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TPP Treaty BAN on Dolphin Safe Tuna ~Dolphins Death Acceptable

In the last 25 years, dolphin-safe labeling of tuna managed to reduce unnecessary annual deaths of the mammals from over 100,000 to only 3,000—an astounding 97% reduction—but the World Trade Organization just effectively nullified this critical program.
In order to placate Mexico as a member nation of the upcoming (and seemingly inevitable) Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the WTO deemed dolphin-safe labeling a “technical barrier to trade”—even though that environmentally-conscious label is voluntary and applies equally to domestic and foreign companies. At issue are fishing methods that exploit the as-yet-unexplained symbiotic relationship between tunas and dolphins. As the Sierra Clubexplained:
Tunas and dolphins are commonly found together in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. Taking advantage of this, many fishing companies purposefully ensnare dolphins in their nets so as to trap tuna, killing and injuring dolphins in the process. In 1990, the U.S. enacted a ban on imports of tuna caught with dolphin-unsafe practices and regulated ‘dolphin-safe’ tuna labeling.
Considering the vast reduction in extraneous deaths since that label was enacted in the 1980s, most consumers responded favorably toward protecting dolphins—mammals that, incidentally, were declared “non-human persons” by India in February 2014. As India’s Ministry of Environment and Forests explained at the time:
Whereas cetaceans [dolphins, whales, porpoises] in general are highly intelligent and sensitive, and various scientists who have researched dolphin behavior have suggested that the unusually high intelligence as compared to other animals means that dolphins should be seen as ‘non-human persons’ and as such should have their own specific rights …

This ruling by the WTO is the fourth and final against U.S. attempts to continue dolphin-safe labeling, despite modifications and improvements that sought to rectify any difficulty experienced by the Mexican tuna fishing industry. Rejecting claims the label is both “legitimate” for the protection of dolphins and important for “the conservation of exhaustible natural resources,” the WTO’s decision stated the voluntary label has been applied“arbitrarily.” Mexico first launched the complaint with the WTO in 2008, and rulings against the U.S. came in 2011, 2012, and twice this year—but now the U.S. has exhausted the appeals process and is left without further recourse.

Viruses in GMOs, and Vaccines...

Jailed, and Gagged...she's back...@29:41 she starts to talk about pesticide, and GMOs

Interview with Dr Judy Mikovits PhD 11 22 15

The act of the Australian government making vaccinations mandatory is an act of genocide.
Dr. Judy explains how we have been infected by vaccines.
No wonder they put her in jail.
This truth undermines a 25 billion dollar industry.
Released only 4 days ago it should go viral. Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD is a Biochemist, cellular and molecular biologist with over 30 years of scientific expertise. She has directed programs on HIV, cancer, epigenetics, and neuroimmune disease, with a focus on development of novel drug and diagnostic technologies.
Dr. Mikovits holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from George Washington University. Her dissertation was on HIV latency and mechanisms of immune activation in monocytes. Dr. Mikovits was a Postdoctoral Scholar in Molecular Virology at the Laboratory of Genomic Diversity, National Cancer Institute under Dr. David Derse. Over the past 26 years, she has published 51 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, and worked as a government scientist for many years developing viruses and vaccinations.
In 2011 when she made a horrifying discovery that was contaminating all vaccinations, she presented her data to government officials and was threatened & told to destroy all her data. When she did not she was jailed, her career systematically destroyed, and a gag order put in place for 4 years threatening that if she spoke out she would be thrown back in jail. That gag order has just lifted, and she's dumped the government right in it!
She speaks about how autism is associated with vaccines, also cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, alzheimers, auto immune diseases, allergies and more. She discusses how the cocktail of vaccinations pumped into babies mutate to develop months and years down the track into new viruses, cancers and diseases, some they dont even know about yet. She explains how the viruses injected through vaccines tear open our DNA and insert their own DNA to mutate our genetic makeup and be passed on generation after generation.
The act of the Australian government making vaccinations mandatory is an act of genocide.
If your jaw didn't drop you obviously need to listen to it again

Pesticide, and The Vagus Nerve- PolyVagal Theory

The only nerve in our body that has 2 way communication, and the instrument that conducts the Music in Our Body Electric...Like a disc jockey plays the music in us...

Human Beings have an Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) that is actually comprised of three separate subsystems, the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and the Enteric Nervous System (ENS). The enteric nervous system has been described as a "second brain," which communicates with the central nervous system (CNS) through the parasympathetic (e.g., via the vagus nerve) and sympathetic nervous systems. However, vertebrate studies show that when the vagus nerve is severed, the enteric nervous system continues to function.

We now know that the ENS is not just capable of autonomy but also influences the brain. In fact, about 90 per cent of the signals passing along the vagus nerve come not from above, but from the ENS and that is why many consider it as a backup brain centered in our solar plexus. Our gut instincts are not fantasies but real nervous signals that guide much of our lives.

It is our vagus nerve that provides the gateway between the two parts of the autonomic systems. The vagus acts as a bio-informational data bus that routes impulses going in two directions. Since the vagus nerve acts as the central switchboard it should come as no surprise that impaired functioning of this one nerve can lead to so many different conditions and problems. Some neurological diseases actually come up from the gut spreading to the brain via the vagus nerve.

"Since neuronal transmission is very slow, ~~50 m/sec, and myelin is the connective tissue covering of the neuron then what your describing is transmission of information "instantly" via the ever pervasive, elastic and electrically charged connective tissue system of the organism-the fascia?"

The Fascia is also being stimulated with the Vagus Nerve, contains water...Like a stone falling in a pond response with stimulation....All those strange names like Etheric body, and Light Body; this is what they are talking about...

