Friday, February 28, 2014

Maui Residents Expected to BE VERY SICK

Disregard to our health and to our environment.
This is the same medical group where I was refused testing for pesticide poisoning...OBLIVIOUS or on purpose?
Maui Medical Group just built a multi-million dollar MIR extension in Wailuku, and it opened last year.
There is no crowd. Why would they need a new facility?
To STUDY us?

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Speak Out Now for No Six Story Building in Kanaha Wetlands!
There’s a large project threatening Central Maui’s viewplane and remaining wetlands that you may be unaware of. The Maui Medical Plaza at Kanaha, a planned six story building with a five story (300+ car parking garage) on the edge of Kanaha wetlands (in a tsunami and sea level rise zone) has somehow managed to stay under the public’s radar.
The project’s developers blame the shortage of doctors on Maui to a lack of medical facilities yet medical professionals will tell you that Maui’s low rural rates of Medicare reimbursements and the high cost of malpractice insurance are much more to blame.
Hawaii at one time had 59,000 acres of wetlands. Thirty percent of our lowland wetlands have already been lost, an acre at a time, encroaching and filling in the edges of feeding, nesting and breeding areas for the endangered (and federally protected) Hawaiian Stilt and Hawaiian Coot. Due to the continued destruction of many of Hawaii's wetland areas Kanaha Pond was designated a registered natural landmark in 1971 by the Department of the Interior.
Despite this area being designated a heavy industrial zone in the 1960’s, today we better understand the importance of preserving wetlands and areas of open space. The 2002 Wailuku Kahului Community Plan states “Protect shoreline wetland resources and flood plain areas as valuable natural systems and open space resources. These natural systems are important for flood control, as habitat area for wildlife, and for various forms of recreation. Future development actions should emphasize flood prevention and protection of the natural landscape.” The community plan also says that “Drainage channels should not be used for building sites but rather for public open space” and further adds, “Higher building forms up to six stories should be sited in the central portion of commercial blocks.”
In spite of this the project’s final Environmental Assessment was accepted by the Maui Planning Commission in 2011 and received a Special Management Area permit.
Time passed with no construction at the site due to the developers’ failing finances. They have now declared personal bankruptcy and recently sold the property through a joint venture agreement to Oahu-based dck Pacific (a subsidiary of dck Worldwide).

Maui Medical Plaza at Kanaha is asking the community to write to the Maui Planning Department and Maui Planning Commission to ask for the transfer and extension of the project’s Special Management Area permit which expires in August, 2014. If this permit expires the developers will have to re-apply and likely file an Environmental Impact Statement. This would be very good news for the Kanaha wetlands and for all friends of Kanaha as more public scrutiny could end this misguided project once and for all.
If you care about preserving Central Maui’s view plane and wetlands please join us in asking the Maui Planning Commission to reconsider the impacts of this project and deny the transfer of its Special Management Area permit.
Please send your comments today to:

Maui Planning CommissionMaui County Planning Department
Attention: Chair Ivan LayAttention: Director Will Spence
250 S. High St2200 Main St.
Kalana Pakui Bldg Ste 200One Main Plaza Bldg, Ste. 315
Wailuku, HI 96793Wailuku, HI 96793

Mahalo Nui,

Irene Bowie
Executive Director
Maui Tomorrow Foundation
At one time some "industrialist" wanted to dredge this area and put Maui's harbor here.
OUTRAGE caused that to not happen.

We must ride to the rescue!

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