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RoundUp Monsanto Cause of Auto-Immune Disease

Genetically Modified Corn

What’s the BIG deal?  GMO corn is resistant to bugs and disease.  Doesn’t that make GMO corn better than regular corn?
kid-corn-on-the-gmo-cobYou would think so wouldn’t you?  This is NOT THE CASE … read on to learn why.
Here is a solid and infallible argument against GMO Corn or anything else traced to Monsanto and their partners efforts.
1. We have no data to support GMO’s over the long term.  In other words, it is not known what the health effects are and what impact there will be to the human body.
2. We do know that Monsanto manufactures “Round Up”  a herbicide and the main ingredient is “Glyphosate
3. We also know that Monsanto’s genetically engineered seed is engineered to resist Round-Up.  This means that if you plant Monsanto’s seed – and treat your crops with Round-Up, you will have a larger harvest because Round Up kills everything BUT the genetically engineered seed plant.
4.  It’s a fact that Glyphosate interferes with normal human CYP pathwaysand receptors.
FYI: CYP pathaways and receptors are a huge part of how the human body dispatches its defenses against infection,
disease, etc.  Screw those up and what do you think will happen?  No brainer!
Below is a table (summary) of CYP Pathaways, their family, their function and specific names.
CYP1drug and steroid (especially estrogen) metabolism3 subfamilies, 3 genes, 1 pseudogeneCYP1A1, CYP1A2, CYP1B1
CYP2drug and steroid metabolism13 subfamilies, 16 genes, 16 pseudogenesCYP2A6, CYP2A7, CYP2A13, CYP2B6, CYP2C8, CYP2C9, CYP2C18, CYP2C19, CYP2D6, CYP2E1, CYP2F1, CYP2J2, CYP2R1, CYP2S1, CYP2U1, CYP2W1
CYP3drug and steroid (including testosterone) metabolism1 subfamily, 4 genes, 2 pseudogenesCYP3A4, CYP3A5, CYP3A7, CYP3A43
CYP4arachidonic acid or fatty acid metabolism6 subfamilies, 12 genes, 10 pseudogenesCYP4A11, CYP4A22, CYP4B1, CYP4F2, CYP4F3, CYP4F8, CYP4F11, CYP4F12, CYP4F22, CYP4V2, CYP4X1, CYP4Z1
CYP5thromboxane A2synthase1 subfamily, 1 geneCYP5A1
CYP7bile acid biosynthesis 7-alpha hydroxylase of steroid nucleus2 subfamilies, 2 genesCYP7A1, CYP7B1
CYP8varied2 subfamilies, 2 genesCYP8A1 (prostacyclin synthase), CYP8B1 (bile acid biosynthesis)
CYP11steroid biosynthesis2 subfamilies, 3 genesCYP11A1, CYP11B1, CYP11B2
CYP17steroid biosynthesis, 17-alpha hydroxylase1 subfamily, 1 geneCYP17A1
CYP19steroid biosynthesis: aromatase synthesizes estrogen1 subfamily, 1 geneCYP19A1
CYP20unknown function1 subfamily, 1 geneCYP20A1
CYP21steroid biosynthesis2 subfamilies, 1 gene, 1 pseudogeneCYP21A2
CYP24vitamin D degradation1 subfamily, 1 geneCYP24A1
CYP26retinoic acid hydroxylase3 subfamilies, 3 genesCYP26A1, CYP26B1, CYP26C1
CYP27varied3 subfamilies, 3 genesCYP27A1 (bile acid biosynthesis), CYP27B1 (vitamin D3 1-alpha hydroxylase, activates vitamin D3), CYP27C1 (unknown function)
CYP397-alpha hydroxylation of 24-hydroxycholesterol1 subfamily, 1 geneCYP39A1
CYP46cholesterol 24-hydroxylase1 subfamily, 1 geneCYP46A1
CYP51cholesterolbiosynthesis1 subfamily, 1 gene, 3 pseudogenesCYP51A1 (lanosterol 14-alpha demethylase)
If you are able to look at the table above and see “cholesterol”, or “testosterone” or “Vitamin D” – you might be thinking “hmmm, is this why I have low Testosterone, or low Vitamin D, or “high cholesterol”
Your answer is probably “YES”
If corn products are in 80% of the packaged products we buy at the grocery store, and that corn is GMO corn, can you begin to connect the dots?
This is no mystery.  As we gather and build our understanding of how the human cell systems help each other while also learning about the ways processed and GMO food interrupts the body’s normal ability to take care of itself  – it DOES become a no brainer.
Humans were not meant to live like this – this is going too far for too many reasons.
We find ourselves visiting much larger questions.  It’s a persons right to know how the food they eat will affect them, how it will affect their life and we have essentially entrusted that choice to agribusiness.
Reality Check!  It’s urgent.