" Most people don't realize that the vagus nerve is vibrationally linked to how our body sends and receives energy. Any time we feel something like a "gut" feeling or sense an emotion from someone else, it is the vagus nerve that is sensing that particular energy. Energies are all tangible frequencies and can be physically felt by our bodies, specifically the vagus nerve."

Our immune systems are largely housed in the gut and the interplay between the gut and the brain is a complex and profoundly important relationship to appreciate.
We all recognize that anxiety or nervousness can impact our guts – most of us have had butterflies before a date or even diarrhea with extreme performance anxiety?  We are just learning that this relationship is bidirectional; however, and that the gut can also communicate its state of calm or alarm to the nervous system.  We think that the vagus nerve is a primary conduit of information and that inflammatory markers are the vehicles traveling this highway. Scientists have studied the “protective effects” of severing this nerve when animals are exposed to gut-related toxins that normally cause depressive symptoms.  We are getting ahead of ourselves; however, because we need to better elucidate why inflammation matters, where it comes from, and why it is the universal driver of chronic illness.
Chemicals. Pesticides, environmental pollution from industrial waste, hormonally-modulating plastics, fire retardants, and cosmetic additives all stimulate our immune systems to varying extents and disrupt optimal production of energy on a cellular level, particularly in vulnerable tissues like the thyroid.

Cortisol and insulin are like stress-response sisters, and high cortisol states will also contribute to insulin resistance, or high insulin and high sugar while the cells, themselves, are starving. Insulin protects fat storage (inhibits lypolisis), and fat cells secrete their own inflammatory signals in addition to aromatizing testosterone to estradiol contributing to states of estrogen dominance, while also increasing DHEA and androgens to fuel that process (as well as acne, hair growth, and agitation).

Cortisol also inhibits the conversion of storage thyroid hormone to active hormone leading to states of hypothyroidism even with normal-looking labs.
What Does Inflammation Do?

Once inflammation is active, it is highly self-perpetuating. These inflammatory cytokines travel throughout the body causing oxidating stress to the fragile machinery of the tissues and mitochondria, specifically. In the brain, inflammation serves to shunt the use of tryptophan toward production of anxiety-provoking chemicals like quinolinate, instead of toward serotonin and melatonin. They produce a replicable collection of symptoms called “sickness syndrome”, noted for it’s overlap with “depressive” symptoms: lethargy, sleep disturbance, decreased social activity, mobility, libido, learning, anorexia, and andhedonia. Psychiatric researchers have observed that patients with higher levels of inflammatory markers (like CRP) are less likely to respond to antidepressants, and more likely to respond to anti-inflammatories.

Connect to the Vagus Nerve
Major causes of male infertility. Above all one of the main upcoming reasons for male infertility is pesticides. Experimental evidence in the laboratory has linked the chemicals present in pesticides to reduced sperm quality, testicular cancer and reproductive abnormalities. The chemicals work by “blocking” the activity of hormones, known as androgens, which influence the development of the male reproductive system. Several studies have suggested that human semen quality and fecundity is declining. A pesticide is “any substance or mixture of substances intended for preventing, destroying or controlling any pest, including vectors of human or animal disease, unwanted species of plants or animals causing harm during or otherwise interfering with the production processing, storage, transport or marketing of food, agricultural commodities, wood and wood products or animal feedstuffs, or substances which may be administered to animals for the control of insects, arachnids or other pests in or on their bodies”. They fall into three major classes: insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, Based upon the target organism classification these are also rodenticides, nematicides, molluscicides and acaricides . Another classification categorizes pesticides according their chemical structure. Insecticides include organochlorines, organophosphates, and carbamates. Organophosphate and carbamates are less toxic and largely replaced organochlorines.

Pesticides may differ according to their chemical structure, their mechanism of action and the toxicity they exhibit, but typically each pesticide consists of one (or more) active ingredient, which exerts the pesticidal activity, and an inert ingredient, which is inactive and helps in handling the active ingredient. Several studies have shown that the inert ingredient is not as inactive as it was previously believed to be. Over 700 active ingredients are in use worldwide as pesticides, each with distinct chemical and toxicological properties.

In addition to the desired effects of crop protection and pest management, pesticides have some recognized adverse impacts on human health and the environment. Humans have a great risk of exposure through several pathways in occupational, agricultural and household use. Inhalation, oral, dermal and ocular is four possible routes for pesticide exposure. Ingestion of food and water is thought to be the main routes of pesticide exposure in the general population, while dermal absorption is suspected to be the main source of occupational exposure. Over 25% of fruits, vegetables, and cereals are known to contain detectable residues of at least two pesticides and more than 300 different pesticides are known to contaminate food products sold in the EU.. In the majority of cases, however, human exposure is unintentional and unintended. Pesticides disrupt different mechanisms in the body.

"Science" is already trying to find ways to manipulate the Vagua Nerve, so they "can save us"...By injection poisonous Ricin,

Or Stimulation through other means..."Kevin Tracey an immunologist at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research in Manhasset, New York, discovered the "missing piece" for how the vagus nerve orchestrates immunity. Tracey and colleagues found that T cells in mouse spleens are actually releasing acetylcholine themselves after receiving a signal from the vagus nerve, playing a critical role in blocking inflammation. Though T cells are part of the immune system, in this context they're essentially functioning as a neuron, Tracey said. "It's remarkable." Though the idea that immune cells can make neurotransmitters is not a new story, Tracey added, no one has ever shown that nerve signals initiate their release, and in turn play a protective anti-inflammatory role against disease. 
The more researchers understand about the functioning of this circuit, the more they can apply their knowledge for treating and preventing disease, said Tracey, who in 2006 co-founded SetPoint Medical, a company that investigates ways to manipulate the vagus nerve to treat diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. "Modulating the immune system with pharmacologic reagents or with medical devices that stimulate the vagus nerve could offer real promise in inflammatory conditions," agreed Steinman.
Just stop w/the problems...No science involved, or needed!

