Saturday, December 29, 2012

'Idle No More' a Positive Face

Takaiya is one amazing warrior!

She talks of her home, her land, and her trip to the UN Sustainable Conference.

If you have never been to this blog...remember;
Sustainable is Code/Double Speak in forked tongue;
for something that means the opposite...

"Idle No More is a rapidly spreading international indigenous movement started in Canada. The Canadian Harper government’s Omnibus Bill C-45, passed Dec. 4; buried in 100’s of pages is the removal of federal protection from 30,000 lakes and many ... more rivers (only 97 lakes and 62 rivers will remain under federal protection). This was done so that Enbridge, Halliburton and the like can frack for natural gas to export to China and Europe. During fracking, benzine and other toxic chemicals are shot into the earth and pollute water. Corporations building pipeline will no longer have to prove they won’t harm the environment or waterways. Women are driving this movement to protect Mother Earth and water. Chief Theresa Spence is in the 18th Day of her hunger strike. She will be recognized at a pow wow at the American Indian Center that starts at 7pm Sat. and lasts all weekend."

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