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Kill Switch RNAi Insects Released on Earth

Mosquitos, moths, and blowflies...Why something like mosquitos? That's like getting a vaccination when they feed off of us...The best way for a child to get measles, if you want your child to get the normal childhood immunities is by exposing your child to a just vaccinated child who has developed a fever, and is reacting to the shot these days...I guess...But, what if the child was shot up with a GMO vaccine for measles...isn't that a different strain?
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Two towns in Northern ‪Australia‬ have in 2012 been gifted with 20,000 genetically engineered mosquitoes – almost completely replacing mosquitoes naturally occurring in the outdoors.

The first mosquito release by Oxitec took place in the Cayman Islands in the ‪Caribbean‬ in 2009, only for a second trial to occur in 2010, where 6,000 mosquitoes were released in ‪‎Malaysia‬ for further experiments.
Nature is always right as artificial MANMADE synthetic life no matter how flashy or poppy, commercialized life is an utter failure lost in illusory glamour & lower mind desires. GMO's have been so harmful nations outright ban them & fast food is currently joining that bandwagon too... As nobody wants fake foods or bugs.

Biotechnologists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ‪‎MIT‬ have developed a ‘kill-switch’ for genetically modified insects. It is meant to assist corporations in controlling genetically modified organisms set free in the wild. But just the same as with all other GM creations, this has yet to be risk-assessed, & is already being heralded as the next ‘terrific scientific development.’ Researchers say that what once was science-fiction is now a reality. Utilizing a gene-editing technology, scientists have developed a way to delete entire strains of DNA instead of just editing them.

If an insect was let loose in the wild, such as the millions of GM mosquitoes developed by ‪Oxitec‬ to be released in ‪Brazil‬ & ‪Florida‬which are meant to control ‪‎dengue‬ fever played by the ‪‎FDA‬ , humans could simply develop a ‘kill switch’ that would stop the ‪‎GMO‬ mosquitoes from propagating. Researchers say the warming climate has pushed tropical diseases like dengue fever further north being why they feel they will have war on nature...

However, it has already been shown that GM mosquitoes will likely interbreed with the non-GM mosquitoes. If the GM insects are developed with the ‘kill-switch,’ what will happen to the non-GM mosquitoes that have interbred with them? And more importantly, what will happen to other organisms that are infected with the ‘kill-switch’ technology inadvertently?

This is not just a science fiction reality. It’s a science fiction nightmare.

I blogged about this one year ago ...

This article below does not address the fact that the tech they are using is RNAi...

Cornell University Releases GE Moths without Thorough Evaluation of Risks

(Beyond Pesticides, June 12, 2015) Without input from or notification to the public, Cornell University has released genetically engineered (GE) diamondback moths at its agricultural experiment station in Geneva, New York. The university is testing a new way to control agricultural pests, much to the dismay of environmentalists. The moths, which are engineered to be autocidal (self-killing), pose a possible threat to the certification of organic farmers and create environmental risks. Environmental groups such as Food and Water Watch, Center for Food Safety, and Friends of the Earth, among others, sent a letter expressing concern over the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s assessment process, which neglected to address  the possibility of moth movement past the trial area, and the impacts that diamondback moth declines will have on their natural predators and the larger ecosystem. These groups are recommending that all outdoor trials be stopped until more information is available.
Cornell has partnered with Oxitec, a self-described pioneer in using advanced genetics to control target insects. They plan on controlling the population growth of these GE moths through their genetic design that kills the moth in the larval stage on plants. 
...The consequences of using GE material are not well understood, therefore Beyond Pesticides promotes the importance of eating organically and supporting organic agriculture. Not only does organic prohibit GE material from production, but organic agricultural also promotes the use of biological controls. As mentioned before, organic farmers have found safer alternatives to using GE organisms to prevent and mitigate damage from pests. For more information on the hazards associated with GE technology, visit our Genetic Engineering webpage; for more on the benefits of organic agriculture, see our Organic Food program page.
All unattributed positions and opinions in this piece are those of Beyond Pesticides.

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