If you want to stimulate your Vagus Nerve it is so easy!

Look into someones eyes you trust...That's it...
To help a baby; look into their eyes,  feeling your own strength to help, and protect them...create trust...

Words cannot change facts, and truths...Chakra is a word that is all...Up to you to think about the areas, and respond accordingly.
Chakras interact with the physical body through two major vehicles, the endocrine system and the nervous system. Each of the seven main Chakras discussed here are associated with one of the seven endocrine glands and also with a particular group of nerves called a Plexus.

Thus, each of these Chakra's can be associated with particular parts of the body and particular functions within the body controlled by that Plexus or that endocrine gland associated with that Chakra.

The Vagus the part of the nervous system that connects the 7 glands...

Become quiet and listen to The Vagus Nerve...will communicate, and respond to the minds thoughts...

Do some Yoga...Stay alive by laughing, and keeping "it" going!
Start Clapping!

Reviewing GMO, and Pesticide Failure at GM Watch

In the face of claims that GM Bt brinjal (eggplant) has proven a boon to farmers in Bangladesh, the policy research group UBINIG conducted its own field investigations and concluded that the GM crop was a “miserable failure” in its second year of cultivation. The group’s report shows that the crops were nannied through their short lives by government officials and were liberally sprayed with pesticides, including banned ones. The report likens the crop to a sick patient on life support and challenges a previous claim by BBC Panorama that the crop had been a 90% success.

What a mess...The Filipinos went ballistic over them trying to plant that there...It is like taro in Hawaii...a national food for them...GM Watch has set up a page to review all the GMO info that even Bozo could see makes GM unsustainable, and very dangerous...along with pesticide in the news...

Seek the Force...

Friday, November 27, 2015

Poisoned Again; Action Video, and Mass Emailing

Happening all around you too. You just are not noticing.
Remember! Look...Notice!
I had just stepped outside with my dog for a walk...
Horror a pesticide sprayer was spraying in my yard...
I'm thankful I saw him, because it can happen fast...
Told him no pesticides in my yard, and he gave me backtalk...
I could go through all the facts about pesticides here...
Just go to my blog and learn all about them, and GMOs...

The reason I made this part 1 is because I want to show all the other mis-uses within 50' of my apartment...
There is a huge story here...And the promised remediation is no where to be seen...
In fact DOH HEERS office had no idea what I was talking about when I called them 2 months ago.
We have new staff in the office who are totally oblivious to the situation...
I just leaned about the lead in the soil last month, while reading the 600 page EIS for the Wailuku River re-do, and because we sit next to the river we were included...

Nature of Contamination: Found: Arsenic, lead and dioxin in soil.

pages: 542 & 543

The letter at the end of the video doesn't say which type of Dioxin, as there are different kinds with some more dangerous then others....The most deadly chemical known to man.
There is nothing worse, and then to mix that with other chemicals causes worse problems.
Removing the ground cover is the problem, which is our only protection.
I have no problems here at all when there is a ground cover.
I should know because I am chemically sensitive....see my blog.

My knowledge, and experience from learning the hard way by living here with this for 8 years has taught me we are perfectly safe, as long as there is a ground cover, and we follow the guidelines.

The entire area was bulldozed, and grated with absolutely no remediation before hand....
No one really knows where...Every where they tested was positive...

I want testing in my yard, no spray signs everywhere, no weed eating, only a mower that uses a bag, more education for the staff and residents, and a video made that new residents must watch to learn how to deal with this...
I'm aware when new people have moved in they were told to sign a release of some kind acknowledging the situation. I don't think they know what they are signing.

People need to be aware of this, and the health effects live here- serious kine...

I know the sound of the mowing is annoying...there are some pics of the yard person here where I live weed eating 2 days after the mowing of pesticides after, and then there is the aftermath, and then more pics of more weed eating a couple weeks later, and a video of that...the end is the notice I received from DOH HEER office about the situation of Arsenic, Dioxin being 2-4xs the legal limit. It's crazy...Weed eating digs the roots up, and blows dust every where around here, and they want the grass down to the nub...I saw a guy from the office taking a picture of one stray leaf in the middle of the yard, and a little tuft of grass that is a different kind that grows faster then the other grass around it......Ridiculous

As long as I know it is there, do not come in too much contact, along with frequent showers after, and daily I'm OK...

I haven't been able to do my laundry really...Clothes drying inside my house...All the windows shut all the time.

Finally rained. This is still active...It will be for the next year...Do not be fooled by that 1, or a few days lie...or rain will wash it away either...This is all going to drain into the river. Destroying the attempts of citizens here trying to bring life back to the river. It took alot of court action to get that to happen too!

2 days later, and the day after the spray ...25 kids played right there. A new boy that was cute came, so the girls esp. wanted to make friends, as well as all the boys...About 10 -14 years old...PERFECT age to have endocrine destruction during puberty. Both times I went out and told them all about the pesticides...Saying they must all take a good bath today, and wash feet real good...They listened...

I told the yard worker here too...She laughed at me, and I repeated myself.So, she said she would not do my part of the yard.

I'm going to send emails galore to TPTB, and others...and using the Seralini trial as an example of the misinformation we believe is true about pesticide, and GMO...
Also the EnlistDuo revocation; where Maui, and the other islands were the experiments to make and develop it...

