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Microbe, Rainbow, & End of Life

Microbes destroyed from existence by using pesticides and making GMOs...It seems we need to have them alive and living in soil...They rise up into the sky during rainmaking condensation cycles, and are the only thing that freezes in clouds and attracts the water to make the water drops...That fall, and we call RAIN!
The Way? 

Is 'Wai'... Sounds like "Why", and is the moving water in a system of nature in Hawaiian language, and culture....
The Wai has an unseen force, we can some extent, but Rainbows are awesome and unbelievable to me...

In the Christian Bible we were given a promise by God himself, that the world would never be destroyed AGAIN...


Now we hear of these Rainbow Warriors, who according to different indigenous cultures, are coming at this time to save the Earth, and Nature...

What does all this mean?
" As some microorganisms can fix nitrogen, they are a vital part of the nitrogen cycle, and recent studies indicate that airborne microorganisms may play a role in precipitation and weather. "

Not may, but do...

"biological ice nuclei are different from dust and soot nuclei because only these biological nuclei can cause freezing at warmer temperatures.

Biological precipitation, or the "bio-precipitation" cycle, as Sands calls it, basically is this: bacteria form little groups on the surface of plants. Wind then sweeps the bacteria into the atmosphere, and ice crystals form around them. Water clumps on to the crystals, making them bigger and bigger. The ice crystals turn into rain and fall to the ground. When precipitation occurs, then, the bacteria have the opportunity to make it back down to the ground. If even one bacterium lands on a plant, it can multiply and form groups, thus causing the cycle to repeat itself.

"We think if (the bacteria) couldn't cause ice to form, they couldn't get back down to the ground," Sands said. "As long as it rains, the bacteria grow."

Hawaiian Gods

The rainbow is the celestial path that the Hawaiian Gods use to come down to earth from the cloud islands. The Rainbow Goddess, Anuenue, who is sister to the primal gods Kane and Kanaloa, acts as a messenger of the Gods. Lono, the God of Fertility and Music, descended on a rainbow to marry Laka, the Hawaiian Goddess of Music and Dance.

The rainbow is also perceived as the pathway that the souls of the dead take to travel to the heavenly realms. The souls have walk on the rainbow path to pass through Kuaihelani, a mysterious floating island, which translates to “supporting the heavens or spiritual” to reach the sacred land of Nu’umealani, the bright, elevated and fragrant land of “the heavenly one”.

The rainbow is thus a symbol of transformation, and those who can freely travel between the upper world and the lower reaches live like gods among humans, enjoying earthly prosperity and abundance.

Featured as a pathway between dimensions in Hawaiian mythology as it does in various cultures round the world, it also acts as a footstool for Malanaikuaheahea, the wife of the legendary transpacific voyager and astronomer whose name, Maliki’i is also the Hawaiian term for the Pleiades star cluster from which the first Hawaiians came to earth.

Found among Hawaiian petroglyphs are the depictions of a rainbow woman and rainbow man or rainbow warrior. The woman is often depicted with an arch or rainbow over her head, indicating she is wise, honored and respected, and is drawn with an open torso to represent the womb and the birth canal.

Behind Rainbow Falls near Hilo is a save thought to be the dwelling of the Goddess of the Moon, Hina, who makes her home near water. If you time your visit perfectly, you can catch a beautiful rainbow or maybe two arching over the 80 ft waterfalls.

The rainbow man petroglyph has been interpreted to mean Keeper of the Aina or of the land and its people. Such petroglyphs are found in the Big Island’s lava fields and in the sacred Iao Valley of Maui. When you examine the petroglyph, you can se that the arc or rainbow begins and rests on his shoulders, suggesting man’s responsibility to earth as a rainbow warrior or one of those who revere ancient wisdom found in the world’s cultures and practice it actively for peace, harmony and enlightenment for all community.

Rainbow man petroglyph (Keeper of the Aina or Land)

One of the island legends predict that with the return of rainbows to earth, the world is poised for a big changes.

