Thursday, December 18, 2014

Zombieism Parasite...? YES!!! Cure? Yes!!!

80 % or MORE of humans are right NOW infected with the ZOMBIE PARASITE (this fact used to be on the W.H.O. website but NOT ANY MORE) and the CURE is Niacin. Dr. Andrew Saul explains how "schizophrenia" can be cured with Niacin on his page "doctor yourself." He doesn't know WHY though~~~

Niacin is actually NICOTINIC ACID....the organic acid that specifically targets and KILLS the Toxoplasma Gondii. At the heart of every organic cure is an organic acid~~NEVER forget that. It's why vitamin C works; vitamin C is ASCORBIC ACID. Nicotinic acid is why Niacin can give you rashes, hives, rapid heartbeat, sweats, and other uncomfortable symptoms~~IT'S BURNING THE PARASITE OUT OF YOU. After you take Niacin for a while the burning stops; because you've killed as many parasites as you can with the amount of Niacin taken. You may need HIGH doses if there's "genetic"(bullshit, you pass the parasite from mother to child during BIRTH) mental illness in your family. That means the T. Gondii has been passed generationally and built up a tolerance for Niacin~~so you may need massive doses before you see a difference if you're schizophrenic or BiPolar. You also need to stop eating ALL GMO'S, meats, DAIRY, and especially cow products (RIDDLED WITH T. GONDII) or you'll keep infecting yourself. And T. Gondi can procreate ANYWHERE, not just in a cat's stomach. They're living creatures with both male and female sex organs, they don't even need a mate let alone anyone's permission to make babies where they choose. In your brain is just as good as in a cat.

The government WANTS THIS INSANTIY!! The crazier we are, the more money we'll spend on "treatments" from western medicine and BIG PHARMA thinking there's something "genetically wrong" with our minds, morals, and intelligence. There isn't, it's just the zombie apocalypse. NOW FIX IT.

If you Google (copy-paste) "Toxoplasmosis in Human NIH" or "Toxoplasma Gondii BiPolar NIH" or "Toxoplasma Gondii Schizophrenia NIH" and you'll find a Nat'l Institute of Health study that links T. Gondii to BiPolar, Schizophrenia, depression, OCD, lowered I.Q., Parkinson's, suicide, SEXUAL PERVERSIONS, MORE. This parasite is so prevalent because it's in all mammals and even birds, so if you eat meat, live on a farm, are around mammals, own a cat or drink milk YOU WILL BE INFECTED. It's also in VACCINES. Big Pharma combines the DNA of mammals now with whatever plague they're shooting you up with and there's no way to remove ALL T. Gondii from vaccines using mammal DNA--and that's not the worst of it.

If you WANT to genetically MUTATE any living creature the rules of microbiology are simple ~ YOU MUST COMBINE BACTERIA WITH DNA AND INJECT IT INTO THE VEIN AND IT WILL BREAK THE TARGET MAMMALS GENETIC CODE WHEN DIRECTED INTO THE BLOOD STREAM ~~ BY-PASSING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AND BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER. Your body has certain defense systems in place to fight off disease. Injecting it directly into your veins BYPASSES ALL THOSE DEFENSES. So it's super simple to INFECT EVERYONE with the T. Gondii cuz you think you're getting a simple "inoculation" when really you're being injected DIRECT TO BRAIN with the ZOMBIE PARASITE. The DNA that's in vaccines is from animals notorious for being carriers of T. Gondii. (like COWS) So with every vaccine you're playing Russian Roulette on yourself or your child with the Zombie Parasite. Got a rebellious kid? T. Gondii could be why! Give them low-dose Niacin and if they react violently you'll have your answer. If you do have a bad infection you'll want to get with an orthomolecular practitioner or someone who knows organic cures to help you.

The T. Gondii was discovered in 1908 AND HIDDEN.(History of the Toxoplasma Gondii; the First 100 years) It was left out of books, texts, literature and research and only spoken of in the inner circles of Washington and "privileged" doctors. The Government then cultivated, harvested and mutated this parasite inside the linings of cat stomachs for DECADES. There could now be 100s of strains of this parasite; depending on where it infects your brain, each one CAUSES A DIFFERENT MENTAL DISORDER.

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I think some of my symptoms of the pesticide poisoning was a die off ...Humans get heartworms but our bodies do not allow for some reason...for them to reach the adult stage in our hearts...I think.

"Role of Wolbachia[edit]
Wolbachia pipientis is an intracellular bacterium that is an endosymbiont of Dirofilaria immitis. All heartworms are thought to be infected with Wolbachia to some degree. Research indicates the inflammation occurring at the die-off of adult heartworms or larvae is in part due to the release of Wolbachia bacteria or protein into the tissues. This may be particularly significant in cats, in which the disease seems to be more related to larval death than living adult heartworms (see below). Treating heartworm-positive animals with an antibiotic such as doxycycline to remove Wolbachia may prove to be beneficial, but further studies are necessary."

Our sicknesses make money...What we get is treatment of symptoms and not the cure...
Divine Love and Freedom! Greetings my beloved, This video is a serious Must Watch! It has the potential to save your life! We will gain awareness on the source of nearly ALL diseases, The divine design of our bodies, how aliens are running the matrix, the science of water and suppressed information. Much awareness to be gained! A lot of illusions to purify! LET'S DO THIS!!!

Did you know that cancer is an obligate glucose metabolizer (meaning it needs sugar to thrive)? Non-cancerous cells can live and grow without glucose, while cancer cells depend on it. In fact, cancer cells absorb 300-500% more glucose than normal cells.

Did Mother Earth intend for us to consume all these high, genetically modified carbohydrate foods like corn, soy, and wheat!? Ask yourself this: With 8 hormones in your body used to raise blood sugars and only one to drop, maybe there is a very important message we are missing here!

Maybe it’s time we go back to basics and start eating real food, and not food look alikes.

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