Friday, June 14, 2013

Watch Genetic Roulette...BT LINK to Antiphospholipid

The illness I have can related to the BT toxin GMO gene.@13:40 (in genetic roulette) talks about vitamin K...Makes our blood clot... I take a poison called warfarin that kills the flora that produce Vit K in our intestines.... Disrupts the intestinal flora.
"Roundup disrupts the manufacture of necessary amino acids by your gut bacteria. Reduced L-arginine = lower Nitric Oxide = more waste and garbage in your cardiovascular system.
Nitric Oxide keeps your cardio vascular system clean. Nitric Oxide is made in the linings of you veins , vessels and capillaries. Things like Roundup destroyed your ability to produce Nitric Oxide by interfering with the production of key amino acids such as L-arginine. This effects everything from eye site to sex life and of course the Heart. " 713-208-4196 

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Watch Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives. Winner of the AwareGuide Viewer’s Choice award for most transformational film of the year, and named film of the year by the Solari Report, this remarkable documentary shares real life testimony from health care providers, scientists, veterinarians and more, containing critical information for health conscious consumers."
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