Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Not the Only One Struggling to Prove a Poisoning Done on Purpose to Oblivious People Including the Police

My son was 23 years old when he died of cyanide poisoning almost 2 years ago. Although his case is currently still an "Open Criminal Investigation" no one has been charged for Chris' death. Loosing my only son has been almost more than I can bare. It has been a battle to convince the Midlothian Texas police to investigate his death and the only reason they did not close his case and move on was because I started investigating on my own and found that his grandmother was responsible for buying the poison that killed him. A few months prior to my son's death his grandmother had made 2 threats on my son's life. She is either very mental or just very selfish, I think both. I have contacted the media in an effort to motivate the police to investigate and although they have joined my son's page and are monitoring the events that take place, much like the police, the media also seems to go where the people are. That is why I am asking for everyone's help in going over to Christopher Erick Memorial page and by clicking on the like button at the top, your name will be added to the other followers of his case. I never dreamed it would ever be a question of receiving justice for the murder of my child, but here I am asking for your help to encourage the police to do their job. Please help.

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