Monday, February 10, 2014

Complete Ban on Cosmetic Pesticides in Ottawa With Blessing from Ontario Province - Each Community to Decide for Itself

Ottawa has a complete ban on residential use...Took a big fight, and they had a great leader...Dr. Jean Cottam
History of CHO:

Since 2003, the CHO has been calling for the City of Ottawa to pass a by-law that would restrict the cosmetic use of lawn care pesticides.

On May 28, 2008, Ottawa City Council overwhelmingly endorsed, with a 17-7 vote, the Ontario Government's initiative to ban the use and sale of cosmetic pesticides in Ontario (Bill 64 – The Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Act).

Ottawa Council also recommended that the provincial legislation be amended to permit municipalities to pass bylaws regulating cosmetic pesticide use consistent with the intent of the provincial legislation – to ban the use and sale of cosmetic pesticides. With this Ottawa joins the City of Toronto in requesting this amendment.

On April 22, 2008, Earth Day, the Ontario Government introduced Bill 64 - "The Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Act, 2008" - that would implement a province-wide ban on the cosmetic use and sale of lawn and garden pesticides.

Ontario’s cosmetic pesticides ban took effect on April 22, 2009.

Over 250 pesticide products are now banned for sale and more than 95 pesticide ingredients are banned for cosmetic uses (see list here).
The Ministry of Environment's press release can be viewed here.

The Coalition for a Healthy Ottawa thanks and congratulates the government of Ontario for implementing a province-wide ban on the sale and use of cosmetic lawn pesticides. Ending their use makes good sense!

The time has therefore come for the citizens of Ottawa to respects the basic rights of us all to a healthy environment with clean air, clean water and clean soil.

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