The rainbow is often linked to transformation and peace. A legend of Anuenue says that she saved a little girl, Ua or Rain, from falling to her death from a steep cliff. Ua grew up to marry the son of a rival chief and their bonding brought peace to the island of Kauai.

To the ancient Hawaiians, babies destined to become great chieftains are born with rainbows over their homes, and are accompanied by rainbows throughout their lives.

"According to a Native American legend, when the Earth's creatures have been hunted almost to extinction, a rainbow warrior will descend from the sky to protect them." -- The Rainbow Warrior --

Whether these prophecies are true or not, much of what is spoken about – the era of greed and violence – is a reality throughout much of the world today. Corruption, greed, poverty, consumerism, power to the few, and injustice are predominant characteristics of our civilization accompanied by a great technological advancement that has become a weapon for mass destruction and a tool for supressing resistance. Whether beings from the past will interfere or not, one thing is for sure, life cannot continue in this way forever.

The people of Hawaii pleaded for help. Hina asked Maui to do the unthinkable. Maui needed to negotiate with the stubborn sun. So Maui took drastic measures to capture the sun and use physical force to slow him down. But how did he capture the giant, overpowering sun? With only a few days to prepare Maui watched the sun closely, making note of every little thing he did. Using his curiosity he found out that the sun climbed out of the crater in Haleakala everyday. With only a lasso, a war club, and a bundle of food, Maui climbed the mountain to meet the sun and ultimately fight for the Hawaiian way of life.

Told is the tale of the mischievous one
Who fished out the islands
And captured the sun
His deeds and task I will unmask
So that you’ll understand
That before there was a Clark Kent
There was a Hawaiian Sup'pa Man
He fished off the island with the magic hook
There would have been more
But somebody look
In blue morning skies the sun he entwined
To slow down his flight so kapa could dry

Mischievous, marvelous, magical Maui,
Hero of this land
The one, the only, the ultimate
Hawaiian Suppa Man
Maui, Maui, Maui,
Hawaiian Suppa Man
Maui, oh Maui, oh Maui
Hawaiian Suppa Man

The secret of fire was lost somewhere in time
So when the ahi died in the hale kuke
No way to re-ignite
So off he goes in search of those
Who hold the information
So fire could be used by all the future generations
He found that alae had the fire connection
But his plan of deception
Fell short from perfection
With no other choice he had to get mean
So he squeezed alae’s throat
Until she screamed the secret...

Maui twisted the bird's neck again and she cried out, "it is hidden in a green stick". He rubbed the green sticks but no fire, so he wrung the bird's neck again. Then the bird told him there was fire only in dry wood. `Alae gave the name of a wood and although Maui rubbed the sticks together, there was still no fire. `Alae gave Maui the name of different woods and Maui continued the stick rubbing and the neck twisting until he finally found fire. As the flames rose, Maui told `alae there was one more thing to rub. He took a stick from the fire and rubbed it on his prisoner's head until the feathers fell off and flesh was exposed. This is the reason mud hens have bald heads and man has the secret of fire.

And say bald head as " Balda Head" instead ... LOL All the kids here know that!
"Left them balda head..."
That's what we call to Ace it 100%, against an opponent, and win..

Remember the Promise!! 
All bets are off!...And that means: "anything can happen." ...

People have been programmed to think disease is caused by bacteria or viruses, when it is really environmental damage...and so happens we are made from our environment...So stick that in your programming...

"This idea of bridges linked with cultural meaning of rainbows employs another important symbol: That of the arch, and archways in general. Arches are symbolic of gateways, openings, and portals. When in context of the supernatural occurrence of the rainbow, it's a reference to a portal into heavenly realms (godly, goddess elements, heightened awareness).

Whether we're talking about bridges, arches or their symbolic representative, the rainbow...we're also talking about choice. Why? Because in each case, there is one end, and another end. One side of the bridge, and the other side. Therefore, these symbols - including the rainbow - are iconic of crossing over, transformation and initiation."

Good Vibrations... 
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