Sunday, August 30, 2015

Italy Olive Trees Monsanto Eradication Completely

Just like Hawaiian Papaya brought to Thailand for research in carry on bag...Is the biotech industry behind the destruction of Italy’s olive trees?
EXCERPT: Let’s go back to 2010, when a network of plant pathologists, named Cost 873, met in the Italian city of Bari. Among the attendees were scientists from the Mediterranean Institute of Agronomy of Bari who had brought samples of the Xylella pathogen from California “for the purposes of scientific research”. During the meeting, a hypothetical scenario was discussed in which the Xylella bacteria would be released in parts of Europe as part of an effort to determine how the countries would react to a “bio-terrorist attack”.

over 800,000 trees are poised to be cut down. Meanwhile the question remains: is the biotech industry deliberately attacking Italy’s olive trees? The one thing that is certain is that without the conclusive, transparent, and independently acquired scientific proof, these questions will remain unanswered. If this is the case, thousands of centennial olive trees will be eradicated for no good reason or, even worse, to serve a nefarious covert agenda.

So many people depended on these 100s of year old trees to make a living...Now a few "scientists" and workers for bio-tech including their family and friends will profit, or rather put food on their families tables while we become poor, starving and ill with strange diseases, and symptoms.

This article was shared on Facebook by GM Watch...On it with the info!

"Still, olive oil is not going to get any cheaper any time soon. Spanish olive oil went for $4,272 a metric ton at the end of July, the highest price since April 2006.  Consumer prices have risen about ten percent, and exporters are falling about 12 percent short of consumer demand. With profits approaching those of cocaine trafficking, rising prices make olive oil fraud even more appealing."

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