Thursday, August 20, 2015

EPA Diagnosis' Navajo Mentally Unstable

The EPA is resorting to hanging themselves with this line...Tried many times...but not tried to be ever true...
"Further, Navajos say EPA officials have not only denied the water in the tanks was tainted, but have accused Navajos of being mentally unstable who exposed the contaminated water."

Women were subjected to a diagnosis of "Lunacy" to keep them under control.

Fibromyalgia was said to be made up and in the head, even if the person could barely walk or lift their we know it's the destruction of the sheaths on our muscle's nerves by pesticides, and poisons. Chronic Fatigue is said an insanity made up for the same reasons- poisoned very subtly...

Now we have Morgellons...fibers growing out of people's bodies...and it really hurts and is contagious...They say insanity, but now recognized as DNA/RNA changes and caused by GMOs.

The term Auto-Immune disease is just a way to categorize the symptoms of us all being subtly poisoned...and if "WE" do not like that...then the psychiatrists have a new diagnosis for people who complain about their symptoms in themselves too much...And if a parent complains too much about those symptoms in their child...The parent can be found mentally unstable and have their child taken away too...

No strange dream or insanity, but a revelation...
The power to look over, and care for my own health... is mine...
In Harmony with Nature.

SHIPROCK, N.M. -- The US EPA sent Navajos poisoned water after the massive Animas gold mine spill, which the EPA was responsible for. 
Further, Navajos say EPA officials have not only denied the water in the tanks was tainted, but have accused Navajos of being mentally unstable who exposed the contaminated water. (Listen to the videos on Facebook)
The Gold King mine spill flowed from the Animas River into the San Juan River, which Navajo farmers are dependent on for irrigation. The San Juan River is also used for livestock and Navajo families swim in the river.
After the spill flooded the rivers with heavy metals, the EPA then sent water in tanks contaminated with oil.
The Navajo Nation said, "President Begaye and Attorney General Branch are personally investigating concerns about tainted water in EPA tanks. The President and the Attorney General are extremely troubled by these reports and are working to gather all the facts and will discuss their findings with senior EPA officials and the Navajo Nation as soon as we updated information."
Marisa Demarco at KUNM radio in Albuquerque reported Monday that Navajo farmers had been sent contaminated water by the US EPA. 
KUNM reports:
"Farmers in Shiprock say the tankers arriving with desperately needed hydration for their crops contained water that smelled like petroleum, was visibly discolored and had an odd sheen to it.
“The barrels are not clean,” said Farm Board Representative Joe Ben Jr. “They are from oil drilling operations.”
The deliveries were intended to help crops that are wilting in the sun after the spill at the Gold King Mine in Colorado on Aug. 5 contaminated the San Juan River downstream. Ben halted the distribution of the emergency replacement water. “The EPA has begun to study this water,” he said. “In the meantime, our plants are dying.”
EPA testing results for the San Juan River were not released until 10 days after the spill.
The farmers are outraged, Ben said, and they have yet to receive one clean gallon from the EPA, which took responsibility for the Animas River spill. “I am at the point where I just don’t understand this situation no longer,” he said. “There are no resources extended to us.”
There are about 450 farmers in the Shiprock area, which is the agricultural hub of the Navajo Nation. “This is a national resource—a treasure,” Ben said.
More on the story at KUNM:
Published on Aug 13, 2015
The Navajo Nation vowed to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over a toxic wastewater spill into waterways throughout the Southwest and warned tribal residents to avoid signing the EPA's compensation form because it will effectively sever their legal and financial rights. Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye ordered the nation's Department of Justice to take action against the EPA and signed a directive banning the agency from distributing information about the federal compensation regarding the spill from the Gold King mine, north of Silverton, Colo., into the Animas and San Juan rivers and its tributaries throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.

No forced relocation on Big Mountian, Black Mesa, AZ! Learn how Dineh (Navajo) families have been targeted by this unjust ‘relocation legislation’ sponsored by John McCain. On this page you can find the bill in full, read additional facts and background information, watch the video and/or read the transcripts of the testimony before the Senate Committee On Indian Affairs regarding this legislation.
23 minutes.."Sent missionaries to control the people. " Just like in Hawaii...MUST WATCH!

Suzette Webber 10 months ago (edited) This is just more blood on the hands of the US government. They are so covered in blood they do not notice anymore when it is fresh. What is painfully true is they don't care, not as long as they get their cut of the booty. It's all about the money, more money more power and like vampires needing blood, they can never feed enough. Human beings will never beat them, you can't fight against an entity that has no values, that cares for nothing; they will sacrifice all for the illusion they have of supremacy. My heart goes out to the peoples of the Hopi and Navajo Nations. Stay together, support one another and know that relief for all of mankind is coming. Ultimately the meek WILL inherit the Earth, and the wicked will be no more.

Associated with the powers of endurance and longevity, the ancient vertebrate Turtle has 13 scales on its shell."The first calendar that North American Indians ever had was Turtle's shell...The Earth Mother, who was represented by the most fertile creature of our planet, the Turtle, showed our Ancestors how to mark the passing of each moon cycle. Turtle's shell bore the 13 moons of the year inside of a frame that formed the circle we call the Sacred Hoop, or Medicine Wheel - representing the relationship of all life to all life." -Author Jamie Sams
The name of "Turtle Island" to refer to Earth can represent our planet swimming in waves of radiant solar and cosmic energies.
"Without the Thirteenth Moon; without placing the Thirteenth Moon back into our consciousness, we remain absolutely trapped in the complexification of form. With the 13th we have the transcendence and also the circulation of time." -Valum Votan
The pattern of women's fertility cycles averages the 28-day, 13 moon ratio! Nature's rhythms live within us!
Why has the 13th moon been hidden from us? What is to be gained by suppressing the creational principle of Mother Nature?
As prominent theoretical physicist Gerard J. Milburn reveals, "The aim of modern science is to reach an understanding of the world, not merely for purely aesthetic reasons, but that it may be ordered to our purpose."
Living under the guise of the 12-month calendar, we have come to view nature as irrelevant - wilderness without intelligence, sentience, or order. It is from this fundamentally flawed perception that humanity attempts to progress 'beyond the limitations of nature.' In fact, it is our model of nature that is flawed, not nature itself.
In Harmony with Nature? Can count 13...

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