Saturday, March 9, 2013

Evil Has Found a Specialty Niche' ~Our GOVERNMENTS~

We cannot fight Evil without fighting it at home.
Evil is an ILLNESS.
Dr. Peck submits that we cannot Kill Evil, as we become evil in so doing.
He says we need to classify evil as a mental illness, and get these evil people to see themselves as they truly are ~ a Cure!
Evil becomes evil slowly, and methodically by not accepting themselves as failed humans; with no spiritual base.
They refuse to see themselves as Evil, so they lie and disguise the evil even from themselves.
This cover-up in mainly through lies.
Being a highly visible, pious, well respected and looking a self image so, sophisticated, and seeing no faults in themselves is their foundation of LIES.
To solve the differences in their opinion of themselves by others; they destroy and kill to protect their inflated Evil Ego.
The more power, the more killing to cover-up...And when this is done through a group formed by evil, entire other groups of people or individuals are targeted for annihilation and extermination.
Dr. Pecks solution is:
Just watching the last few minutes will show my readers his thoughts written here.
Skip up Milai massacre at 3:30:40 "Task Force Barker"... Unbelievable look at this event...then 3:59:00 He starts to explain how this works in the world through Government...This video has been removed. Please read the book, PEOPLE OF THE LIE....
Former Monsanto Appointees to the FDA, USDA, and EPA

Michael A. Friedman Acting Commissioner of the FDA
Senior Vice President for Clinical Affairs at G.D. Searle and Co. (merged with Monsanto)

Arthur Hull Hayes  commissioner of the FDA from 1981 to 1983
Consultant to Searle’s public relations firm, which later merged with Monsanto. He is the one who approved Aspartame, as directed by Rumsfeld, VP Bush and Ronald Regan.

Margaret Miller Appointed Deputy Director of FDA, 1991
Top Monsanto Scientist, oversaw approval of rBGH

Suzanne Sechen FDA Reviewer on Scientific Data
Worked on Monsanto-funded rBGH in connection with Cornell University

Michael Taylor Former FDA Deputy Commision for Policy.
In 2010 appointed Senior Advisor to FDA Commissioner
Attorney for Monsanto for 7 years, previous Head of Monsanto Washington D.C. Office

Clarence Thomas Appointed to U.S. Supreme Court in 1991
Former Monsanto Lawyer

Anne Veneman Appointed head of USDA in 2001
Served on Board of Directors at Calgene, a Monsanto Biotech Subsidiary

Dr. Virginia Weldon Previously, member of FDA's Metabolism and Endocrine Advisory Committee Retired Senior Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto

Linda Fisher Deputy Administration EPA
Vice President, Public and Government Affairs

Linda Watrud USDA, EPA
Manager, New Technologies

Roger Beachy Director USDA, NIFA
Director, Monsanto Danforth Center

Hillary Clinton ex-Monsanto Lawyer

Donald Rumsfeld CEO at Searle.

Michael Kantor a Monsanto lawyer.

Elena Kagan Supreme Court Justice
Wrote Greertson's Farms vs. Monsanto brief for Monsanto while in an official USA capacity as an Attorney.

Mitt Romney former Governor and Presidential Nominee
Bain Capital was started by Monsanto for him to operate.
Mitt's PR Campaign for Monsanto? : "GMOs will feed and save the Starving World...."

but can't see it because it is a non-person entity with no eyes or thoughts...But those who work for them have!...
"Well aware of its accused ‘revolving door’ connection with the FDA and other government agencies, Monsanto has issued several press releases denying collusion with the government. In fact, it posted on its official website that collusion theories relating to these agencies, including the FDA, “ignore the simple truth that people regularly change jobs to find positions that match their experience, skills and interests.” Tweet quote:

Monsanto’s statements help shed light on the balancing act regularly occurring on Capitol Hill when appointments to these top agency positions arise. The importance of the food industry cannot be overstated and, therefore, the pending question remains: Do Americans want industry insiders regulating it, or those from the academic realm?"
 Our government. Big Oil, Goldman Sachs, Big Pharma, Monsanto - and there are many others. A government of the .01%, by the .01%, for the .01%. They want us to think it's about democrats and republicans, and they are putting on a pretty good show.
This abuse is just the tip of the iceberg with Monsanto shown here
Motion Picture Asscociation
Social Networking Sites
Big Tobacco
Planned Parenthood
Fannie Mae
Green Energy
Defense Contractors
Keystone Pipeline
Big Oil
Goldman Sachs

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