Monday, February 29, 2016

Rare Disease Antiphospholipid Syndrome BS

I keep telling them it is PESTICIDE POISONING!
Celebrate my "Rare Disease" with me today...ON Rare Disease Day!
Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD)
Antiphospholipid syndrome
"body's immune system makes antibodies (proteins) that attack phospholipids.
Phospholipids are a type of fat found in all living cells and cell membranes, including blood cells and the lining of blood vessels. What causes the immune system to make antibodies against phospholipids isn't known.
Most cases of antiphospholipid syndrome are sporadic, which means they occur in people with no history of the disorder in their family. Rarely, the condition has been reported to run in families; however, it does not have a clear pattern of inheritance. Multiple genetic and environmental factors likely play a part in determining the risk of developing antiphospholipid syndrome. The most commonly accepted explanation for the development of aPL is that they occur in susceptible individuals following incidental exposure to infectious agents.

Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) has no cure.

However, medicines can help prevent complications. The goals of treatment are to prevent blood clots from forming and keep existing clots from getting larger.[2][3][4]"

Right here shows phospholipid ...or cell membrane being destroyed...part by part...
8. Organophosphate Insecticide Action

Non-competitive inhibition of acetylcholinesterase by organophosphate insecticides
Disregard for our health...They want dirt...I had to remove the ground covering here...This place was even more of a cesspool after the renovation...Full of parts of the broken ledge dust, and rock they cut off from above, and a spill of concrete left from making new ledge...I had to use a sledge hammer to dig it up...Then I put fishing line all over like a keep out chickens until the air plant I laid down grew to cover it all up...The office here made me take it out last week...or so, I'm sick already, and am coughing...All I can do is throw rocks at chickens at this point.
We have 2-4xs the legal limit of Arsenic, and Dioxin in the soil here...Plus Lead too...Pesticide mixing house area for Wailuku Sugar...And then my neighbor went all crazy, and sprayed every where...on the back fence line...
There should have been sod laid down, and no spray signs up too...supplied by the housing...
Plus the chickens digging up the area, and cats using it for a litter box...Totally disgusting...I keep trying to tell them...and still acting oblivious... Then I think of all the sanding on the steps behind that wall...a full flight, that took off 40 years of paint, and deposited it here my front door.

 I'm not feeling well again...and am coughing...I need to detox my house, and somehow deal with all that dirt, before the trades start up again. I could just cry...
I just wish people could get it...
A comment I saw on the other video here...Is there really that much, and that deep of a conspiracy to hide these illnesses?
I believe YES!...All of these rare diseases are just categories of our individual symptoms as we are individually different!
And then some people never get to the point of being diagnosised with Antiphospholipid, because they had a stroke, or heart attack and died already!

The fact that I have never been able to get a doctor to see this as the reasons for my illnesses is proof enough to me...that something is amiss in the entire system...and medical field!

Hi Larry Keeley, My dad is pushing a move for a Hillsborough style inquiry in organic phosphate poisoning within the UK mainly affecting farmers who used sheep dip between the 50's to the 90's, Im trying to gather as much evidence on his behalf to bring forward to the inquiry, the formal medical opinion is that organic phosphate only has short term medical affect rather than long term, my father and others have paid for private tests and they have come back with high amounts of chemical particles originated from organic phosphate still within his body. He has been paralysed on numerous occasions suffers pain and low dexterity and as a child using organic phosphate suffered fits. if you have any research that may help Id be very greatful. Kind Regards
Larry Keeley 
+John Wright Sorry, I did not work specifically in toxicology. I am an insect neuroendocrinologist. Try some of the people in entomology departments that specialize in toxicology.

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