Glyphosate (Glife  Oh  Sate)

Glyphosate is POISON.  Glyphosate is used extensively as a non-selective herbicide by both professional applicators and consumers.  There is sufficient evidence supporting that Glyphosate is toxic to Humans.  Read this study published on January 15th 2013.  Download the PDF here.


I do not believe in half truths...

"Consensus medicine tells us that HIV causes AIDS. However, the consensus is invariably proved incorrect in the ever-advancing world of science.

Peter Duesberg, professor of molecular and cell biology and one of the first scientists to isolate the cancer gene, says the consensus about AIDS is certainly wrong; as more evidence is streaming forth showing that HIV is a harmless passenger virus. "

Things happen and are approved on false, missing or not updated information...due to consensus...
Then everyone goes around thinking that is the in point GMOs...
I am not going to help consensus builders get data, or build tools on how to manipulate people by practicing on me...

Total Quality Management; which can be summarized as a method of belief and behavior modification using dialectic-reasoning skills in a group setting.

It utilizes the inherent fear an individual person has of being alienated from the group. By use of a change agent, or “facilitator,” individuals are herded toward “consensus” by compromising their position for the sake of “social harmony.”

According to Lewin, “A successful change includes three aspects: UNFREEZING the present level, MOVING to the new level, and FREEZING group life on the new level.”

In group dynamics the pain is not physical, it’s emotional, and is caused by long periods in isolation from the group.

1. A Diverse Group (“Diversity” needed for conflict)

2. Dialoging to Consensus (Dialectic process unshackled from the constraints of truth)

3. Over a Social Issue (Problem / Crisis)

4. In a Facilitated Meeting (Using a facilitator or change agent)

5. Herding Group Views Toward a Predetermined Consensus

(Paradigm shift: problem, reaction, solution)
From the Maui News...
The May 26 article on genetically modified organisms included a quote from executive director of the Hawaii Crop Improvement Association, in which she said, "The scientific consensus about their safety is overwhelming." She then stated that she represents feed farmers and that she is not paid by Monsanto, Dow or another biotech company.
However, HCIA member companies include Monsanto, Dow and Syngenta. The president of the association is Monsanto's Fred Perlak. So, her statement was highly misleading.
Monsanto has invested heavily in university research departments.
But the main way it stifles food safety research into GMOs is by making it illegal for anyone to study GMO food without permission from the patent holder, Monsanto itself. This prompted Scientific American to state "when scientists are prevented from examining the raw ingredients in our nation's food supply or from testing the plant material that covers a large portion of the country's agricultural land, the restrictions on free inquiry become dangerous."
Ernest Hilberg
Published on Sep 13, 2014
I'm not a pro. I'm a concerned dad who's questions are not being answered sufficiently for me. These commercials cost a whole lot of money but why? The request is simple.
Prove that it is safe for the land and the community.


Portions borrowed from for educational purposes
But the point of this short video is "scientific consensus"

Thank you for your time.

For further information concerning the GMO Moratorium please visit:

