Sunday, February 16, 2014

Elle Cochran Airs Maui Pesticide and GMO Concerns

GMO & Pesticide Bill Maui County For Disclosure of Use... EIS -Environmental Impact Statement

Crossroads February 4, 2014 from Akaku Maui Community TV on Vimeo.

Pesticides and GMO Bill
Maui Crossroads with host Elle Cochran talking with Dr. Pang, Bob Martin, and Gerry Ross.
@36:47 Bob Martin goes into all the many, many farms on Maui that were ruined and went out of business due to pesticide drift.
Mr. Martin reports over 200 cases of pesticide misuse he documented that were not really investigated, or laws enforced. Hawai'i State Dept. of Agricultural is not doing its job...even falsifying reports.
Gerry Ross explains organic and natural ways...

I know personally what Mr. Martin is saying...

Police report May 31st 2008
5 dead chickens from a new round  in my already terribly poisoned by pesticide yard.
They say it is a civil matter, but I insisted they make a police report..

Complaint #MA-08-08 on 11/25/08
About my yard
No investigation, although he noted my yard had evidence of pesticide poisoning.  Because, I did not die, only 5 chickens in my yard died and not 10, and I did not spend 24 hours in the hospital- months in bed not being able to move,  and countless visits to the doctor didn't count; NO LAW WAS BROKEN...

Complaint #MA-09-03 on 4/17/09
About my yard
Still owe $4 on last report didn't get this one, but Dept of Ag sent a letter that said they talked to the place where I live.

Complaint #MA-10-07 on 7/22/10
About poisoning in I'ao River
In a letter Dept. of Ag Pesticide Misuse Div. sent;  it said they talked to every known dept in the state, county and private parties about the spraying.
And it is still happening...
2/12/14 The blue dyed pesticide was sprayed by the river, mailboxes, 10' from the edge of my property, and 40' from my backdoor.

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