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Labeling GMOS Not Even Good for the Birds

Hold harmless agreement is what labeling is..."It is OK to to poison us and the world...We can co-exist?   NO NO NO!
"We are a large group of concerned world citizens gathering more and more people everyday. You have been asked no less than 23 times in public and in private message to please answer these questions. We respectfully ask you to do so now, in public, so everyone may have the ability to make up their own mind about the real ideals of food freedom and food protection.

1) I'm confused as to why the labeling campaign wishes to label toxic products who are already labeled by their brand name; Kraft, Kebbler, coke McDonald's, subway etc......whats the point of labeling toxins when the whole thing is one giant chemical.

2) I can't understand why the labeling campaign refuses to mention what is happening inside the NSOB. How the NSOB now seats mostly conventional agriculture producers who get to change the definitions, laws and bylaws for the term of organic. Or how they are allowing chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides inside of organic farming, while adding more and more behind closed doors in secret. Knowing this, why do you flat out refuse to tell Moms Across America about this vital information?

3) I also notice the label campaign refuses to mention how almost all major store brands of organic are now owned by conventional producers. Knowing this, why do you flat out refuse to tell Moms Across America about this vital information?

4) I don't understand why the labeling campaign never ever mentions these things....never. Will you answer why this is so.

5) Zen, why do consistently block more and more Mom activists who ask you these simple questions concerning food freedom?

Every person does have the right to know what goes into their body, but if the terms are being reworded and definitions are being changed for these toxic allowances in organic, how are these foods different from conventional phudes?

It took me a very long time to understand myself, and I also pushed for wasn't until I found out who is on the boards of the NSOB and OCA did it finally hit me, labeling is being promoted to sidetrack and hide the real issue.

Labeling allows for:
*GMO coexistence
*Makes people believe eating GMO free is the same as eating organic
*More corporate ruled Government
terms to be redefined and changed by chemical makers over Organic definitions.

They need to be banned Completely from organic so people have a real choice.. The label campaign was created by the chemical makers in order to side track this issue, if it wasn't created for this, then it has been co-opted by them at some juncture.

We are not protected from pesticides under the label, nor are we protected from GMOs. They just allow us to know.

Most people believe GMO free means organic, because the label campaign has created this illusion of safety. Voting or demanding labeling does absolutely nothing for the protection of food whatsoever.

There is absolutely no choice when organic standards are compromised."
Rudy Twomoon

USDA certified organic foods may be corrupted by genetically modified organisms. This presentation reveals the federal statutes that actually allow for this to happen, by way of "careless" verbiage. It is shorter and better informed version of a presentation released last year, by the same name.

In addition to what is mentioned in the video, I'd like paraphrase from S205.204 (a)(1), that organically "produced" seeds from non-organic seed stock are stated to be solely used for edible sprouts... but back to S205.204 (a)(1): if someone files a variance, then technically if they grow a crop from non organic seeds under that specific clause, there is no verbiage preventing them from using those seeds for livestock or people in S205.201 or in 205.204 (a)(3), unlike in S205.204 (a)(1), where the Except clause is part of the complete statement. The Except clause should be a crucial separate clause in itself, applicable to all of them. Incomplete/loophole verbiage here that a corporation could weasel out of.

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GMO labeling or banning

Weather to label or go straight for the ban is a discussion we at TLB are hearing more about by the day, and this has the potential to split a strong movement gaining strength across this nation. This is what I see as the weakness of putting all our eggs in the labeling basket …
Labeling is a Trojan horse … Once successful it will dissuade many from continuing in the struggle to ban these poisons all together, and victory will be declared.
Except it will not outlaw the use of bio-toxins, it will not stop cross contamination or horizontal gene transfer, or any other evil associated with GM or GE products. The biosphere, the poorer factions of humanity and those without a voice will continue to be poisoned. How does this factor into your drive for labeling?
We at TLB do understand and appreciate the argument for labeling, but do not necessarily agree, because success on labeling will do nothing but hamper forward motion for outright banning with Biotech and the government stating, You asked for labeling and we gave it to you, and that is all you get (obviously not these words but you get the gist)!
So in retrospect most will wake up to the fact that they have accomplished next to nothing. Any struggle from that point on will be exponentially more difficult, if possible at all.
Do we at TLB appreciate all those who work diligently for labeling? YES! Do we believe their hearts (most, not all) are pure and in the right place? YES … but …
I used to support labeling strongly myself, but via all the research and digging TLB has done over the years I have come to realize … Labeling is a trap or a Trojan horse to placate the angry masses and put control of the endgame in Biotech’s hands!
The following (recorded) discussion delves into this topic much deeper. Please take the time to listed …

TLB Special (archived) with Lynnette Marie,

The Organic Guru

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Click on image to hear show.
Please visit Lynnette at Fuel For The Body

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