Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Anticaradiolipin Diagnosised also...in Me

Destruction inside of my Mitochondria...Where our ATP is made, and where RNA resides in us.
Cardiolipin (IUPAC name "1,3-bis(sn-3'-phosphatidyl)-sn-glycerol") is an important component of the inner mitochondrial membrane, where it constitutes about 20% of the total lipid composition. It can also be found in the membranes of most bacteria.
"The presence of an antiphospholipid antibody such as the lupus anticoagulant and anticardiolipin antibody in an individual is associated with a predisposition for blood clots. Blood clots can form anywhere in the body and can lead to stroke, gangrene, heart attack, and other serious complications."

"Cardiolipin Antibody. Does this test have other names? Cardiolipin antibodies (IgG, IgM, IgA), anticardiolipin."

This book costs almost $600, I have it marked...can read, and get a general idea how the effects of pesticides affect, Cardiolipin, the KEY to our Lives, and living.


"Handbook of Pesticide Toxicology, Two-Volume Set: Principles and Agents" ..., Volume 1
edited by Robert Krieger

The info is out there...Just not on TV, or the mouths of the Pirates of who act like our government....and are perpetuating the lies of our destruction.

Effect of pesticides on cell survival in liver and brain rat tissues.


Pesticides are the main environmental factor associated with the etiology of human neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson's disease. Our laboratory has previously demonstrated that the treatment of rats with low doses of dimethoate, zineb or glyphosate alone or in combination induces oxidative stress (OS) in liver and brain. The aim of the present work was to investigate if the pesticide-induced OS was able to affect brain and liver cell survival. The treatment of Wistar rats with the pesticides (i.p. 1/250 LD50, three times a week for 5 weeks) caused loss of mitochondrial transmembrane potential and cardiolipin content, especially in substantia nigra (SN), with a concomitant increase of fatty acid peroxidation. The activation of calpain apoptotic cascade (instead of the caspase-dependent pathway) would be responsible for the DNA fragmentation pattern observed. Thus, these results may contribute to understand the effect(s) of chronic and simultaneous exposure to pesticides on cell survival


People who DO NOT think, and those who think if they stand against being poisoned will cause disruption in their personal worlds need to understand...

To loose the pensions is a manufactured fear... 

Pension money is invested in these killing corporations, and we know it...How could you Not Know! Why would pensions be invested in something that can kill and disable enough to make you more vulnerable health wise, esp when you are older...JUST PUT 1 + 1 ...then -1...it equals an equation without a pensioner if they dead...WHO PROFITS?.

This fake food we are being served up from depleted soils, pesticides, and some made up genetic mutation they call "Modified" are all BAD FARMING METHODS 100%...Destructive to Earth, and destructive to Life! Your, and my Life...

If you want an old age, and healthy babies...Getting rid of Monsanto, Minions, etal is the only way.

What I went through being poisoned by pesticides is hurtful to think, and even describe....I'm going to take you all through it with me...from holding my feet, and crying; after I walked on it- in so much pain in the beginning - that lasted for 3 months~  the beginning of now, and  it's been 8 years~ still in pain due to the destruction ~ by lack of blood circulation, and clotting in my hip socket~...to not being able to have a even one drop of water, out of the blue fall, on me, and my entire body going through chills in every part...on top of every piece, and part hurting; which made it worse. I could NOT use my hands at all, but managed to keep a bit of a record at the beginning of this pesticide poisoning...My poisoning is identifiable, and  describable, because the illnesses, and the exposures were so in my face! And affected my entire life!
REMEMBER I HAVE NEVER FOUND A DOCTOR WHO WILL NOTE THIS IN MY RECORD...and every one of them  pretends cannot be!
I even had one heart specialist open a book, and slam it shut in front of me...Pretending to read out load ..."Organophosphates cannot hurt people."

I'm going to show what happened to me...finally, I can write about it specifically, and not just cry; and get upset!
Being really mad about all this, making my blog~ while laying flat on my back; barely able to move the mouse...has made me see the truth...I hope I can make you see it too.

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