero?
June 6 at 10:44am · Flag

Chef Deanna D'angelo-Karpe The sponser npr also
June 6 at 10:50am · Flag

Deirdre O'Connor Donadio I grow my own vegetables, I compost , I buy organic, I refuse GMO's, and High Fructose Corn Syrup, I write my elected officials, I sign petitions, I "like" and share info on FB, I spread the word about cleaning up out food system and I still feel the need for a HERO
June 6 at 10:51am · Flag

Tamara K Wiseman Dito....
June 6 at 10:52am · Flag

Ryan HornBuckle I'm looking for another mass extinction by asteroid to be my hero. Let the earth reset herself. We, as a species, have ruined our chance. Time to start over.
June 6 at 10:55am · Flag

Lexus Castro We all need to be the hero, the public can defeat anything if we all stick up for our rights to whole food and our rights in general as human beings!!
June 6 at 10:58am · Flag

Kevin Brady Ryan...that has crossed my mind as well....sadly it may happen...we are one dumbass species
June 6 at 10:58am · Flag

Marci Goodwin yahhhooooooo!!
June 6 at 11:01am · Flag

Lexus Castro The public is way bigger than these monopolizers who think they have all of the power in the world, it is a matter of getting out there and spreading the word and growing our own non gmo food and buying only organic non gmo food and taking care of our health and our future generations. The fast food industry is proof of how this can evolve, but if we all choose to make a choice monsanto can go to H***!
June 6 at 11:02am · Flag

Jude Piser Spiller Does anyone know the current status or outcome of this lawsuit?
June 6 at 11:05am · Flag

Sheryl Hill I would like a journalist to follow all the politicians and Presidents and CEOs of these companies and find out what they are eating and drinking? I think that would be a great report to find out they refuse to eat their own products or the products they back ie Monsanto..or maybe the water that doesn't have Fluoride in it? hmm big questions Id like answered.
June 6 at 11:05am · Flag

Marci Goodwin God please destroy these evil people!!! Go after them!!!
June 6 at 11:06am · Flag

Kevin Brady Marci!!!
June 6 at 11:08am · Flag

Sharron Day @ Sheryl: Just what I was thinking. what DO these people eat and drink while they try and turn us into Soylent Green.
June 6 at 11:10am · Flag

Kerstin Murphy Yeah Sharron! I want to know what the hell THEY are eating!
June 6 at 11:17am · Flag

Eric Paul Peterson Monsanto is ruining food production by, aside from whatever else, engineering seeds that are resistant to all but their own pesticides. They appear to want to control what we plant, grow, and eat.
June 6 at 11:20am · Flag

Catherine Caulwell bet those monsanto guys an gals are eating organic every chance they get!
June 6 at 11:25am · Flag

David Freeman It is said that 10% have 90% of the wealth. It's probably much closer 1/99. Either way, their propaganda has us believing we can't win against them. DON'T believe it. Spread the truth, and when the masses wake to what is going on, they will be so outnumbered that no amount of wealth will be able to save their asses!
June 6 at 11:28am · Flag

Sheryl Hill @Sharron: I know they have more money than the average US citizen they can afford to consistently eat the driven up cost of a organic natural diet. Not to mention that in my Medical dictionary Ive found lots of additives to our food and products that can cause cancer, among other diseases and addictive additives. Maybe possible slow down in our ...
See More
June 6 at 11:28am · Flag

Cathy Gibson watch Food Inc everyone PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
June 6 at 11:36am · Flag

Deirdre O'Connor Donadio @ David, I hope you are 100% right, I also hope that the masses have not hit the snooze button, time is running out...
June 6 at 11:37am · Flag

Katie Wolf Steward This thread is proof that we can overcome! I believe we are slowly starting to regroup...Also, the "support" the big corporations give to NPR and PBS are exactly so people will say "They're not so bad. Look! They give back." There isn't enough money for them to give to make up for their destructive, shallow, short-sighted, profit driven choices!
June 6 at 11:38am · Flag

Eric Paul Peterson @Dave Freeman: It's more like 5% having the wealth. We were all raised on their propaganda, and they've ruled nations forever, whether overtly or not. We can't get rid of the power, but we can fight the power! :)
June 6 at 11:39am · Flag

Sheryl Hill @Katie: to form groups to change something is a sticky spot. The best way to change something is to look at history, ie Women s Suffrage, Union Labor, Civil Rights etc... the best way is to distribute information, write bills, petitions and legislation and show up in great numbers to support it. The best way to get attention from a politician is to...
See More
June 6 at 12:17pm · Flag

Rachel Chilton thanks for the heads-up on the date of the article. i enjoy the old news as well, but it's nice to be informed when it's dated. :)
June 6 at 12:28pm · Flag

Jo Rocknak Monsanto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Monsanto is responsible for more than 50 United States Environmental Protection Agency Superfund sites, attempts to clean up Monsanto Chemical's formally ... - Cached - Similar
June 6 at 12:59pm · Flag

Veronica Ramirez no more monsanto no more monsanto
June 6 at 3:22pm · Flag

Veronica Ramirez no more monsanto no more monsanto
June 6 at 3:22pm · Flag

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign @Rachel C. - You're welcome for the heads-up on the date, I'm often hesitant to post older items, but hadn't seen it discussed here.
**Here is some additional information I found on the case: ~tw
June 6 at 3:41pm · Flag

Benjamin Deslauriers If we put ourself together we can make a difference!
June 6 at 4:24pm · Flag

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign From December 2009 -

Found this from April 23, 2010:
June 6 at 8:25pm · Flag

Marie E. LeBlanc West Virginia is very progressive compared to other U.S. states, in protecting consumers. Very impressive ! If I ever "went south" I'd consider living there.
June 6 at 10:36pm · Flag

Marilyn Niebauer  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: This is interesting....depressing as all get out...but true and educational. It is the reason things are the way they are.
Zeitgeist: Addendum
Download is starting. Save file to your computer. If the download does not start automatically, right-click this link and choose "Save As". How to get videos onto the iPod or PSP.
May 29 at 2:07pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Jaie Benson Ⓥ I also watched zeitgeist a year or so ago - the relationship to Monsanto is it is a BIG BUSINESS - one of the ones that controls our government via lobbying, contributions, etc. - It breaks down very well in Zeitgeist 1 and 2 - how the various activities that have gone on for 100's of years have been controlled by a select few. Now it is spilling ...
See More
May 30 at 8:47am · Flag

Marilyn Niebauer Well said Jaie and Melissa. Big business is killinh the world. The more we know the better we can do something about it.
May 30 at 10:48am · Flag

WebMinion KcFoodcircle  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: " The company's agricultural products segment, which includes its Roundup business, reported a 35 percent drop in second-quarter net sales to $642 million from a year earlier.
At the same time, analysts have become increasingly critical of the company's market moves, chiding Monsanto for taking an arrogant approach in marketing and pricing of both its Roundup herbicide and branded seeds.
Monsanto is also dealing with an antitrust probe by the U.S. Department of Justice and several states related to its pricing and control of the U.S. seed industry.";-shares-fall-8-pct-139726
UPDATE 3-Monsanto cuts 2010 outlook; shares fall 8 pct By Reuters
UPDATE 3-Monsanto cuts 2010 outlook; shares fall 8 pct
May 28 at 3:11pm · Comment · Unlike · Share · Report
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Louise Brookes  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: 'The Haber–Bosch Process today consumes more than one percent of the energy on Earth and is responsible for feeding roughly one-third of its population. On average, one-half of the nitrogen in a human body is synthetic, the product of a Haber–Bosch plant.' Nitrates, Ammonia and Carl Bosch It's not just Monsanto; it's nitrate companies, armaments factories and pharmaceuticals - they're all in it together. Ask yourself the question why are you half synthetic Nitrogen?

Carl Bosch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carl Bosch (27 August 1874 – 26 April 1940) was a German chemist and engineer and Nobel laureate in chemistry.[1] He was a pioneer in the field of high-pressure industrial chemistry and founder of IG Farben, at one point the world's largest chemical company.
May 28 at 3:31am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

K McHugh Smith As a chemist and a fan of this page, I have to tell you that nitrogen is nitrogen whether it's origin is synthetic or not. Chemically it is exactly the same (and normally found in a human body). Of more concern is the large number of compounds now found in the bodies of most humans that are not natural components thereof.
May 28 at 9:25am · Flag

Edward Bertsch +1
May 28 at 1:56pm · Flag

Ron Angell  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Monsanto teams up with Soviet Acadamy

The Spokesman-Review - Google News Archive Search
May 24 at 11:04am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Ron Angell Monsanto has teamed up with the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences.
May 24 at 11:07am · Flag

Dorothy Kenny That article was from 1989....move the paper around and check out the top of the paper...?
May 24 at 2:48pm · Flag

Gary Traveis Chernobyl didn't ruin enough farm land.
May 24 at 6:11pm · Flag

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: » ..Diabetes CarePollutants and Pesticides Linked to Type 2 Diabetes..Butte and colleagues examined data collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as part of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES). The participants in the survey answer questionnaires about their health and submit blood and urine samples every two years. The agency then tests each sample for hundreds of pollutants and nutrients and, if present, measures the concentration.Read: Study Shows Link Between Bad Air and DiabetesUsing this data, the researchers identified three factors linked to high blood sugar levels, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB’s), heptachlor epoxide, and a form of vitamin E called gamma-tocopherol. A positive factor affecting blood glucose levels was beta-carotene; those with the highest levels had 40% lower prevalence of diabetes.PCB’s are a group of man-made organic chemicals that were used in a variety of products such as industrial electrical, heat transfer, and hydraulic equipment. They can also be found in oil-based paint, plastics, and floor finish. They have been banned from use in the United States since 1979 but may still be present in some products and materials made before that time.Heptachlor, a breakdown product of a previously common pesticide, was banned in 1988 however it persists in water and soil and can accumulate in the tissues of animals. The chemical is known to be able to be passed from mothers to infants through breast milk.
Pollutants and Pesticides Linked to Type 2 Diabetes
A unique analysis, led by Atul Butte, assistant professor of medical informatics and pediatrics at the Stanford University School of Medicine, used a ...
May 23 at 8:13pm · Comment · Like · Share
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Kimberly Usher The natural and organic beta-carotene that your liver converts to Vitamin A is the best. If you read the above and saw the subjects who had a higher level of beta-carotene had 40% lower prevalence of diabetes within the pesticide factors grouping.
May 23 at 8:22pm ·

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Mark Blaxill on Industry Corruption of Scientific Journals: Is Something Rotten in Denmark?Analysis of these publications, their authors and sponsoring institutions reveals a social network with extensive personal and institutional ties. Analysis of the authors and their employers also reveals a pervasive conflict of interest that was not reported in the publishing journals. All authors in the network have ties, direct or indirect, to a for-profit, state-owned, vaccine manufacturer: the Statens Serum Institut (SSI). The mercury-containing vaccine investigated in the three studies was produced by SSI. Six SSI employees participated as co-authors in studies in which the safety of SSI products were evaluated. These six individuals also hold central positions in a broader network with ties to eleven additional authors and maintain formal alliances at the institutional level.

