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"Amount of nutrition in foods will go down, and the legal standard for poisons in our food go up…It is that simple." CODEX

This is the Codex Alimentarius site to see what and how much of a chemical is allowed in a product. Every heard of this World Trade Organization an off shoot of the UN? Started by a chemical company CEO who was also a Nazi war criminal. He had alot of time to think while in prison.

I wrote this article on Hartke back when we were fighting the S.510 Fake Food Safety Bill where I addressed this. Essentially this is it on the Codex to deal with chemicals in products...

"The facts are all there; the Good Earth food for health has more nutrition, while the Corporate food has none, or very little…this is why the Codex Alimentarius Treaty, with the WTO, is important to the corporate food groups…in the Codex Alimentarius Treaty, which will be ratified by Congress with the passing of the Food Safety Modernization Laws (S510, HR2749), the legal standard for the amount of nutrition in foods will go down, and the legal standard for poisons in our food go up…It is that simple."

They want everyone (each nation) to sign a treaty to go along with this ...Codex.

Actually Obama has already signed it. We don't know because our eyes were on the Gulf of Mexico at the time.
BP was destroying our food supply, because they are the only corporate Fish Feed producer in the world and don't care an iota.
 (see Frankenfishy on side column)
Funny how the Minerals Management Service (MMS) who was in charge of the oil rig and it's safety is also our governments monitor for fish farms...figures.

Here is a blub on to what's happening now.
Stealth Codex Alimentarius Regulations Postponed in US … For Now
By Brandon Turbeville

  Also find out about Potassium Bromide or Bromine or BPO... It's in your Gatorade..and Pepsi products...I always wondered why that drink felt so's a flame retardant. It's also in your bread.
OK...went and found out about BPO for us. Potassium Bromate Oil (BPO)
USA is being dosed with radiation from Fukushima reactor melting down and coming our way and into our bodies constantly...
Radiation has different elements to it.

One, and I think is the worst, is Radioactive Iodine. If our body is depleted of iodine it will try to find some...And if the only kind available is this radioactive iodine that's the one the body will use. So we are loaded up and it will settle there... not good.
We need to have already loaded thyroid glands with the correct type to avoid getting hit by this possibility. I load up by taking the iodine used for a sore, and place it directly on my neck. My body will absorb it.

Now, let's see about BPO...
Potassium bromide is an ionic salt, written as KBr for scientific purposes...
is used for drilling purposes-does that mean Fracking?
Good God! Here is a site that sells it- warnings everywhere about this.
From Wikipedia: Bromine History
Bromine (from Greek: βρῶμος, brómos, meaning "stench (of he-goats)...Free bromine does not occur in nature, but occurs as colorless soluble crystalline mineral halide salts, analogous to table salt.

"Accumulated Toxins
A condition known as bromide dominance or bromism develops when your body is exposed repeatedly to products, environment, and food stuffs containing bromide/potassium bromate.
When the level becomes high enough in the body, the bromide/bromate inhibits the body from properly absorbing iodine causing an iodine deficiency....

The Center for Science ...labeled as a cancer threat.
 CDC lists bromine in the same class as potassium bromate, as a toxin.

In September 2007, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) responded to Breast Cancer Choices Organization inquiry about the additive potassium bromate with the statement:
"Potassium bromate is still listed as a safe additive."
It's in our BREAD!!
Please go, and view this website...Amazing info.

     Pay to play system?  
Tell them your mother said, "Not allowed to play with them"
...and don't buy into the game...
Get a magnifying glass if need to be, so the list of chemicals can be easily read.

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