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Bee History...Who's Who is Still Who so do be Well Aware...

I love everything Andrew Gough says...
Unless you have done the research yourself...That means jumping on a plane and going to libraries with ancient texts, with long hours spent to find a short blurb from the past...We would never know... 

These poisoners are the same people, Andrew shows, who warred against Egypt to take over their bee hives...
They were the Manoians, Phoenicians, or call them Pirates or The Sea Peoples...they traded OPIUM, and needed the honey to add to their bitter product. 
The land & history of Egypt was hijacked by them, and they pretended to be the Egyptian God Kings and Luxor.

The same thing is still happening today...Pirates have taken over our world...They pretend to be real, but are actors for the corporate pirates. Big Pharma same people...Monsanto? Same people!

Do they know how to change history? Yes! Thanks to Andrew we have a bit of knowledge to see this.

Also thanks to Ed Chiarini we know who these actors are today!
The ENTIRE Monsanto Corporate Officers are going down today.

The 1 1/2 hour version

Ralph Fiennes = Monsanto CEO. I see who the rest are.

Lets play..."here comes Mr. Logic to kick your acting asses."
Lets begin...If you had a company that you planned to use to be the worlds face of evil, it would be logical to hire actors to fill the upper management roles. Correct?

Yes it would, because no one wants to be considered a bad/evil person in the REAL WORLD, so no one would want that security headache and put your family at risk. So you create a pseudonym to use and the identity/face of evil is now the target of all people on the planet.

So who could you trust to keep the secret about the pseudonyms, as well as take the roles of all the executive management.

If you can't trust your family then who can you trust?

So you now run the evil company monsanto. You need to generate some conflict for your peeps in the news media to use to create content so how do you do that?

Simple, since all your family including yourself are actors, you stage a protest and the head of the protests are you and your executive officers in disguise.

Hell, while we're at it we might as well call beau bridges and staff to see if they will bring all their PHONY Dallas Gun protest folks, and then will call the rest of the Austin and portland based fake protesters for hire that played the roles in the fake OCCUPY movement.

Sounds logical to me.

Hey look at that its Beau who else do I see OH I see John Bush and his fake girlfriend Kathryn (who is a Ritter) . I see Little Debbie the rapper who just so happens to be the co host of the shoe Ridiculousness with Rob Dedrik , executive producer JEFF TREMAINE from Jackass, which is on MTV owned By National Amusements. OH THE GANGA ALL GOING TO BE AT THE UPCOMING MONSANTO MARCH. Maybe REAL people can show up there and give the FAKE protesters/monsanto executives a little going away present.
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Thats Katheryn
Ed Chiarini's photo.

John Bush
Ed Chiarini's photo.

Monsanto CEO actor Ralph Fiennes is...
Ed Chiarini's photo.

Hugh Grant
Ed Chiarini's photo.

Here they are together...They use old pictures too...
File:Ralph Fiennes MingFilmFest 2011.jpg
Dr Robert T Fraley CTO of monsanto is played by Fiennes' father
Ed Chiarini's photo.

Pierre Courduroux
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (effective Jan. 1, 2011)

Is our favorite Giffords hoax Royal and cool killer guy in the Biting Elbows music vid. TIM WHALE who was also Zimmerman her aid in the Giffords FAKE shooting

Hey Duncan tell Tim I said BOOYAH!
And if you look closely he looks a lot like Liam Neison who has to be related to Feinnes or is him but am still working out the ears 

AND IS THAT Steven C. Mitzell possibly BRYANT GUMBEL as the Executive Vice President of HR at Monsanto?

Personally I think Tyrone Hayes is Mitzel...Look at the lower part of the eyes.
An actor...going around making money talking about how terrible Syngenta treated him...He is very weird...And I believe a person put in place as controlled opposition. His behavior is deplorable...
tyrone says:
July 30, 2010 at 8:07 pm
"awww. and on my birthday too!"
About him writing emails with very bad language Syngenta
He does not seem like a scientist to me.

And do we have Richard Sexton as

Kerry J. Preete
Executive Vice President, Global Strategy

Sexton, Richard

Nicole M. Ringenberg
Vice President and Controller
Ed Chiarini's photo.

or Monsanto protester?
Ed Chiarini's photo.

Janet M. Holloway
Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff and Community Relations
Ed Chiarini's photo.

Or Monsanto protester?
Ed Chiarini's photo.

Monsanto Protester?
Ed Chiarini's photo.

OR IS THAT MAX Kaisers Co host stacey herbert

Frank Atlee sure looks familiar...
He died supposedly this past April...This is a very old picture too. There are no other pictures to be found for him...hmmm...


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