Sunday, June 29, 2014

Brain, Culture and Consumerist Video

Consumed - Is Our Consumer Culture Leading to Disaster?
"In the past serfs were kept in place using physical dominance by their lords. Now we have a situation where the lords have evolved into short-sighted, selfish, ruthless and faceless parasites and the serfs are numerous, complacent, subservient and generally really fucking stupid. How else can we have a democracy where the majority of people vote for a government that endorses a situation where people are willing to pay ludicrous amounts for hygienic needs such as shelter and watch helplessly while the environment is destroyed? We have evolved a small sub class of devious, selfish, psychopaths that call the shots and a population where the majority are subordinate zombies that are so immensely stupid that they would not realize that they are being completely fucked over until they see it on a commercial on television."

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