Maybe that's why we have 10xs the breast cancer rate,  10xs the HepC rate here on Maui..., 10xs the newborn heart defect for a certain kind of defect, and newborns with their intestines being born out side their little bodies too with no rate number, but people talk, and are very alarmed about finding so many other families dealing with this...on Kaua'i.

And today...
My kid lives right there...but, is away on vacation Thank-God!

Apparently this happened on Hana Highway this morning around 10:00 am just before the Kuau Store headed towards Haiku. This probably means that homes in the area were also subjected to chemical drift from HC&S spraying operations. It was too windy to be spraying today.

From Karen Chun:
Tell Gov. Ige to fire the Oahu guy in charge of the pesticide branch. He's totally not doing his job.

Here's what I wrote:

You need to fire the guy in charge of the Dept of Ag Pesticide Branch on Oahu.

Remember I complained about the pesticide over-spray issue at Ku'au Maui in 2013 had not been resolved after more than 2 years?

Well they sprayed again. Here is the description of someone who drove through it and got sprayed.

"... around 10:00 am this morning and smelled very strong chemical odor inside my car. A little further down the road I could see an HC&S truck spraying right next to the highway even though it was very windy. I was told to call Lester Chin, with the Department of Agriculture and he came out to talk to me about what happened. He told me that taking samples of my car would take 2-3 hours and that the results could take some to get back to me. I decided to file the compliant and he took samples of my car. He then had me escort him back to the site where I smelled it in my car on Hana Highway. We arrived at the site around 1:00 pm and when we got out of the car you could still smell the chemical odor in the air. Even Lester Chin told me to get back in the car and go so I didn't have to breath in any more than I already did. ...HC&S admitted to spraying Prowl (Pendimethalin), Velpar (Hexazinone), Evik (Ametryn), Rifle (Dicamba), and 2-4D on that field all in one giant mixture. ... The winds were 15-21 mph at the time they were spraying, possibly higher at times..."

The head guy doesn't even care. He claims these chemicals won't hurt you even though the EPA has classified 4 of them as "restricted use" because they DO harm you.

Please replace him with a responsible person who will take his job seriously.

Seralini 2fer Win Libel Trial GM WATCH

On 25 November 2015, the High Court of Paris indicted Marc Fellous, former chairman of France’s Biomolecular Engineering Commission, for “forgery" and “the use of forgery”, in a libel trial that he lost to Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini. The Biomolecular Engineering Commission has authorised many GM crops for consumption.

The details of the case have not yet been publicly released but a source close to the case told GMWatch that Fellous had used or copied the signature of a scientist without his agreement to argue that Séralini and his co-researchers were wrong in their re-assessment of Monsanto studies. 

The Séralini team’s re-assessment reported finding signs of toxicity in the raw data from Monsanto’s own rat feeding studies with GM maize.

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Metabolic Mutation vs APS (Antiphospholipid Syndrome)

The pentose phosphate pathway appears to have a very ancient evolutionary origin. The reactions of this pathway are mostly enzyme-catalyzed in modern cells. They also occur however non-enzymatically under conditions that replicate those of the Archean ocean, and are catalyzed by metal ions, ferrous ions (Fe(II)) in particular.[2] The origins of the pathway could thus date back to the prebiotic world.

Example...PhosphorylationIn biology, D-ribose must be phosphorylated by the cell before it can be used. Ribokinase catalyzes this reaction by converting D-ribose to D-ribose 5-phosphate. Once converted, D-ribose-5-phosphate is available for the manufacturing of the amino acids tryptophan and histidine, or for use in the pentose phosphate pathway. The absorption of D-ribose is 88–100% in the small intestines (up to 200 mg/kg/h)

You can probably test yourself for this...antedotally that is by doing the same thing they do to test babies at birth...How easy could this be? Could this be wrong? I wonder how much the hospital charges for this?
The test is positive if the blood spot fails to fluoresce under ultraviolet light.

Anemia was a symptom of my pesticide poisoning
Anemia due to disorders of glutathione metabolism, including:
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency [DS:H01375];
Glutathione peroxidase deficiency;
Gamma-glutamylcysteine synthetase deficiency;
Glutathione synthetase deficiency

Anemia due to disorders of glutathione metabolism is a group of red cell disorders caused by inherited abnormality of enzymes of glutathione metabolism. Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency is the most common enzymatic disorder of red blood cells in humans. It is estimated that about 400 million people are affected by this deficiency. A G6PD-deficient patient lacks the ability to protect red blood cells against oxidative stresses from certain drugs, infections, metabolic conditions, and ingestion of fava beans. GCLC catalyzes the initial and the rate-limiting step of glutathione synthesis. Deficiency of GCLC is extremely rare. GSS deficiency is a more frequent cause of glutathione deficiency.

Inherited metabolic disease; Hematologic disease
Human diseases [BR:br08402]
Cardiovascular diseases
Hematologic diseases
H00668 Anemia due to disorders of glutathione metabolism
Congenital disorders of metabolism
Congenital disorders of amino acid metabolism
H00668 Anemia due to disorders of glutathione metabolism
Human diseases in ICD-10 classification [BR:br08403]
3. Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs and certain disorders involving the immune mechanism (D50-D89)
D55-D59 Haemolytic anaemias
D55 Anemia due to enzyme disorders
H00668 Anemia due to disorders of glutathione metabolism
BRITE hierarchy
Glutathione metabolism
Pentose phosphate pathway

Pentose Pathway
Fava Beans the reason people call the illness of a deficiency in G6PD to produce Glutothion, and so, calling the disease Favism. Through anecdotal evidence over the ages people knew they had the deficiency because when they ate the beans they had symptoms that could be categorized. I'm sure people caught on that their children may have it too.

