Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Soy dangers compounded by GMOs and Gene VI a newly discovered renegade virus found in almost all GMOs.

Weston Price Foundation is suing the State of Illinois prison system...The ex-governer Rod (you know who), that is in prison right now, set up a "deal" to replace the prisoner's proteins with soy. Many are ill (and possibly have died), in terrible pain and fear. They want this fixed.

Not even talking GMOs soy is not healthy...90% or more of soy is GMO. Add this new factor of Gene VI virus found in GMOs, and we are looking at a nightmare for every person who eats...that's all of us.

Mauana Lei around Haleakala
Watched a video with a man calling his different local state officials to ask why GMO soy was allowed in our food supply. In listening to his conversations with the people he talked to (the clerks of the office) learned he had a baby who died, and that the baby had been fed a soy formula. The baby died from a brain tumor. The father wanted to know WHY!!!! Why did he lose his most treasured and loved part of his life.

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