Wednesday, November 25, 2015

GMOs Create Life in Primordial Pond Scum of Manipulation by Monsanto

How to mutate life, and create a mutant world ...
Pesticides create heat in our body....The specialist doc (who cost more then $7000 for my ONE visit) had said that my body was "too hot" inside....he didn't know anything about the pesticide exposure either when he said that.

"simple metabolic reactions similar to glycolysis and the pentose-phosphate pathway – which produce precursor molecules essential for nucleic acids, amino acids and lipids – can occur without enzymes under conditions analogous to those in the first oceans.
The work arose from a serendipitous discovery during a routine control test of media used to grow yeast cells. When injected into a mass spectrometer, they saw a peak for pyruvate – a sugar produced through glycolysis that should not have been there. They figured out that when the media was heated to sterilise it, pyruvate was forming. "

Now throw into your body's "primordial pond scum"- genetically modified antibiotic and pesticide resistant microbes... the pattern our enzymes have developed since man began that maintains us is by-passed...God knows what is being created in the Ocean of our Bodies....from GMOs...

We already know these antibiotic resistant microbes are in every body of water in China...USA has not been studied for this (on purpose to hide the facts I bet)...
Yeast was the vehicle to do that...GM yeast by-products are made into "Organic compost" and is being sold all over the world...

I guess trying to show the cascade that occurs in our bodies, and how it affects our systems when we introduce poisons, and mutated microbes...

These last few blog posts are incomplete...I'll be adding more through out the day...for educational purposes...It is very complicated...

pyruvate, glycolysis, lactate dehydrogenase are words in this post to become familiar with...

So, many blog posts to the need to remember all the rest by reviewing the facts we know already...and getting worse everyday.
Roundup herbicide is now a ubiquitous contaminant in our ‪ ‎air‬, ‪‎rain‬,‪ ‎groundwater‬, and food, making complete avoidance near impossible. A growing body of experimental evidence now indicates that it in addition to its ‪‎neurotoxicity‬ it also has the following.
Modes of Toxicity
‎Glutathione‬ Down-regulator
‎Malondialdehyde‬ Up-regulator
Once marketed as "safe as table salt" by ‪Monsanto‬, the original patent holder and manufacturer of this ‪glyphosate‬-based ‪‎herbicide, evidence now indicates it is toxic to human ‪‎DNA‬ at concentrations diluted 450-fold lower than used in ‪‎agricultural applications.

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