Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why the Bees are Dying: Is there an ancient solution to this modern problem found in classic literature?

"The only common solution would be a change in our attitude to the earth. To understand that the earth is animate, and that we are in a constant dialogue with it. And when we treat it disrespectfully, it will not remain inert, but respond in kind, as the nymphs did to Aristaeus, with the death of the bees.
Aristaeus is a hero because his journey entails the emblematic, obligatory initiation through death to rebirth. A new swarm of bees is born from the dead bulls. But the journey’s real value to the hero is a conscious recognition of his crime and the consequent refinement of his natural instincts. Its value to us is a timeless lesson to heed and emulate towards resolving our current, very pressing crisis.
Like Aristaeus, we must make a sacrifice. A sacrifice of our greed for profit. A sacrifice of our old attitudes and outdated ways of treating the earth. We must become reborn to a new consciousness that reciprocates the gifts that the earth has so generously provided. A return that will effect a balance in our relationship with nature, and a renewed blossoming in its bounty–bees included."
About the Author: Kalliope Lee studied Classical Literatures and Languages as an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, focusing on Greek Tragedy and Ancient Greek language. She was the recipient of the Presidential Fellowship to study in the PhD program in Classics at Columbia University. She had begun a PhD in the Classics, and received an MA before going on to get her MFA in the Creative Writing Program at NYU.
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