Saturday, June 8, 2013

Lies Monsanto and Minions Tell in the Maui News

Maui News is criminal in not publicly apologizing for spreading lies, and for not issuing a detraction, along with an explanation on why they did no fact checking.
Thinking a letter to the editor being published is not good enough. We need a front page headline and story on the deceit of Monsanto, and their minions. A real investigative report. One we can hold to account too.
I was told that two 19 year old boys died spraying pesticides while working for Monsanto. It was so covered up, that one of the boys uncles, who cried while he told me, said he did not know for a month or attend the funeral. It was a secret. Very hard to keep such a secret on Maui....And I bet Monsanto has many more.
This article was published in response to the March Against Monsanto on May 25th 2013 here on Maui.... But first you must read a letter to the editor of the Maui News published this past week...rebutting this article

The May 26 article on genetically modified organisms included a quote from executive director of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, in which she said, "The scientific consensus about their safety is overwhelming." She then stated that she represents feed farmers and that she is not paid by Monsanto, Dow or another biotech company.

However, HCIA member companies include Monsanto, Dow and Syngenta. The president of the association is Monsanto's Fred Perlak. So, her statement was highly misleading.

Monsanto has invested heavily in university research departments.

But the main way it stifles food safety research into GMOs is by making it illegal for anyone to study GMO food without permission from the patent holder, Monsanto itself. This prompted Scientific American to state "when scientists are prevented from examining the raw ingredients in our nation's food supply or from testing the plant material that covers a large portion of the country's agricultural land, the restrictions on free inquiry become dangerous."

Ernest Hilberg

I just now came from the doctors... I met a lady who is a mailman and works at the post office. She asked me what GMOs are,....I am still flabbergasted at the fact that most people 
Yeah ...That's me dragging my pill bottles. have no IDEA!!!! 


Monsanto Eviction Notice

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