Health issues
Broad beans are rich in tyramine, and thus should be avoided by those taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors.
Raw broad beans also contain the alkaloids vicine and convicine which can induce hemolytic anemia in patients with the hereditary condition glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency. This potentially fatal condition is called favism after the fava bean.
The seed testae contain condensed tannins of the proanthocyanidins type that could have an inhibitory activity on enzymes.
The condition is characterized by abnormally low levels of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, an enzyme involved in the pentose phosphate pathway that is especially important in the red blood cell. G6PD deficiency is the most common human enzyme defect. There is no specific treatment, other than avoiding known triggers.

Men get this through inheritance, and it is unusual for women... No doctor has ever checked me for this mutation...
Signs and symptoms
Most individuals with G6PD deficiency are asymptomatic.
Symptomatic patients are almost exclusively male, due to the X-linked pattern of inheritance, but female carriers can be clinically affected due to unfavorable lyonization, where random inactivation of an X-chromosome in certain cells creates a population of G6PD-deficient red blood cells coexisting with normal red cells. A typical female with one affected X chromosome will show the deficiency in approximately half of her red blood cells. However, in rare cases, including double X deficiency, the ratio can be much more than half, making the individual almost as sensitive as a male.
Abnormal red blood cell breakdown (hemolysis) in G6PD deficiency can manifest in a number of ways, including the following:
Prolonged neonatal jaundice, possibly leading to kernicterus (arguably the most serious complication of G6PD deficiency)
Hemolytic crises in response to:
Illness (especially infections)
Certain foods, most notably broad beans
Certain chemicals

Diabetic ketoacidosis
Very severe crises can cause acute kidney failure
Favism may be formally defined as a hemolytic response to the consumption of broad beans. All individuals with favism show G6PD deficiency. However, not all individuals with G6PD deficiency show favism. Favism is known to be more prevalent in infants and children, and G6PD genetic variant can influence chemical sensitivity. Other than this, the specifics of the chemical relationship between favism and G6PD are not well understood.
6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (6PGD) deficiency has similar symptoms and is often mistaken for G6PD deficiency, as the affected enzyme is within the same pathway, however these diseases are not linked and can be found within the same patient.

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) is an enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway. G6PD converts glucose-6-phosphate into 6-phosphoglucono-δ-lactone and is the rate-limiting enzyme of this metabolic pathway that supplies reducing energy to cells by maintaining the level of the reduced form of the co-enzyme nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH). The NADPH in turn maintains the supply of reduced glutathione in the cells that is used to mop up free radicals that cause oxidative damage.
The G6PD / NADPH pathway is the only source of reduced glutathione in red blood cells (erythrocytes). The role of red cells as oxygen carriers puts them at substantial risk of damage from oxidizing free radicals except for the protective effect of G6PD/NADPH/glutathione.
People with G6PD deficiency are therefore at risk of hemolytic anemia in states of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can result from infection and from chemical exposure to medication and certain foods.
G6PD deficiency is the most common human enzyme defect (Frank, 2005). 6-Phosphogluconate dehydrogenase (6PGD) is the third enzyme of the pentose phosphate metabolic pathway, catalyzing the conversion of 6-PGA (6 phosphogluconate) to Driboluse-5-phosphate in the presence of NADP+. The reaction, catalyzed by 6PGD, yields NADPH, which protects the cell against oxidant agents by producing reduced glutathione (GSH) (Bianchi et al., 2001; Lehninger et al., 2000). Glutathione reductase (GR; NADPH: oxidized glutathione oxidoreductase, EC, a flavoprotein, is an important enzyme which catalizes convertion of oxidized glutathione into reduced glutathione. The enzyme uses NADPH as electron donor for the reduction of GSSG. GR enables several vital functions of the cell such as the detoxification of free radicals and reactive oxygen species as well as protein and DNA biosynthesis by maintaining a high ratio of GSH/GSSG (Schirmer et al., 1989; Rendón et al., 2004). 
We observed that the activities of the enzymes decreased with increasing deltamethrin concentrations and exposure time. The pesticide had greater inhibitory effect on gill enzymes than on muscle, liver and kidney enzymes. Many environmental pollutants including fungicides and pesticides are capable of inducing oxidative stress in aquatic animals. Oxidative stress occurs as a result of the effect of xenobiotics causing disturbances in antioxidant enzyme systems and, as a result, the oxidative stress resulting from the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) has gained considerable interest in the field of ecotoxicology (Kappus, 1987; Lemaire et al., 1996). The induction of antioxidant expression by the fungicides and pesticides reflects the activation of defense mechanisms in organisms to counteract ROS toxicity.

Antioxidant enzymes, such as GR, G6PD and 6PGD, have major direct or indirect effects on antioxidant systems and they are useful biomarkers because they are involved in regenerating reduced glutathione (GSH) from glutathione disulfide (GSSG). Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and 6- phosphogluconate dehydrogenase are indirect antioxidant enzymes in the pentose phosphate pathway and responsible for NADPH production. Because fish tend to adapt to oxidative conditions when exposed to pesticides, fungicides or other pollutants, relatively high levels of GR, G6PD and 6PGD enzymes are expressed in the muscle, liver, kidney, and gills of fish (Stephensen et al., 2000). Nevertheless, because of complex interactions and interrelationships among individual components, the physiological role of these enzymes in the cells is poorly understood. On the other hand, inhibited activity of enzymes caused by exposure to fungicide or pesticide may be due to several reasons; first is production of O2

(Bagnasco et al., 2000), second is direct action of fungicides and pesticides on the synthesis of the enzyme (Bainy et al., 1993; Oruç & Uner, 2000), and finally through direct inhibition of enzyme activity both in vivo and in vitro.