AGE OF AUTISM: Mark Blaxill
Editor: Dan Olmsted
r In bits and pieces, in Danish and English, from three universities in two hemispheres and the CDC in Atlanta, a picture has begun forming in the past few days that is already startling in its outline: Paul Thorsen, one of the key scientists involved in CDC-backed studies exonerating vaccines as a cause of autism, is under investigation for collecting millions of dollars in bogus “grant” money, misrepresenting himself to his employers and the world and possibly forging the documents that enabled the scam.
This is on the same site and same page.
May 23 at 4:47pm ·

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Monsanto News Update: Eighty-two percent of Vietnamese surveyed in a recent Associated Press-GfK Poll said the United States should be doing more to help people suffering from illnesses associated with the herbicide, including children born with birth defects.Tran Thi Gai's children -- both with twisted limbs and confined to wheelchairs -- were born in a village that was drenched with Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. They are now 21 and 16 years old, but they still cry through the night, tossing and turning in pain, sucking their thumbs for comfort.Gai sings them a mournful lullaby. "Can you feel my love for you? Can you feel my sorrow for you? Please don't cry."Gai says their health problems were caused by Agent Orange.

35 years later, Vietnam still at war over Agent Orange :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: World
35 years later, Vietnam still at war over Agent Orange TOXIC FALLOUT | Birth defects blamed on chemical, and U.S. assistance seen as inadequate - CHICAGO SUN-TIMES
May 22 at 3:51pm · Comment · Like · Share

David Mattinson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:
Human genes to be injected into goats, cows, and sheep - Genetic Engineering - NZ Herald News
Scientists have been given permission to put human genes into goats, sheep and cows for the next 20 years, to see if the animals will produce human proteins in their milk.
May 22 at 3:46pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

David Mattinson
The debate over genetically modified animals has been reignited in New Zealand after three cows died in a bungled experiment. A mutation caused the calves ovaries to grow so large they ruptured. The cows are part of a project by New Zealand's AgResearch to develop human fertility treatments using GM cows' milk.
May 22 at 3:56pm · Flag

Kimberly Usher ...thinks these guys are making freaks they expect us to eat.
May 22 at 5:08pm ·

Laurie Avenell Olson Beyond disgusting. I think I'll become a vegan.
May 22 at 10:29pm · Flag

Otto Lund  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods Warning: This Common Food Causes Devastating Offspring Defects in New Research Study

Viser en tråd - Helse, starter med Frederiksberg Appellen - Du ved det godt, når du mærker efter!
Dr Mercola and Jeffrey Smith Talk GMOs 1 to 4, Dr Mercola and Jeffrey Smith Talk GMOs playlist i youtubeSource Jeffrey Smith interview , The World According to Monsanto , Dr. Mercola Interviews Jeffrey Smith , 610 - Dr. ...
May 22 at 12:17am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

 Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: State of Iowa.. one of the largest corn producing regions in the USA


Government cover up 2 Million dead due to GMO foods in US

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: People can do this : "The Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa thanks and congratulates the government of Ontario for implementing a province-wide ban on the sale and use of cosmetic lawn pesticides. Ending their use makes good sense! The time has therefore come for the citizens of Ottawa to respects the basic rights of us ...
See More

Coalition For A Healthy Ottawa: organic lawncare, pesticide ban, pesticide bylaws, health
Ottawa Lawncare - CHO wants Ottawa to enact a strong bylaw that bans lawn care pesticides in Ottawa on private and public property.
May 21 at 7:26pm · Comment · Like · Share

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: "Is this a reputable study? ............About the pesticide and ADHD................
Michael L. Goldstein, MD, who was not involved in the study, said the study results are "very interesting findings from a very well-done study from a good database." The report, he said, "certainly got my attention when I read it; I was...
See More

Organophosphates and Your Brain - Wellsphere
Awhile back, I began investigating the benefits of eating organic foods, specifically foods grown pesticide free. I've learned that it's easy to begin t

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Testing on GMOs in the Illinois prison system? Yes...I think so. Without consent! Archers Daniel Midland, notorious former governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich , and GMO Soy. Soy the only protein prisoners eat. Serious, painful, persistant, distress with wide, and varying health problems. The FDA lists well over 200 s...
See More

Soy-based Diet Sickens Illinois Prisoners
Soy-based diet sickens Illinois prisoners. Weston A Price Foundation hires an attorney to file an injunction against the soy-based diet that has sickened Illinois inmates.
May 20 at 6:19pm · Comment · Like · Share
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Thomas V. Tittle Soy, whether GMO or not, is not a healthy substitute for protein.
May 21 at 11:08am ·

Thomas V. Tittle This is a better reference for the hazards of soy because it is from 2000, before GMO soy came out,
May 21 at 11:29am ·

Laurie Avenell Olson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: He is at it again. This has got to be stopped. I've put up the link. Please go to Organic Consumers and help block this appointment. This is a bad, bad thing.

USDA Watch
There is still time to block Siddiqui's Senate confirmation! Sen. Jim Bunning (R-KY), for reasons of his own that have to do with protecting the US tobacco industry, has put a hold on Siddiqui's confirmation! Please write your Senators today!

Stuart Mundy  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Michael Taylor, the American Food Czar, worked at Monsanto, developed the growth hormones added to our meat supply, helped develop the gene modified grains that are resistant to Roundup, a product of Monsanto, and he was one of the biggest lobbyists in Washington for Monsanto.
Now our government has placed him in charge...
See More
Michael R. Taylor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael R. Taylor is the Deputy Commissioner for Foods, at the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
May 19 at 5:21am · Comment · Unlike · Share · Report
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Sandra Madera Please someone reply about what we can do!
May 19 at 11:28pm · Flag

Kimberly Usher Go to the discussion pages here.
May 20 at 11:22am ·

Henry Rowlands  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: - just the start of a possible legal campaign against Monsanto - please leave your comments on the blog to support us:)

Monsanto Mayhem: USDA Protects Roundup Ready GM Crops | Henry Rowlands
Roundup, the number one selling herbicide worldwide, has been controversial since biotech giant Monsanto introduced it in 1973, with legal cases already having proved that it is both dangerous to human health and the environment. The latest scientific findings regarding the product however, threaten...
May 18 at 1:06pm · Comment · Unlike · Share · Report
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Kimberly Usher Oh, that's right, Clarence Thomas, Monsanto's ex-lawyer sits on the Supreme court... we could never win any case. Check this one heard this month and waiting for a decision. The case is Monsanto v. Geerston Seed Farms, 09-475.
We are imagining things Monsanto says; " psychological objections".. And Scalia the judge is disgraceful in his way.
May 19 at 10:10pm ·

Laurie Avenell Olson We need to keep a positive attitude. If other countries go after them to and we all do it at the same time, I think we stand a much better chance.
May 21 at 4:00am · Flag

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Take Action: Ask Congress to pass a strong Safe Chemicals Act
Legislation to overhaul the nation’s failed chemical law has been introduced in Congress by Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Congressmen Bobby Rush (D-IL) and Henry Waxman (D-CA). The Safe Chemicals ...
May 18 at 8:50am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Jo Rocknak There are "NO SAFE CHEMICALS!" A chemical company should not be in control of our food source. That is like asking the fox to guard the henhouse.
May 19 at 12:11am · Flag

Laura Davis Jones  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Chemicals Banned in 1970s Still in Our Food
Extremely toxic chemicals linger in our food decades after being banned. Learn what foods contain the most on the next page. And are we setting ourselves up for a worse discovery than this with GMOs?
May 17 at 1:36pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: At the Spring 2009 NOSB meeting, National Organic Program staff admitted that GMO vaccines were being widely used on organic animals, although none had been specifically allowed as required by law, and encouraged the NOSB to change the rule to reflect the status quo. The NOSB did so, but the National Organic Program is hesitant to implement the recommendation. NOP director Miles McEvoy said that he would seek a legal review of the proposal before proceeding.
Take Action with the Grassroots Netroots Alliance
Get Genetically Engineered Vaccines Out of Organic!
May 17 at 10:01am · Comment · Unlike · Share
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Laurie Avenell Olson Signed and sent. Thanks Kimberly!
May 17 at 1:52pm ·

essica Selig  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Study: ADHD linked to pesticide exposure
Children exposed to higher levels of a type of pesticide found in trace amounts on commercially grown fruit and vegetables are more likely to have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder than children with less exposure, a nationwide study suggests.
May 17 at 2:50am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Patricia Jacobson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Just thought Id share ,saw this on cnn this morning

Study: A Link Between Pesticides and ADHD
A new study by American and Canadian researchers associates exposure to pesticides to the rising rates of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children
May 17 at 1:46am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Laurie Avenell Olson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: If you are looking for a book. I think this may be a very important book to read. I haven't read it yet, but it looks good. Chime in if you've read it already.

