Friday, May 31, 2013

Wheat and Soy both are not what we think...

Author and preventive cardiologist William Davis, MD, wheat’s new biochemical code causes hormone disruption that is linked to diabetes and obesity. “It is not my contention that it is in everyone’s best interest to cut back on wheat; it is my belief that complete elimination is in everyone’s best health interests,”...
..."If introduced, GE wheat will enter farmers’ rotations along with the already HT canola and soybeans. This compounds the issue of superweeds as each crop sown would be HT, so any seed that fell from the crop before harvest would pose a threat of becoming an uncontrollable weed, or contained by using increasingly toxic herbicides. How can we believe that pesticide use will decrease with GE wheat?

...Fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, and growth regulators are all becoming more chemically potent and their frequency of application continues to increase every 5 years. American scientists are currently developing GM strains of wheat conferring resistance to fungal diseases. Wheat is becoming such a transmutated grain, that it someday may not even be called wheat."

...Each grain of wheat contains about one microgram of Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA). Even in small quantities, WGA can have profoundly adverse effects. It may be pro-inflammatory, immunotoxic, cardiotoxic … and neurotoxic."
This is a really good write up on the history of wheat and the reasons for wheat not being nutrional any more, even without GMOs, and where we are today...

Not even talking GMOs soy is not healthy...90% or more of soy is GMO. Add this new factor of Gene VI virus found in GMOs, and we are looking at a nightmare for every person who eats...that's all of us.

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