Monday, February 10, 2014

Atrazine and Silencing Doctors by Corporations is REAL Tar Sands in Canada and USA

Is the Alberta government’s ‘Tar Sands is King’ attitude silencing doctors?

When we get sick, when we experience symptoms that we’ve never seen before, we rely on doctors to tell us what’s wrong. We rely on their knowledge and training to diagnose our symptoms and tell us how to get better.

When Peace River residents went to their doctor something else happened. Their doctors refused to do the tests needed to fully diagnose the symptoms they were experiencing, and in one case the doctor’s advice was simply to, “move.” His actual comment was even more troubling: “you are just a small, little bolt in this huge robot, and you don't matter. Move.”

Via Greenpeace Canada
One study suggests that chemicals that act as endocrine disrupters may put an unborn infant at risk. A 2012 epidemiological study looked at atrazine, a commonly used herbicide in the U.S., and found that women who lived in counties in Texas with the highest levels of this chemical being used to treat agricultural crops were 80 times more likely to give birth to infants with choanal atresia or stenosis compared to women who lived in the counties with the lowest levels. [26]
Although the U.S. EPA states that thus far studies show atrazine to be an endocrine disruptor,[1] a 2013 op-ed written by Jon Entine inForbes called it a novel theory, "widely circulated notion popular with the Environmental Working GroupCenter for Food SafetyNatural Resources Defense Council and other anti-chemical activists".[27] According to Entine, the current scientific consensus is that atrazine is safe, restrictions too severe, and has prompted the WHO to significantly raise the allowable amount of atrazine in drinking water.[27]
A recent study demonstrated that exposure of beetles to environmentally relevant doses of Atrazine during development as larvae confounded the sexual selection process so that females selected less fit mates, and speculated that it may have played a role in the declines in the federally endangered American Burying Beetle.[28]
This is one of many chemicals that make people become "gay", or have difficulty with sexual orientation.

PARENTS! This is your fault... you DID THIS to your own children!

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