Conspiracy Theory, Fact or Fiction, Codex Alimentarius, Brave New Books
Conspiracy Theory, Fact or Fiction, Codex Alimentarius, Brave New Books The owner of Brave New Books discusses the book Fight for Your Health: Exposing the FDAs Betrayal of America, by Byron J. Richards. ...
May 17 at 12:14am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Kimberly Usher The reviews at Amazon
May 17 at 12:54am ·

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: ''Monsanto should not have to vouchsafe the safety of biotech food,'' he said. ''Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the F.D.A.'s job.'' said Phil Angell, Monsanto's director of corporate communications. And now we have the Food Czar Michael Taylor (learn? ) part of the Monsanto revolving door conspiracy. Yes I did say conspiracy...

Playing God in the Garden -
Planting Today I planted something new in my vegetable garden -- something very new, as a matter of fact. It's a potato called the New Leaf Superior, which has been genetically engineered -- by Monsanto, the chemical giant recently turned ''life sciences'' giant -- to produce its own insecticide. Th...
May 16 at 2:22pm · Comment · Like · Share
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Laurie Avenell Olson Look at the date on the article 1998. Since then many people have been made sick by these nasty things GMOs but they don't know what hit them because GMOs aren't labeled in the USA.
May 16 at 4:35pm ·

Laurie Avenell Olson Thanks Kimberly. I can't remember the name of the book, it may be Eating in the Dark not sure because I had to take a bunch of stuff back. But he made a book about this. Feel free to chime in and correct me anyone.
May 16 at 4:37pm ·

Shaman Starseed  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Feel free to repost video wherever, or send to whomever! Keep up the pressure!
These evil geneticists should be on trial at the Haigue for crimes against humanity!
If even ONE regular heirloom corn plant was affected by the pollen from these mutant species that look like corn but are really part virus and God knows what else, THESE PEOPLE ARE VIOLATING THE SPECIES OF MOTHER EARTH, THE VERY SPECIES OF THE ANCESTORS OF THE NATIVE AMERICANS WHO SO LOVINGLY GAVE CORN TO THE PILGRIMS out of the kindness in their hearts. THEY TAINT THE STAFF OF LIFE WITH GREED !!!!!! AMERICA AMERICA AMERICAAAAAAA What makes the law? Profit or the common good!!!????
True Food Now!
Original song by Shaman Starseed dedicated to and all those who resist the genetic theft of our food supply!
May 16 at 1:26pm · Comment · Unlike · Share · Report
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Kimberly Usher Yes, Shaman, I hear you.
May 17 at 2:59pm ·

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: President Obama and his family won’t eat it. Neither did the Bush family. Even a Monsanto employee cafeteria rejects it. And here's why....

Environmental news and information about climate change.
May 15 at 5:16pm · Comment · Like · Share
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Deleana Urban I couldn't find the author's sources for what he was saying about the Obama family, Bush family, or the mansatan cafeteria refusing to eat you know where that info can be found?
May 15 at 7:16pm ·

Kimberly Usher When you find that information clearly written out on the net (good luck) please post it here. Spinned many times for sure. Do you think there's a certificate to assure us that they are organic or "just don't get it."
May 15 at 11:40pm ·

Deleana Urban if I'm not able to find it in a decent amount of time then I'll just figure the author isn't credible...too many research papers in college made me rather skeptical of stuff posted on the internet...
May 16 at 4:10am ·

Kimberly Usher This is a quote from the article that you have pointed out Deleana--In your educated opinion does that mean the entire article is bogus too?
May 16 at 9:39am ·

Deleana Urban if the author is going to make such statements like that {that can't be verified} then yes...because then it is gossip/rumor whichever word you prefer...
May 16 at 12:45pm ·

Kimberly Usher You seem like a Newsweek kinda person, so maybe you will believe this. It took 2 clicks.
May 16 at 1:16pm ·

Kimberly Usher If you can stand the lies that come from Robert Shapiro's (Monsanto CEO) mouth you will see his answer to your question. Yes, Virginia, it has been said. Once again only 2 clicks to find this.
May 16 at 1:25pm ·

Kimberly Usher Going back to the DemocracyNow article there is a great rebuttal after Monsanto's interview.
May 16 at 1:32pm ·

Deleana Urban thank you for providing a source to back up your statement about the monsatan cafeteria...not done reading yet so I don't know if the rest of your claims are supported in it yet...
May 16 at 2:06pm ·

Kimberly Usher Make sure you check the other link about the White House Chef. They really do prefer organic. Organic carrots are so sweet and tasty not like the ones from dead soil caused by pesticides (personal observation).
May 16 at 2:32pm ·

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Kagan filed a brief on behalf of massive biotechnology corporation Monsanto and its efforts to overturn a 2007 California ruling that resulted in a nationwide injunction on planting the company's modified alfalfa. The suit was originally brought by Geertson Seed Farms and a bevy of environmental groups claiming that er...
See More

Did Elena Kagan Shill for Monsanto on GMOs?
Over at The Atlantic's online presence, Barry Estabrook, a former contributing editor for Gourmet, has a bone to...
May 15 at 1:35pm · Comment · Like · Share
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Kimberly Usher What? Who? Why? How can she be stopped? Is this an example of broken trust or giive an inch and they take a mile?
May 15 at 1:41pm ·

Kimberly Usher This is the same case that was heard earlier this month. I suggest reading it. The last point by industryin the brief was we were imagining this evil.
May 15 at 1:44pm ·

Laurie Avenell Olson Why does Obama keep hiring Monsanto Men and Women to fill so many positions? Some people say he doesn't know that they are Monsanto proponents. Is it possible that he doesn't know?????? I find that hard to believe.
May 15 at 3:41pm ·

Kimberly Usher He knows, but what can a puppet do but, move with the strings.
May 15 at 4:25pm ·

Sari Eklund Ladies: Watch the documentary, all the answers will be there, it woke me up few years ago:
May 16 at 7:02am ·

Nancy Seymour I'm against her becoming a Justice. We already have Uncle Clarence Thomas - who used to be with Monsanto. Then of course there was Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft et al. And so many ex-lawyers, executives, et al who have been placed (and continue to be placed - geez) into the very agencies that are tasked with trying to keep a reign on this Monolith.
May 16 at 9:04am ·

Deleana Urban are you related to clarence thomas?
May 16 at 9:21am ·

Kimberly Usher Obviously, we have a naysayer here. Who being college educated would have some kind of logical premise to arguments if there was some kind of point they wanted to make.
May 16 at 9:46am ·

Kimberly Usher Not a point, but I notice Deleana is very similar to the name in the title of this piece. "Did Elena" and "Deleana" Also the "Urban" and "Kagan" are similar too. Humpf. Interesting. Oh well, ? That's a Chinses curse (no ref.)-- May your life be always interesting. Because interesting is not very peaceful (personal observation.).
May 16 at 10:00am ·

Deleana Urban you don't like it when someone questions the credibility of something you post so you have to attack the person doing it...its called critical thinking...that doesn't make me a naysayer just someone who prefers sees no reason to post stuff with little to no credibility...sorry that I hurt your feelings bad enough that you had to start using personal attacks to try and prove your point...

the point in my question {in this post} was about why the person called clarence thomas "uncle"
May 16 at 12:49pm ·

Kimberly Usher You have some very good questions. I kinda think you are acting dumb to be the devil's advocate and to raise more questions. That's a Beautiful Thing! As for the credibility thing. You have been debunked Re: Kimberly Usher vs. Ragan.
May 16 at 1:37pm ·

Deleana Urban it has nothing to do with "acting" dumb...I think if you are going to post claims like you did then you should also post sources for your claims...I was asking in a polite manner.

who is ragan?

and what debunking...I was asking questions not making claims/statements.
May 16 at 2:04pm ·

Kimberly Usher It is the responsibility of each individual to seek the truth for themselves and if one is content to turn away because they cannot see for the spec in their eye then so be it. I think that a college education is not as helpful as being curious. And for the opportunity to say this I thank-you.
May 16 at 2:28pm ·

Deleana Urban I agree with you to a certain extent about people seeking things out for themselves; however it is also important for a person who is making claims/statements to be able to back it up with more than a blog...

and you're right about a college education and it's helpfulness however one of the best things to learn is research and the ability to cite ...
See More
May 16 at 4:14pm ·

Jenya Valerie  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Monsanto: The Corporation Poisoning Our Environment.

Monsanto: The Corporation Poisoning Our Environment
Google “the most evil company in the world” and your search results will find the company, Monsanto. Find out why (and be warned, it's shocking)...

