Sunday, June 22, 2014

Microscopes are now illegal it seems...Corporate Raiders OK Though

"On March 20, at approximately 11:00 a.m., seven uniformed officers came into my office and confiscated two microscopes. I was pretty overwhelmed and wanted to know why they took the microscopes, however they did not tell me. I stood at the doorway and said, 'This is my personal property,' and they physically shoved me out of the way. I called the local police and they came over; however, they sided with the uniformed officers. They placed a couple of slips of violations on my counter in the office and left."

Apparently when a rebuttal is unavailable suppression is substituted.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident." You cannot cast doubt on a self-evident truth. You must eliminate its availability to the public.

"Over the course of his 25 years of research, Harvey Bigelsen has learned how to interpret images created by the blood in order to understand a person's total health. He has found that blood, like water, is a messenger of a person's emotion and consciousness. This is exciting and spectacular research and my hope is that it will be shared with the world!" 

The National Health Federation is standing up to support Harvey Bigelsen.

Remember them? They are the only group that is not a country, and stands for our health, who is allowed to talk, and make recommendations at CODEX ALIMENTARIUS.

CODEX where the standards for levels of RDA in vitamins and amounts of chemicals are set for our consumption. The nutrition standards go down, the levels of chemicals go up and the decisions of what chemicals are allowed . Corporations send their reps. in the guise of a countries official representation.
Very serious and no one knows this is even happening!

The Bigelsen clinic was raided last March without notice or warning. Currently, Harvey Bigelsen is facing nine misdemeanor counts for distributing homeopathic remedies and other related offenses, including practicing medicine without a license, even though Bigelsen says he does not practice medicine. The community is rallying this Sunday to support and inform the public about the risks to alternative medicine.

The Bigelsens have been devastated by the raid, the closure of their business, subsequent foreclosure of their Nevada City home and now state and county prosecution. This grassroots fundraiser is to defray legal costs and living expenses while the Bigelsen’s clinic is closed.

Published on Jun 4, 2014
Please help NHF bring the due attention the Dr. Bigelsens bizarre treatment.
STAND UP and DEFEND our health like Harvey does everyday!
Donate here:

This is what Harvey does...Looks at blood.

If I had a doctor who did this for me they would have known immediately how sick I was. But instead it was denial and no testing for anything about pesticides...

In 2001 when I was poisoned (by a poisoning on 2 acres of grass around the house I worked at) I once again could barely move, walk, lift my arms, and was in such pain it made me cry the doc. pulled out a book looked up pesticide, closed the book, and said nope that doesn't hurt you...and prescribed a visit to the psychiatrists! I am not kidding!

The games are HUGE! And I know...that's why I made this blog to prove it, and to share with you.

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Reporting from documents just filed with the California State Court in San Francisco, Vardi writes that thirteen investors to Burrill Life Sciences Capital Fund III, including the Treasury of the State of North Carolina, Oregon Investment Fund, Unilever, Monsanto, and Celgene removed Steve as general partner of the fund in March.

And why? The investors in Fund III claim that the Glass Ratner Advisory Capital Group audited the fund and reported that nearly $20 million had been paid to “various designees and affiliates” beyond what had been earned in management fees.

Kimberly Usher's photo.
Kimberly Usher's photo.
Kimberly Usher's photo.
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