No link...most are from Wiki

The conversion of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate to its reduced form in erythrocytes is the basis of diagnostic testing for the deficiency. This usually is done by fluorescent spot test. Different gene mutations cause different levels of enzyme deficiency, with classes assigned to various degrees of deficiency and disease manifestation. Because acute hemolysis is caused by exposure to an oxidative stressor in the form of an infection, oxidative drug, or fava beans, treatment is geared toward avoidance of these and other stressors. Acute hemolysis is self-limited, but in rare instances it can be severe enough to warrant a blood transfusion. Neonatal hyperbilirubinemia may require treatment with phototherapy or exchange transfusion to prevent kernicterus. The variant that causes chronic hemolysis is uncommon because it is related to sporadic gene mutation rather than the more common inherited gene mutation.

Cases of sporadic gene mutation occur in all populations.

A total deficiency of G6PD is incompatible with life.

The test is positive if the blood spot fails to fluoresce under ultraviolet light.
In field research, where quick screening of a large number of patients is needed, other tests have been used; however, they require definitive testing to confirm an abnormal result.9,10 Tests based on polymerase chain reaction detect specific mutations and are used for population screening, family studies, or prenatal diagnosis.6

In patients with acute hemolysis, testing for G6PD deficiency may be falsely negative because older erythrocytes with a higher enzyme deficiency have been hemolyzed. Young erythrocytes and reticulocytes have normal or near-normal enzyme activity. Female heterozygotes may be hard to diagnose because of X-chromosome mosaicism leading to a partial deficiency that will not be detected reliably with screening tests.

G6PD deficiency is one of a group of congenital hemolytic anemias, and its diagnosis should be considered in children with a family history of jaundice, anemia, splenomegaly, or cholelithiasis, especially in those of Mediterranean or African ancestry.

Testing should be considered in children and adults (especially males of African, Mediterranean, or Asian descent) with an acute hemolytic reaction caused by infection, exposure to a known oxidative drug, or ingestion of fava beans.

Although rare, G6PD deficiency should be considered as a cause of any chronic nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia across all population groups.

Newborn screening for G6PD deficiency is not performed routinely in the United States, although it is done in countries with high disease prevalence. The World Health Organization recommends screening all newborns in populations with a prevalence of 3 to 5 percent or more in males. They have a food and drug to avoid list  People with G6PD deficiency have compromised reduced glutathione and when they take fluoroquinolones they oxidate most of their glutathione left in their body. They can also end up with hemolytic anemia.
Unfortunately most doctors do not take this seriously.
People who become ill from the drug fluoroquinolones are calling themselves Floxies..They are having all the symptoms as me with antiphospholipid anticardiolipin syndrome I was diagnosed with. And what I find really interesting is some doctors also said I had rheumatoid arthritis and wanted me to take that drug...!!! 
And some are even being diagnosed with Antiphospholipid too!
High doses of "Synkavite"< (insert name of any Xenobiotic) caused haemolysis (destruction of red blood cells) and high serum bilirubin levels...I had high Bilirubin levels too! You should have seen my blood the 1st time I was poisoned in 1995...It was brown, and and looked like clumpy balls a little smaller then a marble in the syringe when they took my blood...But, of course there was no explanation, or concern over this...

That was the beginning of my research and education...I bought a book called "How We Die", and took a 1 month vacation to Maui, where my daughter lived, to see her for the last time, and her me...I could hardly lift my arms and walk with so much pain in my muscles and joints...My eyes were as fuzzy, and muddled as my brain...Then I went home, and laid in bed 8 months...

This time, 2008, I also had "peripheral vascular collapse. " All the veins in my arms and legs just stopped working...they dissappeared...and I had absolutly nopulse in any part they tried to find one... I had to work hard to stay alive at that point.Stopping the morphine (that slowed my heart) and drinking coffee and cokes to force actions to push blood to these areas...I switched to Percocets for pain (all my tissues, limbs, and joints were in pain and swelling), but only for a short time, 8 months, did I take the pills...then stopped in order to let my liver have as much health as possible to help me.

New Ethicals Compendium also warns that the use of Konakion can cause jaundice and kernicterus in infants. Other listed side effects include flushing, sweating, cyanosis, a sense of chest constriction, and peripheral vascular collapse.

All of these pharma drugs causing all these problems too...esp. those that are affecting "sensitive" people, example: G6PD...

Mitochondrial “Collateral Damage” Thanks to Big Pharma
Iatrogenic Drug and Vaccine-induced Mitochondrial Disorders
"I include excerpts from just three examples from a multitude of peer-reviewed medical journal articles that have been trying to tell us clinicians (and our most aware patients) that there are many common, preventable disorders that the powers-that-be want us to believe are either the fault of the patient-victim (“shame-on-you”) or are simply inherited from our guilty parents (and thus neither preventable nor curable).

Many of these disorders (see list below) are actually caused by prescription drugs, vaccines and/or other toxic chemicals that are poisoning the mitochondria in our brains, nerves, muscles and other organs. Thus we are being afflicted by preventable, iatrogenic- or industry-caused diseases. Both realities are taboo subjects in the current era of mind-control by America’s powerful, profit-motivated, multinational corporations in BigPharma, BigChemical, BigMedicine, BigMedia, BigFood and BigAgribusiness industries. That pervasive group prefers our ignorance, and each of them spends unlimited amounts of money to ensure it.
The avarice of these industries for larger market-share, higher share price, bigger profits, lower wages and more aggressive wealth extraction knows no bounds, and their brain-disabling products makes their goals ever easier to attain.
Every single chemical corporation has a spin off Pharma Corporation!