Ashish Pujari  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

GM crop use makes minor pests major problem : Nature News
Nature - the world's best science and medicine on your desktop
May 15 at 10:34am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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David Mattinson

Australia noticed similar reactions in the 90's when it first realeased GM Cotton. Some strategies have alleviated the effects including keeping areas of non Bt crops to control pests and lupin plantings for a pest trap crop.
The gene regulator capped Australians GM cotton at 30%.
See More

Catherine Hoidal Midkiff  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Government To Outlaw Growing Food, Privately? -
That statement sounds outrageous. Here is what I've found so far: S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, may be the most dangerous bill in the history of the US. It is to our food what the bailout was to our economy, only we can live without money. “If accepted [S 510] would preclude the ...
May 15 at 2:31am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Laura Davis Jones  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Monsanto: The Corporation Poisoning Our Environment
Google “the most evil company in the world” and your search results will find the company, Monsanto. Find out why (and be warned, it's shocking)...
May 14 at 12:29pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

JFK Calls for a Revolution
In 1962 President John F. Kennedy gave one of historys most inspiring speeches when he launched a bold effort to go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because it is hard. Today, the world faces an even more daunting task: stopping global warming before it is too late. ...
May 12 at 8:11pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

John F Kennedy 'Ask not'
Kennedy speech in 1961
May 12 at 8:04pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

oody Smith  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

The Info You Need
Government:356 people like this.
May 10 at 8:59am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Woody Smith check out the info you need!link's to g.e. foods documentaries,alex jones films,learn about our corrupt government!
May 10 at 9:05am · Flag

Sarah Snow  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Berdahl served as president of Texas A&M University before coming to Berkeley. During a presentation about his case, Chapela revealed that a spermicidal corn developed by a U.S. company is now being tested in Mexico. Males who unknowingly eat the corn produce non-viable sperm and are unable to reproduce
Kissinger, Eugenics And Depopulation
May 10 at 2:45am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Laurie Avenell Olson I wonder what U.S. company would do a thing like that?
May 10 at 5:04am · Flag

Chas Riley A 2009 in vitro experiment with glyphosate formulations on human liver HepG2 cells has observed endocrine disruption at sub-agricultural doses, where a Roundup formulation showed to be the most active formulation. The effects were more dependent on the formulation than on the glyphosate concentration.
A 2009 study on rats has found that Roundup is a potent endocrine disruptor causing disturbances in the reproductive development when the exposure was performed during the puberty period.
May 10 at 9:32am · Flag

Christopher Laramie  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked To Organ Failure, Study Reveals
In a study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences, analyzing the effects of genetically modified foods on mammalian health, researchers found that agricultural giant Monsanto's GM corn is linked to organ damage in rats.
May 9 at 6:50pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Chas Riley A 1998 study on mice concluded that Roundup is able to cause genetic damage. The authors concluded that the damage was "not related to the active ingredient, but to another component of the herbicide mixture".[24]
A 2005 study raised concerns over the effects of Roundup in transcription.[25]
A 2009 study on mice has found that a single intraperitoneal injection of Roundup in concentration of 25 mg/kg caused chromosomal aberrations
May 10 at 9:40am · Flag

Franc Neves Costa  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Hi from Portugal to all the Millions against Monsanto and other ruthless Multis, I am still looking for authors and artists of all kind to publish in our literary magazine online in 7 languages. Please check out for infos on homepage printed in blue letters and more... yours Franc Neves Costa, edi...
See More
Domain - BESCHREIBUNG - Description

Stephen Sabella  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Billions of People Expected to Die Under Current Codex Alimentarius Guidelines
Barbara Minton | According to the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization, a minimum of 3 billion people will die from the Codex mandated vitamin and mineral guideline.
May 8 at 7:00am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Laurie Avenell Olson I've been looking into this too on top of trying to figure out what to eat now that I know about GMOs. This is a bad, bad thing. And I mean that in a bad way. Stephen, your profile pic scares me. Too Freddy looking. ;)
May 8 at 9:48pm · Flag

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

President's report links chemicals to cancer
This report provides important validation to the scientists, families, and advocates who have been urging lawmakers to acknowledge the link between chemical exposure and cancer. Please read the coalition's press release here.
May 7 at 6:40am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Would You Care for a Side of Agent Orange With Your Soy Burger? |
You've probably heard about Roundup Ready crops, the Monsanto-created seeds that are resistant to the herbicide glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. But did you know that "Agent Orange Ready" corn and soybeans may be on their way to a supermarket near you?
May 6 at 7:57am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Larry Lazarakis Somebody blow these WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION factorys up.It's getting worse by the second.
May 6 at 7:58am · Flag

Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: EPA never approved roundup.

Video: The Chemistry of Monsanto – 100% Safe. Unless… – Shelly Roche «
"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes... Money has no motherland; ...
May 3 at 7:10pm · Comment · Like · Share
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Greg Pearson ssshhhhhhh!!!!! lol

Jillyan Baldwin  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Please watch and share with your friends. Blessings to Mother Nature.

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia » The World According to Monsanto
The following documentary is a thorough, in-depth look at the history of one of the world’s most dangerous and despised corporations and the serious issues swirling around genetically modified crops — ...
May 3 at 2:27pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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ic Trent  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: here is a very good and informative site. A friend shared this wtih me for which I am greatful!

Help save the Honey Bees
Help save the Honey Bees by building awareness of their current plight. Häagen-Dazs® Ice Cream Pledges to Help Save Nature’s Unstung Heroes More than fifty percent of Americans are unaware of the hone...
May 2 at 6:03am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Katia Lazarre Joined. Hate Monsanto.
May 2 at 10:31am · Flag

arry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

3 Billion will die!! The Farm Bill HR 875 Food Safety Modernization Act (part 1)
Rima E Laibow, MD So says the WHO and FAO Don't let them take our tomatoes! Call the switchboard: 1-866-340-9281 Home gardens are great. Grow your own veggies! However, if HR 875 passes the government will have within it's power to regulate your veggies. ...
April 30 at 5:08am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Marilyn Niebauer This is almost too much to believe. But believe it we must. Contact all levels of the government. Get petitions started in your home town. Do this now, for your children. For the planet.
April 30 at 2:40pm · Flag

- 630 out of 1,295 links.

Lisa Barber Zahn  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Came here after reading this. Spread the word!

GM Food... Feeding the Hungry or Population Control? - Salem-News.Com
(SALEM, Ore.) - Today Salem-News reports that a joint experiment by Russia’s National Association for Gene Security and the Institute of Ecological and Evolutional Problems has revealed that hamsters fed ...
April 29 at 4:00pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Kimberly Usher  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Reading this will make everyone understand what they are truly are... Liars.

Monsanto's Harvest of Fear | Politics | Vanity Fair
Monsanto already dominates America’s food chain with its tactics—ruthless legal battles against small farmers—and its decades-long history of toxic contamination.
April 29 at 2:35pm · Comment · Like · Share
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Lori Garton  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: SIGN THIS PETITION!

FRESH the movie| FRESH Screenings
FRESH is a documentary featuring Michael Pollan, Will Allen and Joel Salatin which celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system.
April 29 at 9:57am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

the speech JFK wrote that got him murdered
JFK telling of the corrupt organization controlling our government (FED) whos intentions are to deceive, lie and manipulate our liberties away from us. This of course is only a fraction of the bigger scheme to prepare regions of the world and the minds of the masses to a one world government. ...
April 29 at 7:58am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Your Milk on Drugs - Just Say No 1/2
A film by Jeffrey M. Smith. Dairy products from cows treated with Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST) may sharply increase cancer risk and other diseases, especially in children. ...
April 29 at 7:27am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Jimmy Eats  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: This is a grass feed steak!!!

Who can get more fans? This Steak or Sarah P.A.L.I. N?
Local Business:4,698 people like this.
April 28 at 8:18pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Rob Campbell I'd steak Palin, I bet she'd moan out lots of juicy sauce, she's a decent piece of meat
April 28 at 9:07pm · Flag

Chris Winland
April 28 at 9:23pm · Flag

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

GM Foods and Climate Change
Video from an English project. *What are Gm Foods: GM stands for Genetically Modified . Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) can be defined as organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. ...
April 28 at 7:03pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Why government wants ability to shut down internet
The speed and reach of information is the reason the government wants to be able to shut down the internet. In the coming days of social upheaval they know the people can effectively use social networking to catch them in their lies and deception. ...
April 28 at 7:00pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

April 28 at 6:44pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Diane Saunders Deslandes  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Another reason to say NO to GMOs.

Scientists reveal negative impact of Roundup Ready GM crops
Scientists reveal negative impact of Roundup Ready GM crops
April 28 at 11:10am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Thomas V. Tittle In January Lancaster et al, (Pest Manag. Sci. 66:59, 2010) reported that repeated applications of glyphosate (Roundup) altered the soil microecology selectively killing nitrogen fixing bacteria and bacteria that convert ammonia to nitrate which plants can use. Also, there was a selection for gram negative pathogenic (for plants) organisms. I had seen spurious reports about unusual root systems in roundup fields. Now we begin to see why.
April 28 at 1:10pm · Flag

Julia Sauer  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: The letter refers specifically to a position, drafted by USDA and FDA,
that opposes a Codex document stating that countries can adopt
different approaches to labeling of GE food, in line with existing
Codex guidance. The current U.S. draft position goes even further to
say that mandatory labeling of food as GE/GM “is likely to create the
impression that the labeled food is in some way different” and would
therefore be “false, misleading or deceptive.”

Civil Eats » Blog Archive » 80+ Groups Urge FDA, USDA to Change U.S. Position on Food Labeling
Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports, and more than 80 farmers, public health, environmental, and organic food organizations today sent a letter to Michael R. Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for Food at the U.S. ...
April 28 at 10:59am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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arry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

The Truth about Facebook!
Do you have a Facebook? Do you use it regularly? Do you think what happins in Facebook stays in Facebook? Watch this..
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Mario Grunert  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Monsanto tries to patent "Schnitzel" with healthier fat-acids by feeding with GMO crops.

[US/US]; 800 North Lindbergh Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63167 (US) (All Except US).HARTNELL, Gary, F. [US/US]; (US) (US Only).URSIN, Virginia, M. [US/US]; (US) (US Only).LUCAS, Don [US/US]; (US) (US Only).
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Ron Angell  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Supreme Court justices sounded critical Tuesday about the federal court decision blocking US biotech giant Monsanto's sale of genetically modified alfalfa because some farmers fear their crops will be contaminated.

The Raw Story | US Supreme Court eyes bar on Monsanto GM alfalfa
April 27 at 5:50pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Diana Paez so what's the verdict?

