Thursday, December 13, 2012

GMO & Pesticide New Science will be Ignored "to help us" or for the $$$ Monsanto & Minions to "Help Themselves"

The Séralini Study and Long-Term GMO Toxicity

France - 04 Oct 12 - Elisa Bianco
"The 200 rats analyzed in Séralini’s study were divided into four groups. The first was fed with GM corn not treated with the herbicide, the second with GM corn treated with Roundup, the third with conventional corn and water diluted with some Roundup, and the fourth was the control group, fed conventional corn and water without added herbicide. The animals’ long-term mortality was evaluated, as well as the appearance and extent of tumors and any metabolic, physiological and anatomical diseases. The analysis of the results showed that the first three groups had much higher mortality rates, as well as serious damage and alteration to the functionality of the liver and kidneys.

Apart from the worrying differences in mortality rates and the fact that this represents the first study of such long duration, it is interesting to observe that for the first time, the consequences of a diet containing feed treated with the herbicide were studied. The herbicide was used just as it is used in the fields and as it can eventually be found as a residue in food or animal feed. Generally tests are only carried out on the herbicide’s active ingredient, decontextualizing it from the solution in which it is dissolved when it is sold. This makes a difference, as the solution contains other ingredients that help the action of the main active ingredient. In Séralini’s study, the concentration of Roundup in the water given to the rats was below the threshold allowed for drinking water, and yet it still had consequences on the animals’ health."

Here is the actual study...
Here is a 13 minute video documentary on the study.

Here are the results of being tricked and lied to not due to lack of education... 

'Monsanto’s GMO Seeds Contributing to Farmer Suicides Every 30 Minutes'

"The cause? Monsanto’s cost-inflated and ineffective seeds have been driving farmers to suicide, and is considered to be one of the largest — if not the largest — cause of the quarter of a million farmer suicides over the past 16 years.

According to the most recent figures (provided by the New York University School of Law), 17,638 Indian farmers committed suicide in 2009 — about one death every 30 minutes. In 2008, the Daily Mail labeled the continual and disturbing suicide spree as ‘The GM (genetically modified) Genocide’. Due to failing harvests and inflated prices that bankrupt the poor farmers, struggling Indian farmers began to kill themselves. Oftentimes, they would commit the act by drinking the very same insecticide that Monsanto supplied them with — a gruesome testament to the extent in which Monsanto has wrecked the lives of independent and traditional farmers."

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  1. And NOW the wives of these farmers who took over the farm to feed their family are commiting suicide themselves at an alarming rate...I will try to find the link...The cattle that eat the leavesand stalks of the BTcotton are dieing too.