Enzymes are essential to proper gastrointestinal health. Some enzymes are responsible for breaking down larger molecules into smaller ones, such as in the process of digestion, and other enzymes are responsible for building DNA. Without them, important chemical reactions cannot take place in the body, leading to disease, organ failure, and even death. Well a new study from scientists in Denmark points to the damaging effect of Monsanto’s RoundUp chemicals on enzyme activity in mammals.
The killer of weeds, RoundUp causes absolute havoc on the enzymes in the body. The chemical brew meant to boost GMO crop production is exceedingly dangerous to animals in some of their most sensitive life stages.
Glyphosate has been linked to several other health problems, as well, but in this particular study, scientists found that specific enzyme pathways necessary for proper functioning were inhibited. In this case, the enzymes in the gut which allow the body to detoxify itself were adversely affected. While the study looked at the guts of animals dining on GMO, glyphosate-ridden soy, the results can be translated to the human form just as easily.
Researchers from Denmark’s Aarhus University investigated various farmer reports at the request of the Danish farm minister. Martin Tang Sorensen reviewed multiple studies previously conducted that identified the risks that glyphosate posed to livestock health. Evidence suggested that glyphosate impacted livestock the most during sensitive phases of the animal’s life. From these studies, two hypotheses were then tested. The first investigated glyphosate’s detrimental effect on the microorganisms in an animal’s gastrointestinal system. The second studied an animal’s mineral status as a secondary effect of glyphosate exposure.
In both studies, it was found that glyphosate disrupted the life cycle of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, depleting the animals’ immunity and making them more prone to disease. There was an increased incidence, for example, of an infection called Clostridium botulinum in cattle.These infections have increased significantly in Germany, but it is not the only type of infection that the livestock were subject to on a GMO diet. Salmonella and clostridium were also found to be highly resistant to glyphosate.
What’s worse is that good bacteria like EnterococcusBacillus, and Lactobacillus were found to be the most susceptible, and destroyed in the presence of glyphosate. Without enough good bacteria, the gut of the livestock becomes a breeding ground for diseases to replicate.
The Denmark study also found that glyphosate inhibits an enzyme called cytochrome P450 in humans which helps the body detoxify harmful chemicals. This means that the very toxic brew that causes chemical overload in the body also causes the body to be congested with more chemicals – whether they are glyphosate or aluminum, lead, arsenic, or any other toxic substance in the body. This is yet another study showing the uncanny level of harm that glyphosate can assert on the mammalian system.
Why it is still allowed in this, on any other country, is crazy.

American growers sprayed 280 million pounds of glyphosate on their crops in 2012, according to U.S. Geological Survey data. That amounts to nearly a pound of glyphosate for every person in the country.  
The use of glyphosate on farmland has skyrocketed since the mid-1990s, when biotech companies introduced genetically engineered crop varieties (often called GMOs) that can withstand being blasted with glyphosate. Since then, agricultural use of the herbicide has increased 16-fold.
This image shows the year-to-year change in glyphosate use on American farmland from 1992 to 2012. 
Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, Monsanto’s widely used weed killer, which according to the World Health Organization is “probably carcinogenic to humans.” Public interest groups are asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to take into full account in its deliberations this new assessment by the world’s leading authority on public health. 
Given the increased use of herbicides in connection with GMOs, it’s no wonder thatmore than 90 percent of consumers want the right to know if the food they buy contains genetically engineered ingredients. The current voluntary labeling system is not getting the job done. The only way for people to know for sure what’s in their food is to require nationwide labeling of GMO products.
To learn more about the issue of labeling GMOs, check out
Image Source: USGS

I figured out how much per person and my numbers were way way higher...I'll find those numbers and show you..

.LET'S SEE... Approximately 1.1 billion pounds of pesticide active ingredient are used annually in the U.S., and over 20,000 pesticide products are being marketed in the U.S...
1.1 billion lbs of ACTIVE INGReDIENTS (** of pesticide ~but is not total amount because there are other ingredients added, water/oil added, and when mixed they become 1000xs stronger/hazardous) ...~sprayed into our food, and USA soil.
÷ 320 million USA POP (that's divided by every man, woman and child) =
3.4375 lbs ...amount of pesticide each individual is responsible for in the USA... Alaska included...
Not counting **...
If the mix was 10 to 1, and add.O.66 other ingredients x1000 we could get a better idea... And every year we eat half that amount and the other half is left for a half life in the next lets divide that by 2 and add into our final number every citizen is responsible for RE:pesticides...
But the number will still not be correct because the preceding year would have a 1/4 half life from the year before last!
and so on...don't forget! Our food no longer has nutrition either, so might be a number, but for me it's DINNER!
Each person is responsible for 51,563 LBS of pesticide damage a year...
51562.5 × 320000000 USA pop.
What does that mean?
That means...
That is as much as our National Debt...almost 19 trillion lbs worth of damage by pesticide every year...and half life added back with all the former years of half lifes not counted...
No wonder Bees, and other Pollinators just want to die...
Also must add in the rest of the our numbers...Multiply 19 trillion by 6 billion?
and add in every other chemical whatever to do what ever...

Meanwhile remember...

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