The judge minimized potential risks by saying "This is not the contamination of the New York city water supply. This isn't the end of the world. It really isn't."
April 28 at 5:04am · Flag

James 'Cheech' Marcoux "it isn't the end of the world, it really isn't"... what an f'n joke. monsanto must be stopped or our children are all going to be eating this shit.
April 28 at 7:23am · Flag

Larry Lazarakis The vote will go Monsanto's way beause of the Monsanto connections through out the Government.We just need to keep informing people especially the younger generations on this weapon of mass destruction.
April 28 at 8:48am · Flag

Crystal Miron  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: new preliminary results reveal more evidence that GM soy may affect reproductive function and infant mortality:

Genetically Modified Soy Linked to Sterility, Infant Mortality in Hamsters
After feeding hamsters for two years over three generations, those on the genetically modified diets showed devastating abnormalities.
April 27 at 12:37pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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David Mattinson Thats really messed up, it is now out of lab results confirming that the pigs and cows given rations of GMO feed is showing decreases in fertility. Welcome to the mad scientists new experiment!
April 27 at 1:21pm · Report

Hector Castillo Monsanto kills baby hamsters.
April 27 at 1:26pm · Report

Sarah Smith The government can't get people to use birth control and the population is out of control. Do I hear a repeat of Nestle's free formula here?
April 27 at 3:15pm · Flag

arry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Global Food Security Act, S.384, to give $billions to Monsanto, other GMO producers : One Penny Shee
News, Information, Opinion and Snark from a Progressive point of view
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Thomas V. Tittle  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Remember the Aventis CropScience Starlink Scandal, in which Starlink corn was mixed with food corn by accident. Aventis was bought by Bayer CropScience. In 2006 Bayer's LL601 strain of rice was found to have cross-contaminated natural rice crops when it was grown in trials in 2001 (about the time of Starlink) costing millions of dollars in exports. Last month a jury awarded Arkansas rice farmers nearly $50 million dollars for allowing the contamination.

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Monsanto: The World's Poster Child for Corporate Manipulation and Deceit --
When Forbes magazine declared Monsanto as the Company of the Year for 2009, millions of surprised people were forced to reevaluate their opinions about a major corporation. Now they no longer trust Forbes. Monsanto is one of the most despised corporat...
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

The 2 Most powerful messages to the World Ever EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
For all of mankind to listen and to watch this video. We are running out of time to fix our world, if we don't act now we all will continue to see more chaos, more violence, more Laws, more hunger, more wars, more corruption and more pain and suffering. ...
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681 - 690 out of 1,295 links.

Esther Abrams  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Worth the time it takes to watch Video
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Ανδρέας Αλεβιζάτος Tell me about this? It wont play outside canada...
April 26 at 4:46am · Report

Raina Skinner Morton it is about this movie, I think:
April 26 at 5:21am · Report

Anne Waid Tankersley  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Oregon Magazine
(Editor�s note: Oregon�s Willamette Valley is the world�s largest grass seed production area, an industry valued at close to $200 million annually, with worldwide exports. The author of this report is ...
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Tom Vilsack Monsanto GMO Obama change Mutant USDA Dupont 2009 Biotech PT 4
. Monsanto ...
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

monsanto the musical
monsanto the musical some more of my original music from 2002
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Eric Drissell  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

FWP: Monsanto knew paint was harmful | | Great Falls Tribune
LEWISTOWN Property owners are teaming with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks to try to force Monsanto Chemical Co. to pay millions to clean up chemicals contaminating a blue-ribbon trout stream here,
April 23 at 8:48pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Health Scandal of the Decade – Monsanto’s GMO Perversion of Food | Health Freedom News
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Jo Rocknak Better save up your Heirloom seeds to pass onto your children, because Monsanto is trying to buy up all of those companies as well!
April 23 at 2:15pm · Report

J Paul Smith Shared
April 23 at 2:41pm · Report

Dawn Dubelbeis Really Jo? I ddin't know that. Bought/planted heirlooms this year. Thank GOD! I keep saying that heirloom seeds will be more valuable than 24K gold soon.
April 24 at 2:10pm · Report

Frank Baio  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Monsanto & Cancer Milk: FOX NEWS KILLS STORY & FIRES Reporters.
FOX NEWS Reporters (Reporters Steve Wilson & Jane Akre) uncover that most of the Milk in the USA and across some parts of the world is unfit to drink due to Monsanto Corporation's POSILAC®, which has been ...
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Barbara Peterson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: This is how Monsanto stole our birthright. Not through some ingenious plan of subterfuge, although they most certainly do use those methods when necessary, but through the most simplest of plans – counting on the American people to allow others to rule them through their stomachs.

Monsanto - Conquering Amerika One Stomach At a Time! | Farm Wars
Monsanto - Conquering Amerika One Stomach At a Time!
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

Now Monsanto is After Our Water Vandana Shiva / The Ecologist, v.29, n.5, Aug/Sep99
| Air | Energy | Farm | Food | Genetic Engineering | Health | Industry | JWH-018 | Nuclear | Pesticides | Plastic Political | Sustainability | Technology | Water
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Botan Anderson Is there any other company more insidiously evil?
April 23 at 5:34pm · Report

Rhoni Hazelwood Consumer revolution..I like that! You lead & I will follow!
April 24 at 4:57am · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

Monsanto Seeks Pig Patent! // Current
"Monsanto Company, already a world powerhouse in biotech crops, is shaking up the swine industry with plans to patent pig-breeding techniques and lay claim to
April 23 at 5:59am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign
Monsanto Does ‘Dust and Ditch’ Destroying Local Organic Farm // Current
An other organic field getting contaminated by evil monsanto! Why is nobody stopping this? How long more do we have to wait for this biological
April 23 at 5:43am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign

Conflict of Interest: Ex Monsanto Lawyer Clarence Thomas to Hear Major Monsanto Case // Current
In Monsanto v. Geertson Seed Farms, No. 09-475, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case which could have an enormous effect on the future of the
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign This looks like an interesting book...the video falls short on explanations unfortunately.
Apologies to the person who posted this it was deleted by accident

Nicotine Bees - Trailer | Pierre Terre
Nicotine Bees (available on gets to the truth about why the honeybees of the world are in big trouble, and why our food supply is in trouble with them.
April 23 at 4:21am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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LoriAnne Hancock Pray for bees AND bats!

Marie Nelson Gustafson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: I was just doing some research on the PCB's in fish oil completely unrelated to Monsanto. However, I guess this company has dabbled a bit with wildlife before...

If they can hide the damage of PCB's for 3 decades, I wonder how long they think they can get away with the damage of GMO's. And what exactly they are actually hiding from us?
Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution (
CORRECTION (Jan. 11) -- A clarification that appeared Jan. 5 regarding a Jan. 1 article mistakenly stated that the new Monsanto Co. had "no role" in an ongoing lawsuit over PCB pollution created by the old Monsanto Co. ...
April 22 at 8:07pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Mike Vail >>> I agree Marie. Monsanto continues to have the smell of death around it. They try to convince us that they are a company that has risen from the ashes to become a savior of the world instead of a destroyer. Strange thing is, the new Monsanto is now even more capable of destroying humanity and nature by GMO - ruining the world's food supply and ruining the DNA of Nature's seedstock ... and patenting a pig. This company is totally psycho.
April 24 at 2:09pm · Report

Milagros Rodriguez  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: American Crystal, a large Wyoming-based sugar company and several other leading U.S. sugar providers have announced they will be sourcing their sugar from Monsanto’s genetically engineered (GE) Roundup Ready sugar beets beginning this year and arriving in stores in 2008. Like GE corn and GE soy, products containing GE ...
See More

GE Sugar not so Sweet! :: Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering :: Resistance is fertile!
Background Information: American Crystal, a large Wyoming-based sugar company and several other leading U.S. sugar providers have announced they will be sourcing their sugar from Monsantos genetically engineered (GE) Roundup Ready sugar beets beginning this year and arriving in stores in 2008. ...
April 22 at 12:55pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Gena Dix  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Then why so secretive? Then why force farmers and countries in need to use your products??? This is written by Monsanto as a reply...

Monsanto ~ Does Monsanto Have Undue Influence on Governments?
In the past opponents to biotechnology have accused Monsanto and others of improperly influencing governments that have adopted laws or policies supportive of agricultural biotechnology.
April 22 at 8:25am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Mass Murder- Fluoride, Aspartame and Agenda 21
If you think the idea of a New World Order is good and will bring us into a new age of safety, technology, strength, and protection you should think again. The NWO is a unification of the top elite. They don't care about you or me. ...
April 21 at 8:00am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Thomas Vilsack, Secretary of the Department of Agriculture
Thomas Vilsack, Obama's appointed secretary of agriculture, served three terms as mayor of Mount Pleasant, Iowa and later became the state's governor. Since 2005, he has chaired the Democratic Leadership Council, a group largely funded by oil companies, military contractors, and corporate interests....
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Is RoundUp Killing the Soil? : Eat. Drink. Better.
Monsanto is an $11.8 billion/year industrial agriculture behemoth. Aside from numerous environmental and health concerns regarding its pesticides, genetically modified seeds and so on, there is also great ...
April 21 at 6:21am · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Thomas V. Tittle Killing the soil is perhaps not the correct way to describe what is going on. Roundup is sterilizing the soil. Its mode of action in plants is to block the shikimic acid pathway required to synthesize the essential amino acids, trypophan, phenylalanine and tyrosine. Mammals do not use this biochemical pathway but bacteria do. So Roundup over use is killing the beneficial microbes that plants need for maximum growth.
April 21 at 8:33am · Report

Deb Stahl  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: This evening I was writing a post to a friend who didn't know what
stevia is and while linking a Wikipedia article for her I found this
link. It doesn't have a lot of information on it, but there is or was a
link from Monsanto to stevia via Merisant, Monsanto's tabletop
sweetener biz, andMerisant's subsidiary Whole Earth Sweetener Co.,
which is apparently selling 2 varieties of stevia extract and PureVia,
stevia with "all-natural flavors and other ingredients." Please, not the stevia too!!!! :-(
Merisant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Merisant Company is a United States manufacturer of artificial sweeteners, including Equal and Canderel.
April 20 at 4:34pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Merisant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Merisant Company is a United States manufacturer of artificial sweeteners, including Equal and Canderel.
April 20 at 4:32pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Jimmieanna Hays Crystal - I have read where seeds can be patented, here is a blog explaining how it works, but still confusing to me?

