Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Iao River Poisoning Update ~ Dumping Something?

This album documents the poisoning of the only river on Maui, in Hawaii at Wailuku, the county capital. I have been documenting this for 5 years. I have reported this to state authorities. Sticking out my neck to file an official report. I have called every office, radio show, told the community,  made public comments to our county council...The spraying has slowed but, the white bleaching; evidence of the poisoning, continues.

Recently studying this on Google satellite map, I have found a pad set up by warehouses showing a pad that seems to be used as a dumping pad by the river.

When I first saw this bleaching my 1st thought was drug makers pouring the left overs of their products into the river to discard them.

Then I saw the county, state and HC&S (sugar plantation corporation) spraying poison...Now I see the bleaching leading up to this pad by the river out in the bush; where no one can see, and with some kind of industry going on.

The white you see is the bleaching, and not white foamy rough water!
My Picasa Album Diabolical Poisoning of the Iao River




The shadowy part is the river hidden by trees.
The pad is there next to the brown box colored squares?

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