Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Ancient and Sacred History of Honey Bees & Monsanto is purposely genenociding bees...Never Under Estimate Greed!

Egypt means Land of the Bee People 
 The King Bee is Phaoroh means Bee Keeper
1:00:15 worship and veneration of honey bee; Andrew Gough, editor-in-chief of The Heretic Magazine. 53:53 for an interesting comment that I note for you to note...on Armageddon a hoax being acted out.... This is Coast's best guest ever, and I would know every night for 16 years my goal has been to listen. He talks about pesticides, and colony collapse. I love you, Dr. Gough. The word Grape means to Swarm...What a researcher, and so pleasant, good, interesting, informed, friendly, kind and humorous. Love his laugh. 
Coast to Coast AM - Jan 30 2013 - Ghosts, Dimensions & Sacred Honey Bee's

I am venturing to say the Namoan people on Crete who were the heroin opium dealers of the time were the genociders of the Egyptian Race. Playing out again by the same- Drug Dealer. Listen and historian who studies in detail has some answers for today through history.
Namoans grew and traded Opium a bitter pill; Honey masked the taste.
Go down to my post tomatobubble and add this factor up in your head.
The above video is being very scarce... Had to find another one. And very few are out there. WHY? Because this one is very IMPORTANT! Monsanto is killing BEEs on Purpose!

Hearts electromagnetic field is 5000 times more powerful then the Brain



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