Please share what you learn also, I am so bummed out to hear about Stevia, it is one of my favorites.
April 21 at 11:03am · Report

Crystal Rivers I know that genetically engineered seeds are currently being patented. I just don't think that it is ethical. I want to learn more about the stevia patent, because if they have a patent for the use of stevia as a sweetener, that is something outside of genetic modification. If they just have a patent on one of the uses of a natural plant or herb, that is particularly disturbing to me.
April 21 at 2:09pm · Report

Crystal Rivers  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: This op/ed discusses Monsanto's deal-making with universities.

Yankton Press & Dakotan > Neighbors > Opinion Editorial: Dominance of Farm Seed Market Is Dangerous
The Yankton Daily Press and Dakotan - The Oldest Daily Newspaper in the Dakotas.

Ca Dozo  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Watch this guy weave his evil spell. The way he draws his audience in and then springs the trap is really insidious.

Michael Specter: The danger of science denial | Video on
TED Talks Vaccine-autism claims, "Frankenfood" bans, the herbal cure craze: All point to the public's growing fear (and, often, outright denial) of science and reason, says Michael Specter. He warns the trend spells disaster for human progress.
April 18 at 6:37pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Sinister Egg Deconstructing Michael Specter:

I too find it curious that global warming hardly get's as much as a tittle when addressing denialism along with his own denial of differences between corporate interests scientists and environmental scientists. As if the deal with Cigarette Corp. wouldn't clue folks in on how that pans out.
April 21 at 11:28am · Report

Barbara Peterson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Common Plant Vector Injects Genes into Human Cells – A GMO Nightmare!

Common Plant Vector Injects Genes into Human Cells - A GMO Nightmare! | Farm Wars
Common Plant Vector Injects Genes into Human Cells - A GMO Nightmare!
April 18 at 9:34am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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g 781 - 790 out of 1,295 links.

Barbara Peterson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Introducing The Adventures of Aggie the Traveling Agrobacterium - A GMO Primer!

Aggie is a product of genetic engineering. She is used to insert foreign genes into normal plant cells, which grow into genetically modified organisms (GMOs) for companies such as Monsanto.

This process endangers our food supply and health when these GMOs are allowed to grow in the open field.

Preview the Aggie project.
April 18 at 6:53am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Elizabeth Luik-Rossi I come from a family that know the power of this as well too.
April 19 at 11:41pm · Report

Elizabeth Luik-Rossi Excellent "Adventures of Aggie the Traveling Agrobacerum - A GMO Primer" thus would like to know IF you'd like to get this translated into Italian or any other language for the youth here that are getting help to "ispire training" for Agriculture in Italy? I know the power of reading thus what you've done is really great!!!
April 19 at 11:49pm · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign If you really can't get along with those weeds and feel you need to kill them here is a DIY alternative to Roundup that is less toxic

How to Make Organic Alternatives to Roundup Weed Killer |
How to Make Organic Alternatives to Roundup Weed Killer. The active ingredient that makes Roundup Weed Killer so effective is glyphosate. Unfortunately, the surfactant in Roundup is said to be even more toxic than glyphosate, and in combination, the...
April 17 at 7:09pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Kat prr thanks for sharing..i wonder if there are any landscapers that use such practices? might be a good business idea!!
April 17 at 7:11pm · Report

Stuart Smith If the mfg ceo doesn't drink it everyday I think it should be banned.
April 17 at 7:12pm · Report

Jake Knight Kat. There are LOADS of them, depending on what area you live in.
April 17 at 7:24pm · Report

Jake Knight I live in Austin, TX. Here's a link to the nursery I frequent. This man has a boooooming business.
April 17 at 7:28pm · Report

Missy VeganOddity Ⓥ Thanks, I will definitely share to spread the word!!
April 17 at 7:38pm · Report

Maui Porter @Kat -- yes there are indeed landscaping businesses that use such practices!
April 17 at 7:52pm · Report

Jake Knight Oooops. Here's that link:
April 17 at 8:04pm · Report

Kat prr lol..thanks! I am in Allentown, PA ///Lehigh Valley area, if you know of any there let me know!!
April 17 at 8:10pm · Report

Liz Peryam But hold it! Some of those weeds have very long tap roots that collect and bring to the surface soil valuable minerals for your plants. Pull the dandelion blossoms off and make dandelion wine, eat the early greens and save the roots to dry for a coffee substitute. Don't just knee-jerk kill everything! Our planet is benevolent if we can think beyond lawn.
April 18 at 12:12am · Report

Pete Mckechnie Well said Liz. and the dandelion is not the only edible or medicinal 'weed'. there's all kinds of good stuff growing out in the lawn or garden!
April 18 at 12:18am · Report

Julia Slater Frayer There are two words, Liz and Pete, that keep my weeds on death row... dog pee! :) (And the homeowner's association is what puts them there in the first place...)
April 18 at 12:49am · Report

Michelle Scarborough Liz, do you just let the roots dry out, then grind them and steep for a tea? more complicated?
April 18 at 1:12am · Report

Pete Mckechnie Mostly the roots are roasted before being ground, though I would imagine simply drying them would work. But every part of the dandelion is edible except the seed head and flower stalk. It is a plant that was brought here as a salad green, and is higher in vitamin c than oranges. The buds are fantastic sauteed for a few minutes as well.
April 18 at 1:44am · Report

Michelle Scarborough Thanks Pete, I appreciate the info. I love the greens already. I will try the tea.
April 18 at 1:46am · Report

Jacqueline Welles From my great-gran: Tough-to-pull weeds (sidewalk cracks, patio edges etc) ? Kill 'em dead with boiling water. Just kick around the area first so you don't parboil any bugs or toads.
Easy, effcetive, 100% organic!
April 18 at 3:14am · Report

Wish Uponastar Does anyone know how to get rid of poison ivy? without resorting to the use of industrial strength weed killers?thanks.
April 18 at 3:54am · Report

Kelle Prosser-Puttroff Try full strength vinegar with a tiny bit of dishsoap. The soap helps the vinegar to stick and the plant should die. May need several applications for tough weeds. Be warned what gets sprayed will die.
April 18 at 4:00am · Report

Kelle Prosser-Puttroff I actually left my dandelions in my yard this year. I'll be among those pulling flowers and letting the plant be.
April 18 at 4:01am · Report

Kelle Prosser-Puttroff Bindweed is my arch-enemy but I've found that my rabbit LOVES them. We feed her the roots.
April 18 at 4:02am · Report

Susan Jamerson I'm gonna let me chickens run wild throughout the yard but they only like the dandelion flowers not the leaves. White vinegar, salt, baking soda and hot water seem to be all you need to keep house and yard tidy and clean.
April 18 at 4:30am · Report

Anna Wulfsong Belt There is a tool called a hori-hori (dig-dig) made in Japan out of leaf springs. You can find it in garden shops and on-line. It is great for harvesting dandelions. To dry roots for coffee, scrub like any root vegetable, and slow roast in the oven on a baking sheet. That makes the sugars in the root caramelize. Let cool and dry. Then grind and use ...
See More
April 18 at 4:51am · Report

Danielle Jarvis I LOVE to roast the dandilion roots! They add a nice richness to coffee, and are a good kidney tonic!

Re: the differnet weed methods posted - I have tried salt and boiling water in the cracks, and the plants literally laughed at me.
we have plants like morning glory and 'white-top' that spread by extensive root networks (as much as 10 feet radius...
See More
April 18 at 5:47am · Report

Shannon Linsea Good old fashioned digging. I know, hard work, but...
April 18 at 6:27am · Report

Leila Minturn Dwight A sharp knife and a little elbow grease work for me.
April 18 at 6:31am · Report

Linda Wesson brother keeps telling me Roundup is a good thing. Completely earth friendly.
April 18 at 6:55am · Report

Emil Eidt Sure it's been posted before, but it bears repeating. Even if Roundup ™ were harmless, the company does not deserve your money for myriad other reasons...
April 18 at 7:38am · Report

Mike Vail @Linda > Hope it's more earth friendly than historic Monsanto products, esp. DDT and Agent orange.
April 18 at 7:43am · Report

Stuart Smith This is the kind of stuff that should be taught in science class.
April 18 at 8:16am · Report

Julia Sauer I can attest that plain white vinegar in a sprayer is extremely effective. Doesn't look like it does anything when you spray it on the foliage, and the next day the weeds are all brown and dead.
April 18 at 8:45am · Report

Raye Glick Schwartz For weeds growing between the pavers on your patio or walkway, plain old Kosher salt will do them in!
April 18 at 3:16pm · Report

Jeff Bentson yup that stuff works, on most stuff. I will NEVER use chemicals on my property anyway. One of the simplest weed killers is boiling water. What defines a "weed" anyway? most of that stuff is useful. FOOD NOT LAWNS!
April 19 at 6:27pm · Report

Vicente Borobio Gracia From Spain, one more against Monsanto.
Desde España, uno más contra Monsanto
April 20 at 7:28pm · Report

Gayle Johnson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: was forwarded an article from a friend in the U.K. Go to link a scroll down for an interesting story from the Russian media concerning Monsanto and the dieoff of Americans.
April 17 at 4:24am · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Link not working Gayle can you repost again I would love to read this
April 17 at 4:47am · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign I found it here :
April 17 at 4:49am · Report

Michelle Scarborough thanks for is an interesting link on pig DNA found in infant vaccines.
April 17 at 7:56am · Report

Lora Blondeau Monkey kidneys was actually the basis used for the polio vaccine, animal DNA has a history of being present in vaccines. I was shocked to learn the cover up now being further discussed regarding the discovery of a cancer causing virus in a million doses of the polio vaccine. Half the doses had been shipped already and it was too expensive to recall...
See More
April 17 at 11:06am · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Great news for chocolate lovers: Endangered Species organic chocolate bars are now Non-GMO Project Verified!

