Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Controlled Opposition" How it works. Environmentalists Fakes are to be Exposed too!

Not to be outdone, the poisoners Monsanto and Minions have friends in "our places" they are called "Controlled Opposition". And we wonder why so many are brainwashed to believe in mis-truths. Con's Piracy, and Pirates with a huge armada they are!..

     "Our physical bodies, being of an electrical and chemical composition, are -also – subject to increased or decreased resonant frequencies, depending for the most part, on one’s love of life and consciousness of it.
     In order to raise our individual vibrations and be more alive, we must increase our awareness, our love and tolerance of life, and all that life offers, while avoiding fear, hate, revenge, and stress – without becoming stressed by the ever-constant corporate mainstream media warnings about the dangers of stress. Such warnings produce stress, as they are intended to do..
     When we increase our individual vibrations, we literally change the world in a positive fashion, causing realities to vary along the many different lines of vibrational frequencies. The slower the vibrations, the harsher the realities. The faster the vibrations, the higher the realities, and the more life prospers.

In our material world of relatively low vibrational frequencies, the International Monetary/Banking Cartel seems to rule through a narrow band of low frequencies, which have trapped most people.

This entrapment has been done, and is being done, by the Cartel using all manner and means at their disposal, largely through fear, ignorance, revenge, and hate. TV, movies, fast foods, cardboard foods, genetically modified foods, aspartame, fluoride, vaccines, prescription drugs, street drugs, chem-trails, economic hardships, war, torture, public dissension, media misinformation/disinformation, ignorance, apathy, fear, anger, hate, brutality, spite, revenge (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth), egoism, elitism, perverted sexual activities, promiscuity, stress, worry, and all other negative emotions are caused and used by the International Monetary/Banking Cartel to further degrade and trap mankind with low vibrations....

...environmentalists ignore over 36,000 toxic and very hazardous waste sites that are spreading across our once pristine and healthy countryside, poisoning our air, soil, lakes, ground water, streams, and rivers with pesticides, radioactive waste, heavy metals, mercury, acids, and PBCs.

    The Cartel’s former puppet – whom we know as Hitler – gave eugenics (originally developed at Cold Spring Harbor, NY, is a plan to commit genocides because they believe too many people on their Earth) a bad name.
So, the Cartel hit upon a more unobjectionable less offensive buzz-word everyone could agree upon: Environmentalism."...
There's more to learn here!!!!!

The First interview with Norman Dodd was by Dr Stan Monteith shortly before Mr. Dodd Passed away. He reveals the hidden truth about the Tax Exempt Foundations as chief investigator in The Reece Commitee Report authorized by Congress. This is about The Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford Foundations who since the turn of the century have set out to influence and manipulate the education and morals of not only the USA but Countries Globally. Reduced standards of Education and sexual promiscuity of today have their roots in these Foundations. He states that the foundations were very influential in instigating conflicts around the world.

"This may be one of the most important videos you will ever see"

Tax Exempt Foundations The Enemy Within - Norman Dodd Dr Stan Monteith MR Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations- A Hidden Global agenda...this is more then 50 minutes and is complete...

Here Norman Dodd talks on Camera...

This sovietisation of the West was helped greatly by the Tax Exempt Foundations.

H. Rowan Gaither, Jr., President - Ford Foundation said to Norman Dodd of the Congressional Reese Commission in 1954:
"... all of us here at the policy-making level have had experience with directives... from the White House... . The substance of them is that we shall use our grant-making power so as to alter our life in the United States that we can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

Carroll Quigley, the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations in the US stated during the 50's that:
"In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so"

Read Quigleys "Tragedy and Hope" here:

Bezmenov on demoralization in America and about useful idiots...

Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By **Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations

"And second, that late in 2010, the same set of firms began work separately for the **U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a Republican-aligned corporate lobbying group, to develop a similar campaign of sabotage against progressive organizations, including the SEIU and ThinkProgress."

Organic Consumers Association encouraged people to NOT get in touch w/Congress over the Fake Food Safety Laws...And for some reason claimed the right "To oversee" the count for GMO labeling in California Prop 37 GMO Labeling

**US: Organic Consumers Association Funded by Big Pharma and Rockefeller! Food Freedom

Please do not share this...unless you warn people first...It is a set up.
They have an ad on the bottom that is asking for money for OCA/Millions Against Monsanto who is a hidden tentacle of Monsanto!!!! Controlled opposition! Mercola is... on it. I always thought these guys at Mercola were fishy...I get emails from them all the time that give no info and force me to go to their site with a teaser. And they ask for $$$ as does OCA...I told them all to stop calling me after they got my name from the Millions Against Monsanto site they operate. Stealing $$$ that could help this situation!

They get funds from Rockefeller, they were silent on S.510 the fake food safety act giving Monsanto the power of a King and us Monsanto as a Food Czar, oversaw the counting of votes in Cali prop 37 food labeling...this is part of the NWO plan.These people are fakes.  All the words are meaningless without the real action...The $$$ needs to be spent on legal funds ...And we need to find an honest attorney group.

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