This is how GMOs hurt us...They are poison...
Pusztai found, to his own surprise, that consumption by rats of G-E potatoes had a "profound physiological effect" on their growth and development. Dr Pusztai, a research scientist with a world reputation, has published over 200 papers on lectin, a protein which is a natural insecticide found in the snowdrop flower.

In his 1998 experiments, he fed lectin to rats. The rats who ate potatoes mixed together with lectin suffered no ill effects. But the rats who ate potatoes into which lectin had been genetically engineered became ill.

Pusztai sums up the situation as follows: two harmless substances, potato and lectin, were found to become toxic after genetic modification.

GM (genetically modified foods) are modified by splicing 'lectins' from one plant family to another. This is extremely problematic. If you know you react to a particular plant family but that lectin has been put in a plant not of that family you may consume the 'toxic to you' lectin, have the reaction/response and not know the cause.

Our newborns in the USA are in danger at the hospital when they are 1st born...because of all of the above...

GMOs Create Life in Primordial Pond Scum of Manipulation by Monsanto

How to mutate life, and create a mutant world ...
Pesticides create heat in our body....The specialist doc (who cost more then $7000 for my ONE visit) had said that my body was "too hot" inside....he didn't know anything about the pesticide exposure either when he said that.

"simple metabolic reactions similar to glycolysis and the pentose-phosphate pathway – which produce precursor molecules essential for nucleic acids, amino acids and lipids – can occur without enzymes under conditions analogous to those in the first oceans.
The work arose from a serendipitous discovery during a routine control test of media used to grow yeast cells. When injected into a mass spectrometer, they saw a peak for pyruvate – a sugar produced through glycolysis that should not have been there. They figured out that when the media was heated to sterilise it, pyruvate was forming. "

Now throw into your body's "primordial pond scum"- genetically modified antibiotic and pesticide resistant microbes... the pattern our enzymes have developed since man began that maintains us is by-passed...God knows what is being created in the Ocean of our Bodies....from GMOs...

We already know these antibiotic resistant microbes are in every body of water in China...USA has not been studied for this (on purpose to hide the facts I bet)...
Yeast was the vehicle to do that...GM yeast by-products are made into "Organic compost" and is being sold all over the world...

I guess trying to show the cascade that occurs in our bodies, and how it affects our systems when we introduce poisons, and mutated microbes...

These last few blog posts are incomplete...I'll be adding more through out the day...for educational purposes...It is very complicated...

pyruvate, glycolysis, lactate dehydrogenase are words in this post to become familiar with...

So, many blog posts to the need to remember all the rest by reviewing the facts we know already...and getting worse everyday.
Roundup herbicide is now a ubiquitous contaminant in our ‪ ‎air‬, ‪‎rain‬,‪ ‎groundwater‬, and food, making complete avoidance near impossible. A growing body of experimental evidence now indicates that it in addition to its ‪‎neurotoxicity‬ it also has the following.
Modes of Toxicity
‎Glutathione‬ Down-regulator
‎Malondialdehyde‬ Up-regulator
Once marketed as "safe as table salt" by ‪Monsanto‬, the original patent holder and manufacturer of this ‪glyphosate‬-based ‪‎herbicide, evidence now indicates it is toxic to human ‪‎DNA‬ at concentrations diluted 450-fold lower than used in ‪‎agricultural applications.

Hidden Symptom of Antiphospholipid/Pesticide Poisoning

Osteonecrosis as medically defined symptom of Antiphospholipid (blood clotting disorder due to sodium potassium pump on red blood cell membranes...not closing after opening because the pesticide has the same type/size/key that anticholinesterase has; which is the "key" to close it...So damage right there...Then free radical is made by the ATP (electric charge the mitochondria made) that powers the closing is short-circuited...

Osteonecrosis is when the hip joint is destroyed by lack of blood due to the clotting...and also why I lost finger, and toe parts too...My good ole doctor had me convinced it was out of joint and I had a hip bone spur...

I have Jukes disease which was coined during the prohibition...and more then 100,000 (we know of) died because pesticide was put in alcohol so it could be sold legally ...People who didn't die were maimed with walking like they were dancing to a Juke Box...

DMSO to cure hip pain in 15 minutes, or so! Fruit pectin, and other detoxers; along with roughage to eliminate it is the answer my friends...!

Natural vs Synthetic Pesticide LIE

DNA mutation G6PD (Glutothion deficiency) is checked for in all newborns at birth outside the USA...This defect can cause your blood to clot, and in the USA every child born in the hospital gets a shot immediately that makes their blood clot...Vitamin K...WT?

How can each child be treated like we are all made from the same mold? Treating for something that has not been diagnosed....Something is wrong there too..

Dietary Cyanide is a hindrance to good health...
Cyanide is produced in the human body and exhaled in extremely low concentrations with each breath. It is also produced by over 1,000 plant species including sorghum, bamboo and cassava. Relatively low concentrations of cyanide can be highly toxic to people and wildlife. -

Plus some have deficiency with B vitamins needed to do the conversions in the body...

Although, cyanide is not fat soluble and will pass the body within maybe 24 hrs. depending on the person, because we are all different.

Also depending on the amounts ingested...on how much damage will occur while your body tries to remove a Xenobiotic.

xenobiotic is a foreign chemical substance found within an organism that is not normally naturally produced by or expected to be present within that organism. It can also cover substances which are present in much higher concentrations than are usual.

Plus people...who have deficiencies... like ‪G6PD‬ (1 in 100) or ‪MTHFR‬ (1 in 5) and have problems with B vitamins and Glutathione deficiency in the Penrose Path...which is how we do metabolism are at risk.
‪Favism‬ is from eating a bean, and is a serious problem to those deficient of the enzymes that fold and share to create atomic and chemical detox, or to create healthy tissue...
Even applying Henna to their body could kill them.