Endangered Species: First Non-GMO Project Verified Chocolate Bar | The Non-GMO Project
Endangered Species Chocolate (ESC) organic product line has recently become the first line of chocolate bars to obtain “Non-GMO Project Verified” status. All of the organic products will feature the Non-GMO ...
April 15 at 2:52pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report
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Evangeline Miller woohoo!
April 15 at 2:55pm · Report

Mar TenCate mmm thanks!
April 15 at 2:55pm · Report

Daniel Taylor Cantin I love these bars and they are less expensive than most other brands. It's good to know there is no nasty garbage in them.
April 15 at 2:56pm · Report

Carolyn Dimmick Yay!
April 15 at 2:58pm · Report

Sonia Kurtz-Grasse The mInt one rocks!!!!
April 15 at 2:58pm · Report

Kim Ellis I Love these!!!!!!! YAY!
April 15 at 3:00pm · Report

Psyche Ache "NOM NOM NOM"
April 15 at 3:06pm · Report

Sharon R Mayer exellente!!!!
April 15 at 3:08pm · Report

Jennifer Szczublewski Their milk chocolate is sooo very tasty!
April 15 at 3:26pm · Report

Emmanuel Ⓥ Masongsong Thanks for the flurry of posts!!! I'm spreading as much as possible.
April 15 at 3:29pm · Report

Jeanie Chadwick I just emailed them about Fair Trade, etc. Anyone know their stance on that?
April 15 at 3:31pm · Report

Paulette Bonetti
April 15 at 3:48pm · Report

Paulette Bonetti There you go Jeanie.....I believe that is by far the most important question we should ask about the products that we buy, thank you for caring.
April 15 at 3:49pm · Report

Kathy Korolden it's very good chocolate :), well worth any price :)
April 15 at 3:53pm · Report

Kathleen Robinson I will have to try it life is not life without chocolate!!!! thanks
April 15 at 4:06pm · Report

Camilo Aguirre good chocolate
April 15 at 4:10pm · Report

Jeanne Shockley I LOVE that they are distinguishing themselves like that. It would be AWESOME if we can get other companies like this to voluntarily label their non GMO products.
April 15 at 4:27pm · Report

Howard Kasper Yum!
April 15 at 4:32pm · Report

Ken Prendergast where is the dark chocolate? thats where its at, for real. think of the sales that other companys would get if they cleaned up their food products. and made it clear on their labels!!
April 15 at 4:43pm · Report

Justin Julian Endangered Species has the best chocolate, period, ESPECIALLY their dark varieties. Their 88% is the most amazing chocolate I've ever had.
April 15 at 5:05pm · Report

Kat Cakes mm i love endangered species chocolate. i love love love the blueberry one.
April 15 at 6:22pm · Report

Sandra Lee The blueberry one is my favorite also :)
April 15 at 6:59pm · Report

Psyche Ache "Whoa. Blueberry chocolate?"
April 15 at 7:47pm · Report

Mario Grunert I would buy them because they not contain "trans fat" which is in most brands (the only exception i can buy is Lindt in BG). Its horrible how many Vegan people claim to live healthier and eat trans fat products.
April 16 at 1:00am · Report

Dan W Bright i tried to get them to talk about helping to support the friends of the eel river ( alocal 501 c ) they would not even disclose how much moneys are going to env. causes. this COMPANY is a for profit venture . untill they prove otherwise and should stop making the salmonid bar...
April 16 at 5:44am · Report

Marilyn Barry woo-hoooo
April 16 at 1:41pm · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign PowerPoint Presentation on GMO Health Risks - Institute For Responsible Technology -
Medium Presentation (20 min - 53 slides) Short Presentation (5 min - 37 slides)

We are happy to provide our fully-scripted PowerPoints on "The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods.” These presentations can be powerful...
See More

PowerPoint Presentations - Institute for Responsible Technology
We are happy to provide our fully-scripted PowerPoints on "The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods.” These presentations can be powerful educational tools that will help drive GMOs out of the market. ...
April 15 at 2:14pm · Comment · Like · Share · Report

Rui Pereira  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: we need 1 million signatures!
This is a global petition against the use of GMO! it abot our Health, which will certainly not be in pharmacies or in hospitals but in Agriculture! Please sign and pass the word!

The European Commission has just authorised growing genetically modified crops and the GM lobby's profits have outweighed citizen's concerns. Click below to help build a one million strong citizen's petition calling for independent research and strong regulation.
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Zainil Dempsey Hi Cherish, are you sure? You should be able to. I did it and I am in Australia. Give it another go.
April 15 at 2:50pm · Report

Josh Garey  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Thoughts? Sounds good if it's true, but how does one find the status of HR 875?
The Huffington Post atempted to debunk the fears that it could be used to effectively outlaw true organic farming, but the article was so weak that the author had to admit in the last paragraph that the wording needed work, or it could in fact be used to help Monsanto and screw the rest. Can't trust anyone these days.
Organic, local farms get a boost from USDA
Obama administration officials Wednesday outlined a broad array of efforts to elevate organic and local farming to a prominence never seen before at the sprawling U.S. Department of Agriculture. The shift is raising...
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign GMO Trilogy: Unnatural Selection

This stunning European documentary made available for the first time in the US, reveals several harsh consequences of genetic engineering worldwide. A failed GM cotton crop prompts farmer suicides in India. Windborne GM canola contaminates organic and conventional farms in Canada. One fa...rmer fights Monsanto in the Supreme Court. A company seeks approval for giant GM salmon that may threaten the survival of the natural species. GM pigs are born with ghastly mutations. And experts reveal how inadequate testing and regulations put us at risk.
It features Vandana Shiva, Andrew Kimbrell, Percy Schmeiser and others

Producer: Bertram Verhaag and Gabrielle Kroeber


WIDE EYE CINEMA – Free Conspiracy Videos » GMO Trilogy: Unnatural Selection
This stunning European documentary made available for the first time in the US, reveals several harsh consequences of genetic engineering worldwide.
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Mark M Rostenko  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Fears grow as study shows genetically modified crops 'can cause liver and kidney damage' | Mail Onli
Animals fed on three strains of genetically modified maize created by the U.S. biotech firm Monsanto suffered signs of organ damage after just three months.
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Thomas V. Tittle  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: It's not too late.

Take Action | Pesticide Action Network North America
Contact your senators and urge them to oppose the Global Food Security Act until the GE crop clause is removed. As written, the Senate bill is a stealth giveaway to corporations like Monsanto in the name of feeding the world's poor.
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Luis Rivera Done
April 13 at 10:11pm · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign I guess this is only open to US citizens is says add postal code but won't accept mine. I'll repost it though for others on my pages
April 14 at 1:27am · Report

Edward Joseph  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Just shut up and eat the poison we give you!

Study Finds Benefits in Modified Crops but Warns of Overuse -
The first comprehensive assessment of genetically modified crops called for national attention to the problem of overuse.
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Laurie Avenell Olson These people have a lot of gall. Monsanto, "Shut up and eat your cornflakes." >8D Waahaahaa.
April 13 at 2:06pm · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Special Report: Are regulators dropping the ball on biocrops?

Special Report: Are regulators dropping the ball on biocrops? | Reuters
COLUMBIA, Missouri (Reuters) - Robert Kremer, a U.S. government microbiologist who studies Midwestern farm soil, has spent two decades analyzing the rich dirt that yields billions of bushels of food each
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Thomas V. Tittle  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Here is a fairly recent article from describing the use of GMO crops globally.

Is Biotechnology Really the Only Way to Solve Hunger? | Food First/Institute for Food and Developmen
The Institute for Food and Development Policy/Food First shapes how people think by analyzing the root causes of global hunger, poverty, and ecological degradation and developing solutions in partnership with movements working for social change.
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Francois-kayven Dion  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: STOP MONSANTO IN CANADA ( QUEBEC ) GROUP CONTRE MONSANTO
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Rhea Jones  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Straight from the horse's mouth: Monsanto is friggin' evil!

Monsanto ~ News & Media ~ Monsanto Today ~ For the Record
Monsanto provides straight-forward and honest answers concerning Monsantos position and perspective on issues such as business practices and GMO safety that have not been addressed accurately in other forums.
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Megan Sifford  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

PI Newswire :: News :: Monsanto Under Investigation by Seven U.S. States
At least seven U.S. state attorneys general are investigating whether Monsanto Company has abused its market power to lock out competitors and raise prices on seed

Laurie Avenell Olson  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: For those of us who have spent the last ten years being poisoned, here is a great link to some healing so that you can become well and fight this fight. I got this from the same person who informed me about the GMO problem. Bless her.

Home Page
Welcome to!Now Available at our online storeGAPS GuideThe step-by-step guide to help you through the GAPS diet. A great companion book to Gut & Psychology Syndrome.**********This site supports digestive healing following the GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet created by Dr. ...
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Thomas V. Tittle Point of clarification: In 1980 one billion pounds of insecticide were sprayed on american farm crops.
April 10 at 9:26am · Report

Crystal Rivers  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Since Starlink Corn was mentioned, I started reading more about it. This article is great and gives a clear argument from a credible scientist about the risk of Genetic Engineering.

