Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Housing pest Me :) Poisoned Again

The only protection we have from the Dioxin. Arsenic and Lead is a good ground cover...This new manager wants the grass cut all the time...There is weed eating constantly with dust blowing everywhere...bald spots are developing...They just cut down any shade trees, or bushes we might have...TOMPs galore...another story for my video
and there is not that much rain...

They never told us about the lead, or what kind of Dioxins...There are different kinds, with different dangers...and I see their letter doesn't say how much...hmmm...Lucky I went to the meeting!

After re-reading their letter...everything is hunky dory no worries?

The other side of page...
They never even tested by my house...From what I understand the entire property was grated to level with no remediation, or toxic substance consideration...They told us the toxins were spread through the entire housing area.

This is what we deal with every day...I took this pic 2 weeks ago here...You should have seen...The guy sprayed first 2 feet high grass, and then proceeded to mow it into our yard...I told him before he did it not to...
I'll put up a video documentary before the end of today!

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