Tuesday, January 22, 2013

TEDX featured talk on this blog targeted by Rockefeller Group, The Nature Conservancy

Willie Smits who did the TEDX talk that shows how to re-establish and make bountiful destroyed land and life, ruined by industry (top right column here on my blog) is being attacked.
Here is the link to the attack.... https://www.ted.com/pages/791
This is happening in Borneo where there is a rape of the land for palm oil...leaving devastation in it's wake. check this out http://understory.ran.org/2011/11/22/ran-campaigner-goes-head-to-head-with-malaysian-government-minister-at-rspo/

The guy doing this works for the Nature Conservancy, which is a Rockefeller grant. Go down in this blog and watch the videos with Norman Dodd to really see how this is worked. It is called "controlled opposition" and is mostly there to discourage and confuse the issues.

"In cooperation with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and others, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund financed The Unfinished Agenda, a societal transformation “eco-totalitarian” blueprint for the U.S. "...
     "Today, the Environmental Grantmakers Association (EGA), created by the Rockefeller Family Fund in 1985, represents 225 foundations and is an affinity group of the Council on Foundations.[3] It is described by the American Land Rights Association (ALRA) as “a cartel of eco-money” that “lavishes millions on eco-agitators.” This “cartel,” through its “hundreds of millions” controls the environmental activist movement to carry out Agenda 21. Money is also appropriated through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to government schools to create an “environmentally literate public” to produce “a public that accepts the Green Gospel uncritically.”[4]

     These conservation efforts appear noble! To conceal their agenda and gain public approval, corporations sedate the tax-poor public through influential tax-exempt foundations which finance non-profit groups that purportedly promote peace, health and conservation. Some people can see through the conservation charade. On October 13, 2006, Kimmi Lewis, Secretary of the Colorado Independent Cattle Grower’s Association pointed out that the Army and TNC are partners in this land and water seizure. A first step in this partnership is the establishment of buffer zones.[5]"
You should read the entire article page 1 and 2, will blow your mind.

     Here on Maui we have the same people getting a foot hold. They can be seen digging up turtle babies just hatched eggs to "save them"...This is a form of abuse to nature, not a help at all. Traumatising these small creatures when in their most critical stage of development. They stick them in a bucket and then dump them out. The inner directions to come back to Maui, and to breed or lay eggs here is affected. Just my guess, but common sense.

     Agenda 21 Here in Hawai'i masquerades as PLDC... It is a Public Land Development Corporation enacted through Act 55 in 2011 unknown to anyone, but the "trustees" of our state; the legislature. Governor Abercrombie said last week he may have to repeal it because of all the public outrage over it, unless the PLDC can fix themselves to be acceptable. Trying to console and coddle the masses by being nicer, and making changes to this is not going to work... We want this gone.
The PLDC can do whatever they want without being held to account with state, county or environmental laws... Bizarre. Why would our legislature even think this is right? And no one even knew about it until after the elections that this law was passed.

The aristocratic tone and weirdness of the attacker of Willie Smits reminds me of Don Gerbig when he attacked me for scaring people about pesticides.
The Nature Conservancy ( TNC ).

     Here is from 1971 a doc. showing where and how Agenda 21 was created by Rockefeller...A janitor who saved all the trash from their work, and  put this con' o piracy together. He self published a book as big as a cities yellow pages with all the docs he found and rescued. It may still be obtained through a private source. Also known as project-rf-17079 ...
     Notice how the group they formed in Oregon is called LCDC Land Conservation and Development Commission that is very similar to PLDC. Another telling point is the mentioning of euthanasia which is legal in Oregon now. It did come to pass.

The PLDC may be repeal for real, but they have another corporation set up for the harbors, and the schools. They want to sell us, and our kids out for a laptop...That will be obsolete in a year!!!

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