Dr. John Haeglin Stuns EPA with Stirring "StarLink" Testimony Haeglin News 28nov00 Providence Journa
| Air | Energy | Farm | Food | Genetic Engineering | Health | Industry | JWH-018 | Nuclear | Pesticides | Plastic Political | Sustainability | Technology | Water
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Jennifer Avenell Watling I knew I was against genetically engineered food and I knew it is a treat to our existence, but I was never truly scared until I read this! OMG!!!
April 9 at 9:58pm · Report

Laurie Avenell Olson Crystal, after reading that I am literally shaking. I am so angry with our government. Monsanto = Monster. How dare they use the US citizens as their guinea pigs? How dare they start this monsterous mess that is going to take lifetimes to clean up? Did they think we would never find out? How can they live with themselves? (They = the people ...
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April 10 at 1:30am · Report

Thomas V. Tittle I agree with Dr. Hagelin, this is not a linear system and there will be unforeseen ramifications. I come to this same conclusion as a biologist. No one could have predicted that inserting the roundup resistance gene into corn would make it uniquely sensitive to the Western bean cutworm. Yet this is happening. Remember that before any of the Bt ...
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Larry Lazarakis  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Our Food is Poisoned
second video, how our food is messed up. Animals are brutally slaughtered and fed dead animals and plastics and other items that have been made into food from rendering plants. Kevin Trudeau talks about why he thinks most people will get cancer.
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Diane Wallrich right now, beware all videos offered you...can be path to KOOP* virus, now on fasebook
April 9 at 2:32pm · Report

Laurie Avenell Olson @ Diane. Hmmmmmm. I wonder who put it there. Wouldn't put it past some Monsanto hired hand.
April 10 at 1:46am · Report

Crystal Rivers Diane, if you are really scared to watch a video for fear of viruses, you can always go directly to the hulu, youtube, etc. site and search for the title.
April 10 at 1:54am · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Dismantling Corporate Rule Workshop Bellingham, WA
* understanding the history and root causes of the rise of corporate power, and corporate usurpation of our democratic authority to govern ourselves
* examining the local impacts of corporate rule, how citizens are currently challenging corporations locally, and how these efforts could be reframed to be more effective
* decolonizing our minds and our language from the firm grip of corporate culture
* taking time to express and feel our sorrow, anger, despair, etc about living in a society drenched in corporate culture
* learning the art of 'democratic conversation'
* beginning to craft strategies to recover our democracy from corporate rule (with specific focus on existing local campaigns)

This is a workshop lasting two full days. I can handle as many as 30 and as few as 10 people per workshop. 12 to 25 is ideal. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary to attend.

I have been leading this workshop since 1998 across the US and Canada. My desire is to bend the workshop towards the specific needs of your community members, and focused on the corporate harms taking place in your community.

- Fertile Ground
May 22, 2010 at 9am to May 23, 2010 at 10pm
WWU, Viking Union Room 464 , 516 High St.
City/Town: Bellingham, WA

Dismantling Corporate Rule Workshop - - Fertile Ground -
After an initial presentation, I will facilitate a series of focused discussions and small and large group exercises to assist participants in: * understanding the history and root causes of the rise of ...
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Zainil Dempsey  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Interesting article/video posted by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia


A Silent Forest – a Look at Genetically Engineered Trees | Permaculture Research Institute of Austra
A Silent Forest Part I (remaining parts at bottom) The video production embedded above addresses an alarming trend - that of the genetic modification of
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Laurie Avenell Olson Is nothing sacred? Obviously not. Argh! What can we do to stop this monster? I love trees. Who the heck to they think would want to buy a stinking tree that will be a pesticide producer for its entire life? Crazy.
April 9 at 11:22am · Report

Zainil Dempsey It is crazy. Keep posting, keep creating greater awareness in the local community where we live. Individually we may not be able to do much but collectively, we are a power to reckon with. In less than thee months there are already more than 15,000 of us and counting. Let's vote with our wallet. Let's get busy; mobilise, activate. Let's bring back nobility and sacredness in our daily acts. Blessings.

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Thoren Rogers  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Millions against Monsanto and everything it and it's corporate cronies stand for: Industrial Civilization.
- Fertile Ground -
- Fertile Ground - is a Ning Network
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Thoren thanks for this link - did you happen to see that they have a Dismantling Corporate Rule Workshop this sounds fantastic I wish I could go to this it is in Bellingham Washington if anyone is interested on May 22, 2010
April 8 at 9:38pm · Report

Crystal Rivers That sounds like an interesting workshop. I'm not too far from there, actually.
April 9 at 5:57am · Report

Thoren Rogers If fatherhood doesn't get in the way, i will certainly be there.

Fertile Ground and Paul Cienfuegos are working together on a few projects or will be soon. We're currently working on a Deep Green Resistance/ Dismantling Corporate Rule workshop as we speak. That program should be ready late 2010 and covers how to organize against industrial civilization beyond protesting and what it means to be in support of a militant resistance movement.
April 9 at 7:17am · Report

Crystal Rivers  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: I found this interesting article about a former Monsanto employee/whistleblower
I hadn't seen this before, so I thought I would share...

Monsanto Whistleblower Says Genetically Engineered Crops May Cause Disease
Monsanto was quite happy to recruit young Kirk Azevedo to sell their genetically engineered cotton. Kirk had grown up on a California farm and had worked in several jobs monitoring and testing pesticides and herbicides. ...
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Thanks for posting this article Crystal I have read it before but had forgotten about this.
April 8 at 9:42pm · Report

Healy Orama  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Obama Gives Key Agriculture Post to Monsanto Man
Today, President Obamaannouncedthat he will recess appoint Islam A. Siddiqui to the position of Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign CIMMYT - a nonprofit research and seed conservation organization - enters into partnership with Syngenta that includes development of genetically engineered wheat. This follows a CIMMYT partnership with DuPont for biotech corn for Africa. Gates Foundation dollars at work

Syngenta and CIMMYT Establish Industry-Leading Partnership to Advance Wheat Research -- BASEL, Switz
Syngenta and CIMMYT Establish Industry-Leading Partnership to Advance Wheat Research. -- Public-private partnership to develop and advance technology in wheat -- Joint R&D scope across broad crop protection ...
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Kyle Slawson this is some great "philanthropy"
April 7 at 9:53am · Report

Anne O'Brien Kupstas Thanks for the links, Catriona & Paulino!
April 7 at 3:56pm · Report

Nona Parry  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: I invite you to check out Aquaponics -- a genuine solution to fast, low-maintenance, organic protein & vegetable growing that can be done in as little as 10x12' anywhere in the world. Surely a world-full of portable organic farms could bankrupt Monsanto and spoil its quest for world domination!!

:: Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems ::
Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems quickly pay for themselves. Instead of buying groceries that have been shipped and stored in your local store, simply walk to your own Portable Farms™ Aquaponics Systems ...
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Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Nona what is the cost of something like this and how much food can it produce roughly - if you happen to know. Also this set-up requires electricity - does it also require a constant supply of fresh water? I love the idea and see it as beneficial but I am thinking that in certain countries supplies may not be easy to obtain, water could be an ...
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April 5 at 10:07pm · Report

Nona Parry If you check the site, it will answer your questions.

The cost varies by size. It can run on Solar or Wind power.

The water is re-cycled; minimal fresh water is required....
See More
April 5 at 10:31pm · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Thanks Nona I appreciate your help 200 lbs of fish and 500 vegetables / year is pretty darn good. Great idea and thanks for sharing
April 5 at 11:25pm · Report

Nona Parry That's what *I* was thinking!! And if we could get aquaculture farms built in undeveloped countries, we could prevent the Monsantos of the world from gaining a toehold! Just think of how many people could be fed in the sunny warm areas of the world without the need for additional insulation or building!!
April 5 at 11:29pm · Report

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign Monsanto's genetically engineered corn - crop experience 80% failure in Africa.

Monsanto GM-corn harvest fails massively in South Africa | Before It's News
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Crystal Rivers  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Monsanto's advice to farmers about how to deal with this new superweed threat is outrageous. This article also validates the hope for high-yield organics.

Canopy Roads of South Georgia: Mutant Pigweed vs. Glysophate-Resistant Corn, Soybeans, and Cotton
It's a funny thing about monocultures. They're highly vulnerable to anything that affects that particular variety. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho writes: The scene is set at harvest time in Arkansas October 2009. Grim-faced farmers and scientists speak from fields infested with...
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Crystal Rivers  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: The top ten mutual fund holders of Monsanto are invested to the tune of 4.5 billion dollars. This was current as of December 2009, and that is just the top ten mutual fund holders... there are so many more that have Monsanto in their portfolios. A lot of people who would never invest in Monsanto stock are unwittingly supporting them in mutual funds thanks to their financial advisors. Please check your investments and make sure that you are not invested in a mutual fund that supports Monsanto. You might also consider eliminating all investments in Coke and Pepsi, too, since they sell so much Aspartame in their products.

Canopy Roads of South Georgia: Who Owns Monsanto?
The answer in 1939 turns out to be about the same as in 2010: minority shares by its own executives, and the majority by, well: Last week's survey of stockholders—lavish to the point of including pictures of "typical" Monsanto stockholders...
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 921 - 930 out of 1,295 links.

Millions Against Monsanto Campaign via:
For those who have not seen this...hold on to your hats.
In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism - Official Release
Download is starting. Save file to your computer. If the download does not start automatically, right-click this link and choose "Save As". How to get videos onto the iPod or PSP.
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Drew Petersen  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign:

Organic Manifesto | Why We All Need an Organic Manifesto | Rodale News
In her book Organic Manifesto, Maria Rodale explains why demanding organic is a much-needed solution to protect our health and heal our planet.
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Jimmieanna Hays  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Featuring: Vandana Shiva, physicist, environmental activist and
author; Carlo Petrini, founder of the International Slow Food Movement;
Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved; and Corby Kummer,
journalist and author of The Pleasures of Slow Food.
Moderated by Michael Pollan, author, In Defense of Food, and
See More - Slow Food Nation: The World Food Crisis
It's widely acknowledged that we are in the middle of a world food crisis. Skyrocketing food and fuel costs, water scarcity, and population explosions have communities worldwide in the grip of hunger and dire food shortages. ...
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Jimmieanna Hays One of the main reasons I wanted to add this here, is they talk about GMO's and why it has contributed to the overall food problems worldwide, and don't just stop there, they offer solutions!
April 2 at 3:16pm · Report

Crystal Rivers  Millions Against Monsanto Campaign: Don't know if this has been shared on this page or not, yet...

First came superweeds; now come the superbugs! | Grist
For years, farmers using Monsanto's Roundup Ready GM seeds have been plagued by superweeds. Now its other flagship trait, the pesticide Bt, has inspired the rise of superbugs.
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