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RoundUp Damages Enzyme Pathways Arrests Bodies Ability to DETOX

The Denmark study also found that glyphosate inhibits an enzyme called cytochrome P450 in humans which helps the body detoxify harmful chemicals. This means that the very toxic brew that causes chemical overload in the body also causes the body to be congested with more chemicals – whether they are glyphosate or aluminum, lead, arsenic, or any other toxic substance in the body.
This is yet another study showing the uncanny level of harm that glyphosate can assert on the mammalian system.
...The killer of weeds, RoundUp causes absolute havoc on the enzymes in the body. The chemical brew meant to boost GMO crop production is exceedingly dangerous to animals in some of their most sensitive life stages.
Glyphosate has been linked to several other health problems, as well, but in this particular study, scientists found that specific enzyme pathways necessary for proper functioning were inhibited. In this case, the enzymes in the gut which allow the body to detoxify itself were adversely affected. While the study looked at the guts of animals dining on GMO, glyphosate-ridden soy, the results can be translated to the human form just as easily.
Why it is still allowed in this, on any other country, is crazy.
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Published: Sunday 4 May 2014

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Life, in the ideal, is a domain that captures and stores energy and mobilizes it quantum coherently in perfectly coupled cycles that generate no entropy. ... in the quantum physics and chemistry of the liquid crystalline water in the living matrix that enables noiseless, rapid intercommunication to take place, as required of quantum coherent system.
Water also provides the electricity that energizes and animates life. That is why water is “the means, medium and message of life.” It is the “rainbow within” because its liquid crystalline state enables molecules to line up and move coherently together, creating interference colors when viewed under the polarizing microscope, which are the stuff of rainbows.
A whole new cell biology and biology of life is emerging, based on water, that has been completely left out in the reductionist and overly mechanistic biology of the mainstream...
i.e., with the utmost sensitivity in all of one’s senses including one’s appreciation of beauty and love, so that the known is most itself as the knower is most herself. That is also the highest order quantum coherent state of being one with the known...the sensitivity that makes us most alive, and most ready to be inspired.
--Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

The rainbow and the worm
Establishing a new physics of life

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Study showed that the people who experienced a large drop in pesticide levels when consuming organic foods as opposed to conventional foods suggests most of these pesticides come from food consumption.
"Eating an organic diet for a week can cause pesticide levels to drop by almost 90% in adults, research from RMIT University has found.
The study, led by Dr Liza Oates found particpants' urinary dialkylphosphates (DAPs) measurements were 89% lower when they ate an organic diet for seven days compared to a conventional diet for the same amount of time. DAPs make up 70% to 80% of organophosphate pesticides.
Dr Oates said having the same people experience a large drop in organophosphate pesticide levels when consuming organic foods as opposed to conventional foods suggested most of these pesticides come from food consumption. However, she recognised it could come from other sources.
“The people in the organic phase (of the study) still did have some exposure, so there are obviously some alternate routes of exposure,” she said.
This idea was supported by University of Adelaide toxicologist Dr Ian Musgrave.
“We’re exposed to pesticide residues in a number of ways,” he said."

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