Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Worm Castings Outlawed? Chemical fertilizers ONLY! FDA "Food Safety Modernization" Comments End Nov. 22nd

"In addition, FDA’s proposed rule treats all of the following soil amendments as if they were raw manure:
*Compost made without specific heating periods (farmers often refer to this as “static composting,” but the FDA has defined that term differently);
*Vermicompost or worm castings;
*Compost teas with any additives, even simple molasses or kelp meal;
*Any compost that does not meet the precise methods and testing requirements specified in the rule.
The practical effect of the proposed rule is to allow synthetic chemicals to be easily used, while making the use of many natural soil amendments difficult or even impossible for many farmers."
Action Alert
FDA Food Safety Comment Deadline is now Nov. 22 !
(Extended from Nov. 15)
Your Electronic Voice Can Help Save the Family Farms Producing Our Nation’s Best Food. It’s the 11th hour.  Please comment directly on the FDA’s food safety web page to help save our nation’s organic/local produce farmers from potential ruin!  The FDA’s proposed food safety rules threaten to ensnare many of the country’s safest farmers in a tangle of expensive, misdirected regulations that may force many of our best farmers out of business.
  • For the Preventive Controls Rule:  FDA-2011-N-0920 and RIN 0910-AG36
  • For the Produce Rule:  FDA-2011-N-0921 and RIN 0910-AG35
If you want to comment on both rules, you can mail them together but must label your comments with BOTH of those docket numbers.

Just a little PEEP from us might at least get some complaints into the record...
We will use it as evidence that they all know full well the actions taken by FDA/Monsanto is a conspiracy to make money in any and every way they can...Off of our health and our families' bodies...

Monday, November 18, 2013

We Can Inspire Other People; Together...

It has been crazy....trying to open other's eyes; after being been misinformed and uninformed on the reality of chemical corporations poisoning us and the Earth.
No longer Teflon, Monsanto and Minions will be stopped in their tracks...

"Today Kaua'i tomorrow the world! Template is set and now we cut and paste it! FREEDOM from tyranny !! How awesome!"

Victory for Kauai GMO opponents!!!

Mayor Bernard Carvalho vetoed  Bill2491 passed 10 days earlier... on October 31st 2013, and on Saturday, November 16th 2013, the veto was over ridden by the county council...The state has also stepped in by announcing all pesticide use must be reported too...

We should be alarmed...Pediatricians are!

Gary Hooser::
"Today is a day to celebrate and to reflect on our success. It has been a long and bumpy road and there are so many people to thank and to acknowledge. The passage of Bill 2491 is a major accomplishment of our community, a testament to grass roots democracy and perseverance against all obstacles. The chemical companies threw everything they had at us. We persevered speaking truth to power and won. 
To be clear this is not over and even yesterday the attorney for Syngenta has again threatened to sue us, saying a law suit is a certainty. The arrogance of this company has no limit. This is the very same company whose chemical spraying is suspected of sending the children of Waimea Middle School to the hospital and whose primary product Atrazine is banned in their own country or origin. Instead of acknowledging and respecting the people and the decision of the elected body of Kauai County, they insist on trying to force their agenda, hide their use of toxic chemicals and continue spraying their pesticides near Kauai schools, hospitals and homes. Clearly they continue to underestimate the resolve of our commitment. Imua."