Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fix Kidneys...Pump 'Em by Clapping

At 1st the clapping made my neck hurt...So, I waited and massaged to get it going... The Vagus Nerve is a wonderful, and beautiful thing...
In La'kesh ...
 Inlakesh Mayan, it roughly translated into english means "I am another yourself" Inlakesh man, we are like brothers the way we reflect each other. Or, Inlakesh, I guess we are all like individual drops of rain falling into one grand ocean afterall.

I practiced on my dog, and now she wants me to burp her every time she eats now...

By giving her pats in the liver area, and touching her Tummy...She sits on my lap, and puts her paw, and lays her head on my shoulder... She is 13 yrs old...and very smart...When I hit the right spot she touches my nose w/hers to tell yes... Otherwise her ears go back, and she looks worried...If her tummy gurgles or squeaks she licks my face excited to feel.

Published on Nov 2, 2015
There is no cause of anything! in this video we will discuss many divine topics. Within our body we have a secret pump we can use to pump a extra supply of energy into our body for healing, or any kind of energy work. We will learn about a divine elixir, and how our astral body truly interacts with the body. Also how we can clean our blood and ensure the health of our chakra system. Have fun my beloved as we continue to evolve as the unfoldment of creation.

*p.s for anyone interested in the elixir, you must do the technique for over a hour and do it hard!

Master of Earth~

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