HHHMMMM....I'd rather just use my energy to be creating healthy tissue....

"dietary cyanide for the study of chronic cyanide toxicity has been tested with growing chicks and with hens by measuring plasma or urinary thiocyanate, the major detoxication product of cyanide.
Growth and food intake were depressed and plasma thiocyanate concentration was increased in chicks in a progressive manner as the dietary concentration of SNP was increased."

So, many times I'm told by the trolls that nature uses, and makes it's own pesticides, and synthetic pesticide is the same, so it will not hurt us...They use this study a lot!
Dietary pesticides (99.99% all natural).
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Oct 1990; 87(19): 7777–7781.


B N AmesM Profet, and L S Gold
Author information ► Copyright and License information ►

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.


The toxicological significance of exposures to synthetic chemicals is examined in the context of exposures to naturally occurring chemicals. We calculate that 99.99% (by weight) of the pesticides in the American diet are chemicals that plants produce to defend themselves. Only 52 natural pesticides have been tested in high-dose animal cancer tests, and about half (27) are rodent carcinogens; these 27 are shown to be present in many common foods. We conclude that natural and synthetic chemicals are equally likely to be positive in animal cancer tests. 
We also conclude that at the low doses of most human exposures the comparative hazards of synthetic pesticide residues are insignificant.
Full text
Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (1.1M), or click on a page image below to browse page by page. Links to PubMed are also available for Selected References.

Enlist Duo Registration Revoked

Not a done deal...They need to review it again...Too late for Hawai'i though it was developed on our land...
(Beyond Pesticides, November 25, 2015) In response to a law suit filed by environmental groups, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday revoked the registration of the toxic herbicide “Enlist Duo,” which contains the cancer causing 2,4-D and is central to future uses of genetically engineered (GE) crops in chemical-intensive agriculture. The marketing of this chemical in genetically engineered agriculture has become integral to the chemical industry’s response to weed resistance to the widely used herbicide glyphosate (Roundup), also identified as cancer causing this year by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

“Instead of looking for genetically engineered silver bullets that result in crop failure, we should be expanding organic agricultural systems that are productive and profitable, protect public health and the environment and slow global climate change,” said Jay Feldman, executive director of Beyond Pesticides.
Approved by the agency just over a year ago, Enlist Duo is a combination of glyphosate and 2,4-Dthat Dow AgroSciences developed for use on the next generation of GE crops. EPA stated it is taking this action after realizing that the synergistic effects of the combination of these chemicals is likely significantly more harmful than it had initially believed, and that very small buffer zones it had required are not adequate to protect vegetation.
This action resolves a year-long legal challenge filed by a coalition of conservation groups, including Beyond Pesticides, seeking to rescind the approval of the dangerous herbicide blend, and challenging EPA’s failure to consider the impacts of Enlist Duo on threatened and endangered plants and animals protected under the Endangered Species Act. EPA had approved use of Enlist Duo in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and North Dakota, and had intended to approve it in additional areas in the near future.
Enlist Duo has been marketed as a “solution” for the control of glyphosate-resistant weeds brought on by the widespread use of the chemical on glyphosate-resistant (Roundup Ready) crops over the last decade. These super weeds now infest tens of millions of acres of U.S. farmland. However, independent and USDA scientists predict that the Enlist Duo “crop system” will only foster resistance to 2,4-D in addition to glyphosate, thus continuing the GE crop pesticide treadmill and escalating the cycle of more toxic pesticides in the environment. Additionally, the health effects of both 2,4-D and glyphosate are well documented. 2,4-D has been linked to soft tissue sarcomanon-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), neurotoxicity, kidney/liver damage, and harm to the reproductive system. Glyphosate has been recently classified as a human carcinogen based on laboratory studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March.
As the crisis in weed resistance escalates, threatening crop productivity and profitability, advocates point to organic agriculture as a solution that protects public health, the environment, and farmers’ livelihood. By utilizing ecological pest management strategies, organic practices, and solutions that are not chemical-intensive are the most appropriate and long-term solution to managing unwanted plants, or weeds. Additionally, organic agriculture is an ecologically-based management system that prioritizes cultural, biological, mechanical production practices, and natural inputs. By strengthening on-farm resources, such as soil fertility, pasture and biodiversity, organic farmers can minimize and even avoid the production challenges that most genetically engineered organisms have been falsely-marketed as solving. To learn more about organic agriculture, see Beyond Pesticides Organic Program Page.
The suit was filed by Earthjustice and Center for Food Safety, on behalf of Center for Food Safety, Beyond Pesticides, Center for Biological Diversity, Environmental Working Group, the National Family Farm Coalition, and Pesticide Action Network North America.
All unattributed positions and opinions in this piece are those of Beyond Pesticides.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Housing pest Me :) Poisoned Again

The only protection we have from the Dioxin. Arsenic and Lead is a good ground cover...This new manager wants the grass cut all the time...There is weed eating constantly with dust blowing everywhere...bald spots are developing...They just cut down any shade trees, or bushes we might have...TOMPs galore...another story for my video
and there is not that much rain...

They never told us about the lead, or what kind of Dioxins...There are different kinds, with different dangers...and I see their letter doesn't say how much...hmmm...Lucky I went to the meeting!

After re-reading their letter...everything is hunky dory no worries?

The other side of page...
They never even tested by my house...From what I understand the entire property was grated to level with no remediation, or toxic substance consideration...They told us the toxins were spread through the entire housing area.

This is what we deal with every day...I took this pic 2 weeks ago here...You should have seen...The guy sprayed first 2 feet high grass, and then proceeded to mow it into our yard...I told him before he did it not to...
I'll put up a video documentary before the end of today!